Kitchens with red accents and décor have grown in popularity over the years, allowing homeowners to add warmth, energy, and vibrancy to this important space. A red kitchen can be achieved through strategic use of appliances, cabinets, counters, backsplashes, lighting fixtures, and accent pieces. When done right, it makes the kitchen the stunning focal point of the home.

Benefits of a Red Kitchen

There are many benefits to incorporating the color red into your kitchen design:

  • Visual Appeal – Red is inherently an eye-catching color, especially when contrasted with whites or wood tones. Using red cabinets, appliances, or accents draws attention and creates a visually striking space.
  • Warmth – Red evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. It can make a kitchen feel inviting and cozy. This is especially nice for homes in colder climates.
  • Energy – The color red is stimulating and lively. It provides a burst of energy to the kitchen, making it an uplifting space for cooking and socializing.
  • Appetite Appeal – Some experts believe the color red actually stimulates hunger and gets those digestive juices flowing! So it can be perfect for kitchens.

Popular Types of Red Kitchens

There are a few main ways red is commonly integrated into kitchen design:

Red Accent Kitchen

This style uses red minimally on accessories, appliances, lighting fixtures or bar stools. It allows you to add a pop of red without overdoing it. Accent walls or tile backsplashes work well.

Red Cabinets

Painting your cabinetry a striking red shade is a bold but beautiful choice. It ensures the color is prominently displayed. Matte finishes are popular.

Modern Red and White

A classic combination, red pairs nicely with crisp whites. This look is fresh and elegant. Use red on an island, bar stools or small appliances.

Retro Red Kitchen

For a fun vintage style, pair cherry red cabinets and accents with stainless steel appliances. Add retro art and diner-style bar stools.

Tips for Executing a Red Kitchen

When planning your red kitchen, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to one shade of true red. Mixing reds can look haphazard.
  • Pair red with neutral metals and white for a clean look. Stainless steel is a great choice.
  • Use red as a contrasting color. Pair with white cabinets or wood tones.
  • Add texture with red brick or mosaic tile backsplashes. It will reflect light beautifully.
  • Incorporate red kitchen curtains or window valences to carry the color scheme.
  • Choose red bar stools, appliances or kitchen linens for pops of color.
  • Use red lighting or candles to cast a warm glow over the space.
  • Distribute red throughout the space. Don’t just stick to one area or accent.
  • Anchor red with natural textures like wood cutting boards, baskets and greenery.

Red Kitchen Inspiration

Here are some stunning red kitchens to provide inspiration:

Modern Glam Red Kitchen

This luxurious modern kitchen uses glossy red cabinets as the focal point. They are perfectly complemented by brass accents and marble countertops. The glamorous lighting fixture ties it all together beautifully.

Rustic Farmhouse Red Kitchen

Lovely red hues are brought into this charming farmhouse kitchen via the distressed island, open shelves and accessories. White cabinetry keeps it feeling light and fresh.

Retro Diner Style Red Kitchen

Check out the retro diner appeal in this kitchen! Red bar stools, patterned floor and artistic prints capture the retro spirit. Stainless steel gives it a modern edge.

FAQs About Red Kitchens

What colors go well with red in a kitchen?

Popular color pairings include crisp white, light wood tones, warm metallics like gold or brass, classic black and white, and neutral shades like gray or beige.

What kind of red should I choose?

It depends on your style. Bright cherry reds work for retro or modern spaces, while deeper reds like burgundy can create an elegant, luxurious look. Brick reds also have rustic appeal.

Should I paint my cabinets or buy new ones?

That depends on their current condition. High-quality cabinets can be professionally sprayed. But if yours are very old or cheaply made, new cabinetry may be a better investment.

How do I incorporate red without it being overpowering?

Use it selectively in smaller doses via accessories, bar stools, appliances or an accent wall. Also opt for muted or deeper reds rather than vibrant ones to tone it down.

What kind of flooring works best with a red kitchen?

Hardwoods, tile, concrete, brick, vinyl and polished concrete are great options. Choose a neutral tone that won’t compete too much with the red features.


A red kitchen can infuse vibrancy, warmth and character into your home. By following the tips above and looking to inspiration from stunning red kitchen designs, you are sure to end up with a space you adore spending time in. Get creative with how you incorporate red into cabinetry, walls, decor and more. Your bold and beautiful kitchen awaits!