Renovating a bathroom can be a daunting task, but with some creative vision, the right design elements, and expert help, it can be an opportunity to turn the space into a spa-like oasis. When a Toronto couple wanted to remodel their dated and cramped main bathroom, they envisioned a soothing, artistic aesthetic that would wow their guests. With the help of a talented local contractor, they achieved their goal and now have a stunning new bathroom that looks like a work of art.

Hiring the Right Contractor

Choosing the contractor to execute the remodel is one of the most important decisions in the process. For this extensive bathroom remodel, the homeowners hired a contractor named John who came highly recommended from friends and had over 15 years of experience with both bath and kitchen remodels. John’s eye for detail and creative flair were evident in his portfolio of past projects. The homeowners knew they were in good hands with John leading the renovation.

Some key traits that indicate an excellent contractor for a bathroom remodel:

  • Years of proven experience successfully completing similar projects
  • Strong attention to detail and workmanship
  • Willingness to listen to clients’ vision and make it come to life
  • Portfolio of past projects showcasing style and abilities
  • Reliable, responsive communication and availability
  • Positive references from past clients

Hiring a contractor with John’s expertise and artistic flair was crucial for transforming the Toronto couple’s bathroom into the stunning space they envisioned.

Design Elements to Achieve the Artistic Look

Several thoughtful design elements worked together to produce the bathroom’s artistic style the homeowners desired:

A Neutral Color Palette

A neutral color scheme of whites, grays and wood tones allowed the textures and shapes of the materials and finishes to take center stage. Crisp white subway tile coupled with gray stone mosaic tile created subtle contrast. The lack of intense color drew the eye to appreciate the details.

Unique Use of Specialty Tile

The contractor cleverly implemented tile in unique shapes and patterns to add visual interest to the space. The walk-in shower featured a etched tile border and a mosaic stone tile floor. Geometric marble hexagon tile on the floor added another artistic layer.

Mix of Materials

Wood, stone, marble and glass were mixed throughout the room, adding depth and appeal. The dual vanity combined concrete and wood, while the tub deck and window sill provided the warmth of wood. Glass shower doors opened up the space.

Lighting Layers

Thoughtful lighting design provided both task illumination and accent lighting. Sconces flanking the mirror provided ideal visibility. Accent lighting under the floating vanities and in display alcoves added a subtle glow.

Transforming a Cramped Footprint

The original bathroom’s awkward elongated footprint and cramped design presented challenges. Through careful planning and some structural changes, the contractor opened up the space and maximized every inch.

  • Knocking down one wall completely changed the layout
  • Floating vanities and staggered shelving opened up floor space
  • Glass shower doors and strategic mirrors visually expanded the room
  • Organic shapes on tub and shower broke up rigid lines

The new footprint feels open, airy and much more spacious even though the square footage did not change. The contractor’s savvy use of the existing footprint was key in making the narrow space feel grand.

Tips for an Artistic Remodel on a Budget

Not all bathroom remodels have unlimited budgets. Here are some tips for achieving an artistic look at a lower price point:

  • Focus on fixtures and finishes – Unique tile, lighting, faucets and cabinet hardware have big impact without huge costs.
  • DIY where possible – Painting, building shelving and installing decor items can add personalization without adding labor costs.
  • Shop sales and closeouts – Look for discounted designer tile, flooring, lighting and mirrors to save substantially.
  • Work with small spaces – Embrace the footprint rather than expanding it by just optimizing layout.
  • Mix high and low – Combine a high-end tile backsplash or designer faucets with standard materials to elevate the look.

With careful planning and strategic decisions, a smaller budget can still yield beautiful artistic results.

FAQs About Artistic Bathroom Remodels

What elements create an artistic look in a bathroom?

Some key elements that create an artistic bathroom design include using a neutral color scheme to let textures stand out, unique or specialty tiles, a mix of natural materials like wood and stone, layered lighting, and organic shapes.

How much does an artistic bathroom remodel cost?

Costs vary widely, but artistic remodels generally range from $15,000 to $30,000 on average. Higher end artistic designs with extensive tilework, custom cabinets and high-end fixtures can cost $40,000 and above.

How can I add an artistic look on a limited budget?

Focus on small details like artistic tile backsplashes, geometric floor patterns, vintage or unique faucets and lighting fixtures. Also maximize small spaces well through good layout and multifunctional pieces.

What should I look for when hiring a contractor for an artistic remodel?

Look for demonstrated experience doing the type of artistic, high-end remodels you desire. Also ensure they have an eye for detail and unique design like showcased in their project portfolio. Good listening skills are also important.

How do I pick tiles and finishes for an artistic look?

Mixing shapes, sizes, textures and patterns creates interest. Neutral colored tiles allow the details to stand out. Natural stone and wood add warmth. Glass, metal and mosaic tiles inject glamour.

Should I use a designer for an artistic bathroom?

Using a bathroom designer is highly recommended to maximize the artistic impact. A designer is instrumental in picking optimal layouts, tiles, lighting, materials, colors and details to bring the artistic vision to life.


This Toronto bathroom remodel exemplifies how a once mundane space can be transformed into a work of art with the right design talents. A neutral palette punctuated with unique tile details, thoughtful lighting and mix of natural textures all work together for an artistic effect. Hiring an experienced contractor skilled in high-end remodels ensures the details are executed to perfection. With some strategic decisions and embrace of small spaces, an artistic statement can be achieved even on a tighter budget. A bathroom remodel is an impactful way to infuse art and design into your daily rituals.