When it comes to bathroom renovations, sticking to a budget can be challenging. However, with some salvage savvy, it’s possible to reinvent an urban-farmhouse bath without breaking the bank. Here’s how to keep costs down while still achieving a charming, vintage-inspired look.

Sourcing Affordable Fixtures and Materials

Searching thrift stores, antique shops, salvage yards, and online marketplaces can uncover hidden gems for a fraction of retail prices. Keep an eye out for:

  • Vintage pedestal sinks or clawfoot tubs
  • Old galvanized metal washtubs for use as sinks
  • Reclaimed wood to panel walls or create shelves
  • Mismatched glass bottles to use as soap dispensers
  • Cast iron radiators for towel warmers
  • Old doors to convert into rustic mirrors

Shopping auctions and estate sales takes patience, but fantastic deals can be scored on fixtures. Watch for discontinued or open box bathroom items at home improvement stores as well.

Materials like subway tile, hexagonal floor tile, and tin ceiling panels are affordable and match the urban farmhouse aesthetic.

Budget-Friendly DIY Options

Get creative and make easy DIY pieces to save money, like:

  • Floating wood shelves from repurposed boards
  • Mason jar pendant lights
  • Bath mats from bargain towels and hot glued fabric scraps
  • Curtains from inexpensive muslin or sheets
  • Framed vintage seed pack art

Many urban farmhouse looks leverage simple materials in clever ways. Keep costs down without sacrificing style.

Design Choices That Deliver Rustic Charm

Tactical design decisions can stretch a bathroom renovation budget while maintaining vintage appeal:

  • Accent walls – Paint or wallpaper only one or two feature walls instead of the entire space. Options like shiplap, beadboard paneling, or botanical print papers pack visual impact without high material costs.
  • Selective tile – To avoid tiling an entire bathroom, use it only as accents around the tub, behind sinks, or as a bath mat size floor rug.
  • Add architectural salvage – Use reclaimed items like an old window as a mirror or vintage door for the vanity. Mixing in pieces with patina adds character.
  • Focus lighting – Install pendants above key areas rather than lighting everything. Use Edison bulbs in existing fixtures for a vintage look.
  • Reduce cabinetry – Creative open shelving takes the place of extensive built-ins. Repurposed dressers or tables often work as vanities.
  • Multi-purpose furniture – An antique chair becomes a towel ladder. A dresser offers sink storage. Vintage crates hold toiletries. Dual use furniture expands functionality affordably.

Maintaining Farmhouse Style Within Budget

With strategic salvage hunting and DIY ingenuity, creating a fabulous urban farmhouse bath doesn’t require enormous investment. Keep the focus on vintage finds and practical space-saving solutions to build bathroom character without overspending. A dash of determination and creativity keeps costs down while crafting charming farmhouse flair.

Frequently Asked Questions About Urban Farmhouse Bathrooms on a Budget

How much does an urban farmhouse bathroom remodel cost?

An urban farmhouse bathroom can be achieved for $2,000 to $5,000 on average by using salvaged and reused materials, focusing upgrades on key areas only, using DIY options, and installing less expensive fixtures.

What are cheap ways to remodel a bathroom?

Cheap bathroom remodel ideas include painting the walls or cabinetry, replacing light fixtures, adding new shower curtains and accessories, installing stick-on floor tile, replacing faucets and towel racks, and adding a fresh coat of caulk and grout.

How do I decorate my bathroom on a budget?

Decorating a bathroom cheaply involves shopping thrift stores, yard sales, and salvage shops for vintage accessories. Also use handmade touches like framed botanical prints, repurposed crate storage, and hand towel holders from pipe fittings.

What is the most cost effective way to remodel a bathroom?

The most cost effective bathroom remodels focus on visible changes with high impact, like new wall tile in the tub surround. Leaving major components like plumbing and the shower unchanged saves big on labor and installation costs.

What are the cheapest solutions for remodeling a bathroom?

The cheapest solutions for remodeling a bathroom include paint, new vinyl flooring, budget-friendly fixtures, DIY shelving from repurposed wood, and smaller scale changes like new cabinet hardware and framed mirror upgrades.

Should I remodel my bathroom before selling my house?

Most experts recommend against a full bathroom remodel before selling. Simple cosmetic changes like new paint, light fixtures, hardware, and accent tile provide sufficient update. Buyers typically prefer renovating to suit their own taste.


Creating an urban farmhouse bathroom ambiance doesn’t require big bucks. Savvy salvage sourcing, clever DIY touches, and strategic small scale changes deliver an on-trend look for less. Focus fiscal effort on eye-catching accents in key areas to maximize visual impact. With resourceful reuse and an ingenious frugal approach, bathroom bliss can bloom on a budget.

5 Actionable Tips to Create an Urban Farmhouse Bathroom on a Budget

Reinventing your bathroom into an urban farmhouse style sanctuary doesn’t require breaking the bank. Here are 5 savvy tips to create vintage flair affordably:

  1. Scout thrift stores and online marketplaces for discounted vintage fixtures like clawfoot tubs or pedestal sinks.
  2. Use architecturally salvaged items like an old window as a mirror or repurposed door for the vanity.
  3. Install beautiful low-cost subway, hexagon, or penny tile as an accent behind the tub or sink.
  4. Create DIY furnishings like floating shelves from old wood boards and pendant lights from mason jars.
  5. Focus upgrades only where needed, like new wallpaper on one focal wall instead of the entire room.

How to Choose Urban Farmhouse Bathroom Fixtures on a Budget

Part of achieving the vintage vibe involves selecting the right kinds of bathroom fixtures. Without overspending, here is what to look for:

Tubs – A clawfoot tub evokes classic farmhouse style. Check antique stores or secondhand sites for deals. Alternatively, a new slipper tub has traditional charm.

Sinks – Pedestal sinks suit the look. A salvaged galvanized washtub makes a budget-friendly sink. Wall mount faucets complement vintage style.

Toilets – Round bowl toilets with exposed piping fit best. Look for used tanks and bowls in good shape. New seats and wax ring keep things fresh.

Lighting – Pendant lights made from mason jars add farmhouse personality. For economical ambient lighting, use edison bulbs in existing fixtures.

Hardware – Seek unique knobs and pulls from antique shops, reclamation warehouses, or Etsy. Or install vintage style reproduction hardware.

Flooring – Hexagonal or octagonal tile laid out in patterns complement the style. Sheet vinyl designed to look like wood planks can also create the rustic vibe.

DIY Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Part of achieving farmhouse chic on a budget involves rolling up your sleeves and making crafty decorative touches yourself. Some easy DIY ideas include:

  • Framed botanical prints using pages from old books
  • Curtains from sheets or inexpensive muslin
  • Towel ladder from an old chair
  • Wall shelving using reclaimed wood
  • Chalk painted mason jars for cotton swab storage
  • Bath mats from hot glued scraps of fabric
  • Signage made from old window frames
  • Wire baskets attached to the wall to hold toiletries
  • Faux shiplap paneling made from plywood

The key is to let your creativity run wild in combining inexpensive materials. The handmade Imperfections deliver cozy vintage character no money can buy.

When Splurging Pays Off

While much of an urban farmhouse bathroom remodel centers on thrifty sourcing and DIY ingenuity, there are a few areas where investing in higher quality makes sense:

Tilework – Professionally installed subway tile as an accent provides beautiful impact.

Statement sink – An eye-catching vintage stand alone sink elicits oohs and ahhs.

Sturdy vanity – A high quality solid wood vanity will serve for decades. Choose drawers over doors.

Luxury tub – For avid bathers, a roomy clawfoot tub offers daily enjoyment. Add stylish feet.

Waterproof flooring – Durable vinyl plank flooring holds up better long term than bargain peel-and-stick tiles.

By focusing most of the makeover budget around statement pieces in these key areas, it’s possible to create a jaw-dropping urban farmhouse bathroom designed to last.

Conclusion: Dreamy and Frugal is Possible

Creating a Pinterest-worthy urban farmhouse bathroom doesn’t have to drain your wallet. With clever use of salvaged goods and a few small customized upgrades, it’s simple to craft vintage farmhouse flair. Keep costs down by taking advantage of affordable materials, strategically placing new finishes, and embracing crafty DIY spirit. Remember, achieving the light and welcoming vibe of an urban farmhouse ultimately comes down to creativity, not cost.