Transform your bathroom into a romantic retreat with these romantic bathroom ideas. A romantic bathroom provides a soothing, spa-like atmosphere that allows you to relax and rejuvenate. With the right lighting, colors, textures, and accessories you can create a bathroom oasis for you and your significant other. Follow these tips to design a bathroom that sets the mood for romance.

Choose the Right Colors

Color has a big impact on the overall look and feel of a space. For a romantic bathroom opt for colors that evoke feelings of warmth, passion and relaxation.

Soft Pink

A soft or light pink can infuse your bathroom with romantic charm. Paired with cream or gold accents, a light pink palette creates a feminine, elegant look perfect for a romantic soak in the tub. Pink also represents caring, tenderness and acceptance—ideal for quality time together.

Deep Reds

Deeper red hues like burgundy, oxblood or wine red exude warmth, comfort and passion— excellent for a romantic bath. Red also stimulates conversation and connection. Paint one wall in a bold red or use red towels and accessories as accents against more neutral tones.

Metallic Accents

Metallic finishes in rose gold, copper or bronze add warmth and richness to a bathroom. Metallic accents reflect light beautifully to create an ambient glow. Try metallic wallpaper, faucets, mirrors or candles holders. Just take care not to go overboard—a little metallic goes a long way.

Use Luxe Materials

Inject luxury into your bathroom with the use of refined materials and finishes. Not only beautiful, luxury materials also feel amazing underfoot for a true spa experience.


Natural stone like marble, travertine or limestone brings elegance and timeless sophistication to a bathroom. Use stone on the floors, walls or countertops. For a modern romantic look try large-scale polished porcelain tiles made to mimic stone. Just be mindful, stone can make a bathroom feel cold. Balance it with wood and fabric accents.

Wood & Wicker

Wood introduces natural warmth and texture. Use real wood for vanities, shelving or storage baskets. Painted wooden beaded board as a wall covering also imparts cozy cottage charm. For a lighter look try woven wicker or rattan in shelving, hampers or wastebaskets.

Velvet & Linen

Luxurious velvet or linen shower curtains and bathmats provide soft sensuality underfoot. Choose dark jewel-toned velvets or lighter neutrals. Linen with its subtly textured look is always classic. For a romantic cottage vibe try lace or crochet trim details.

Create a Spa Experience

Transform your bathroom into a soothing couples’ spa sanctuary. Create spaces for relaxing together in the tub or shower complete with soft lighting and aromatherapy.

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub serves as a dramatic focal point, beckoning you to indulge in a relaxing soak. Position it centrally under a window or source of natural light. For romance opt for a oval or round tub big enough for two. Include a tray for candles, flowers and bath oils.

Couples Massage Shower

Install dual shower heads, controls, etc. for showering together. Choose a large walk-in shower to comfortably accommodate two people. Include a built-in bench for massaging under the shower spray. For privacy use obscure glass doors or shower curtains.

Heated Floors

Warm your feet on cosy heated bathroom floors—pure luxury. Your whole body stays toasty when you step out of the bath or shower. Heated floors work best with tile, stone or porcelain finishes.

Soft Lighting

Good lighting sets the mood. Use dimmable bulbs in fixtures or sconces to control brightness. Try accent lighting around the mirror and under cabinets for a soft glow. Place candles around the tub and sink areas for ambiance.

Scent diffusion

Sweet scents like lavender, jasmine or eucalyptus enhance relaxation in the bath. Use aromatherapy diffusers, air fresheners or scented candles. Place fresh flowers in the bathroom too.

Choose the Right Accessories

The right accessories provide the finishing decor touches to create a romantic feel. Focus on pieces that are sensual, ornate or nature-inspired.


Large mirrors visually expand a small bathroom. Good for checking your look together before a night out. An antique-style standing cheval mirror adds drama. Lean into the romantic vibe with oval, arched or scalloped-edge mirrors.


Select artwork with romantic imagery like botanicals, landscapes, or black and white photos of couples. Floral wallpaper or murals turn walls into works of art. Use washi tape to display photos on a portion of wall too.


Fabric softens hard surfaces and lets you layer in color. Long flowing curtains soften windows. Cafe curtains provide privacy at the lower half of the window. Use tiebacks to create a focal point. Select rich fabrics like velvet or linen.


Plants infuse life and freshness into bathrooms. Greenery immerses you in nature. Choose varieties that do well in humid bathrooms like orchids, ferns or air plants. Use hanging planters or shelving to display plants at varying heights.


Candles set a romantic mood with their warm, flickering glow. Arrange candles of varying heights around the tub, counters and shelves. Opt for unscented or lighter aromas like vanilla. LED flameless candles are safer.

Baskets & Boxes

Hide clutter while adding texture with woven baskets, rattan bins and wooden crates or boxes. Use them to stash toiletries, rolled towels, bath mats or other essentials. Look for pieces with intriguing textures, patterns or shapes.

Create an Inviting Tub Area

As the main event of a romantic bathroom the tub area deserves special attention. Follow these tips for designing a dreamy, spa-like soaking spot.

Bathtub Trays

A bathtub caddy tray lets you indulge in the tub while keeping necessities at arm’s reach. Look for water-resistant trays with space for candles, wine glasses, books, bath oils, etc. Trays that fit over the tub edge work best.

Bathtub Pillows

Relax in total comfort with a padded tub pillow designed to cradle your head and neck while soaking. This helps you fully relax and linger longer—excellent for baths à deux.

Tub Mats

Prevent slips with a textured tub mat placed inside the tub. Choose a mat long enough to run the tub length so you have traction getting in and out. Opt for rubber backed mats that stick securely to the tub floor.

Tub Kneeling Mats

Kneeling bath mats allow you to kneel comfortably in the tub— great for shaving legs or giving your partner a massage under the warm spray. Extra pad thickness prevents knee discomfort. Position on tub floor when needed.

Bathtub Caddies

Bathtub mounted caddies keep bath essentials organized and within arm’s reach. Look for corrosion-resistant metal caddies with adjustable shelves or hooks to customize. Suction-cup models install without hardware or drilling.

Bathtub Trays for Two

Upgrade to an oversized bathtub tray with space for two people to enjoy beverages, books or tablets. Look for an expandable tray that extends over both sides of the tub. Some even hold wine glasses in place.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Proper lighting transforms a bathroom from purely functional to relaxing oasis. Use a combination of lighting options to set just the right romantic ambiance.

Natural Light

Maximize windows and skylights to bathe the space in natural light. Sheer curtains filter and soften daylight. Position your tub to catch the best light. East or north-facing windows get great morning light.


Mounted on walls on either side of the mirror, sconces provide perfect task lighting for grooming. Sconces also give bathrooms a polished, finished look. Choose glass or metal sconces with Edison style bulbs.

Candle Light

Nothing is more romantic than candlelight’s warm flattering glow. Place candles of varying heights throughout the bathroom. Go for unscented or lighter scents like vanilla. Never leave lit candles unattended.

Under Cabinet Lights

Discreet under-cabinet lighting illuminates the sink area without glare. This extra task lighting is perfect for makeup application or shaving. Choose LED strip lighting for an energy efficient option.

Overhead Lighting

Install a dimmable overhead light to control the ambiance and adapt to tasks. Opt for vintage-style filament or Edison bulbs for a romantic vibe. Make sure the fixture aligns with the center of your tub or shower area.

Night Lights

Plug-in or battery-operated night lights give off a soft glow to safely navigate in darkness. They look chic too—choose glass-encased lights, sconces or mini table lamps. Use them to highlight pathways, the toilet area and tub.

Make it Cozy

Warm up your bathroom’s look and feel with cozy textures and layers. Combat the coolness of tile, glass and metal with wood, fabric and greenery.

Layered Textiles

Layer in fabrics with shower curtains, bathmats, towels and washcloths. Combine materials like cotton, linen, terrycloth and lace for interest. Roll towels in baskets for a spa look. Select colors and patterns that appeal to both of you.

Throw Blankets

Add comforting warmth and texture with super soft throw blankets draped over the edge of the tub or freestanding tub. Choose absorbent Turkish cotton or plush chenille. Opt for lighter neutral shades that won’t stain easily.


Plants enliven a bathroom with natural beauty—and purify the air. Display greenery on floating shelves, plant stands or the vanity. Select low-light varieties like orchids, ferns, palms or succulents.

Cozy Rugs

Ground the space with plush bathmats or rugs. Place them beside the tub, at the vanity and toilet area. Opt for absorbent memory foam or bamboo bathmats. Use non-slip rug pads under area rugs.

Wood Elements

The warmth of wood offsets the coolness of tile and stone. Incorporate reclaimed wood shelves, woven wood blinds or wood framed mirrors. Wood stools, benches or storage boxes also add natural texture.

Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Bathroom Ideas

Here are answers to some common questions about creating a romantic bathroom:

What colors make a bathroom romantic?

Soft, light and muted color palettes help create a romantic bathroom ambiance. Good color options include: light pink, cream, champagne, dove gray, pale blue and muted greens. Avoid stark whites and opt for warmer off-whites instead.

What kind of tile is romantic looking?

Porcelain, travertine, tumbled marble, and polished stone tiles all have a romantic Old World charm. Mosaic tiles and encaustic cement tiles with floral, botanical or geometric patterns look romantic too.

What flooring is best for a romantic bathroom?

Stone, porcelain or ceramic tile and hardwoods like oak or bamboo all make good romantic bathroom flooring options. Stone and tile flooring have the durability and water-resistance needed in bathrooms. Hardwoods impart natural warmth and character.

What wall color goes well with white tiles?

White bathroom tiles pair beautifully with light grey, blush pink, pale blue, sage green and cream walls. For contrast add a black accent wall behind the tub. Or use white tiles with a marble or wood-look interior wall panel for texture.

What accessories make a bathroom romantic?

Some accessories that add romance to bathrooms include: crystal or porcelain pendant lights, wall sconces, mirrors, candles, wicker baskets, greenery, soft bath linens and luxurious bathmats.

What lighting is best for a romantic bathroom?

Opt for dimmable overhead lighting along with accent lighting like wall sconces around the mirror and under cabinet lights. Candles create a romantic ambiance. Natural light signals the start of a new day.

How do you make a bathroom relaxing?

Creating a relaxing bathroom ambiance relies heavily on lighting, colors, textures, scents and amenities. Try soft neutral colors, dimmable lighting, aromatherapy diffusers, candles, greenery, a freestanding tub, rainfall showerhead, soft towels and peaceful art.

How do I make my bathroom look more luxurious?

Elevate your bathroom’s luxury factor with elements like: a freestanding tub, stone or marble finishes, metallic accents, ornate mirrors, pendant lighting, a glass vessel sink, heated floors, a large walk-in shower, and spa-like amenities.

What scent is relaxing in a bathroom?

Some good relaxing scents for bathrooms include lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, neroli, chamomile, sandalwood and cedar. Burn scented candles, use essential oil diffusers or hang fresh flowers to infuse your bathroom with calming aromas.

How do I make my small bathroom look romantic?

In a small bathroom focus on lighting, finishes and details to create romance. Try pendant lights, sconces and candles combined with stone or porcelain tile, accent walls and a few key accessories like a freestanding tub, ornate mirror and fresh flowers or plants.


Transforming your bathroom into a romantic retreat is easily achievable with the right ambiance enhancing strategies. Focus first on creating an overall look and color palette that suits both of your styles. Infuse luxury with natural materials like stone and wood paired with indulgent soaking tubs and showers built for two. Adjustable lighting casts a flattering glow to set the scene. Carefully chosen accessories like candles, greenery, artwork and mirrors accentuate the romantic vibe. Lastly, embrace cozy layers of fabric and texture for snuggling up after a relaxing soak. With these romantic bathroom ideas you’ll be inspired to retreat and rejuvenate in your new spa-like sanctuary.