Family bathrooms require a delicate balance between practicality and style. This bathroom achieves that balance beautifully with vintage apothecary accents that add character without compromising function. Let’s explore what makes this space so special.

Overview of the Vintage Apothecary Style

The apothecary style harkens back to old-world pharmacies and herb shops, with lots of jars, herbs, and antique medicinal vibes. Key elements include:

  • Aged patinas, peeling paints, and distressing on surfaces
  • Sepia tones and muted, earthy colors
  • Natural materials like wood barrels, burlap, stone
  • Glass jars, vials, bottles for soaps and cotton balls
  • Botanical prints and illustrations
  • Worn, vintage-looking hardware and fixtures
  • Rustic, handcrafted, and eclectic accessories

This nostalgic style overlays beautifully into a family bathroom. It provides a playful twist to typical bathroom decor.

How This Bathroom Implements the Vintage Apothecary Look

This bright, airy bathroom uses several strategies to full effect:

Color Scheme

Muted blues and greens lend a soothing spa-like feel. The blue walls suggest vintage pharmacist coats while the sage vanity and floors keep things fresh. Pops of white provide contrast.

Textures & Materials

The wood vanity brings natural warmth. A stone tile floor looks suitably apothecary-shop worn. Towels and shower curtain in linen and burlap roughen up the sleek surfaces.


Glass jars with cotton balls and Q-tips line the ledge above the vanity. A wire basket nearby holds rolled washcloths. The mirror sports an antiqued wood frame and tiny lights, like illuminated medicine bottles.

Prints & Illustrations

Botanical sketches lend an old-world scientific vibe. A vintage sign above the toilet adds a cheeky touch.

Plumbing & Hardware

The exposed piping and clawfoot tub enhance the earlier-century ambiance. Aged bronze faucets and knobs look appropriately antiquarian.


Pendant lamps crafted from worn metal and glass resemble antique apothecary vessels. Their sepia tones mesh with the color scheme.

Tips for Adding Vintage Apothecary Style to Your Bath

You don’t need a full remodel to give your bathroom an apothecary edge. Here are easy DIY ideas:

  • Switch out modern brass fixtures for worn antique bronze
  • Replace plain shower curtains with natural linen or burlap
  • Display collected glass bottles on open shelving
  • Use galvanized buckets, watering cans for toilet paper and brush holders
  • Add a vintage mirror, or frame a basic mirror with reclaimed wood
  • Print and frame botanical sketches, plant diagrams, insect illustrations
  • Use wire storage for rolled washcloths or cotton balls
  • Install reclaimed wood floating shelves for curated bath items
  • Look for pedestal sinks or clawfoot tubs on resale sites

With the right mix of materials, colors, and accessories any bath can take on artful vintage pharmacy flair.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vintage Apothecary Style

What are the key features of an apothecary-style bathroom?

Some hallmarks are antique patinas, earth tones, natural textures, glass jars and bottles, vintage hardware, botanical prints, and an overall handcrafted vibe.

What colors work well in this style?

Stick to muted sepia tones, aged metals, and soft sage, cream, slate blue, almond and mustard yellows. Avoid bright colors.

What sort of vanity works best for this look?

A reclaimed wood or weathered oak vanity has an artisanal apothecary feel. Avoid modern glossy finishes.

Should the plumbing fixtures be modern or vintage style?

Vintage fixtures like wall-mounted faucets or clawfoot tubs enhance the old-world pharmacy aesthetic.

What type of flooring suits this style?

Natural stone tiles, brick, or wide-plank wood floors in muted earth tones are ideal choices.

Should the walls be painted or wallpapered?

It depends on your taste. Painted walls in soft muted tones or subtly patterned wallpaper both suit this look.

What type of lighting works best for a vintage apothecary bath?

Pendant lamps, sconces, and chandeliers in metal, glass or brass with an antiqued patina are perfect.

How can I add an herbal element to this look?

Display glass jars of dried lavender, eucalyptus or roses. Hang herb wreaths or include botanical prints.

Is this style kid-friendly?

Absolutely. Just avoid clutter and use unbreakable containers for accessories within reach. Mix in whimsical prints.


This bright and cheerful bathroom perfectly marries the vintage apothecary style with family functionality. From its soothing cool color scheme to its mix of materials and playful accessories, it brings artwork and imagination to an often strictly utilitarian room. The key to success is blending the old-world ambiance with plenty of open and clutter-free spaces for family needs. With the right balance, even the most modest bath can take on the charm of an antiquated pharmacy but with distinctly more ability to restore and relax.