Adding a pop of red to your bathroom decor is a great way to create a bold, dramatic look. Red is energetic, passionate and evokes a sense of excitement. It’s a versatile color that can work with a variety of styles from modern to traditional. With the right shade and accents, red bathroom decor can be stunning.

Choosing a Red Paint Color

When selecting a red paint color, it’s important to consider the size of your bathroom and the amount of natural light it receives. Smaller bathrooms with little natural light will benefit from lighter reds which help make the space feel more open and airy. Larger bathrooms can handle deeper, bolder reds.

Here are some popular red paint colors to consider:

  • Cherry Red: A bright, warm red that adds cheer and energy. Works well in bathrooms that get plenty of light.
  • Apple Red: A vibrant, medium-toned red. Uplifting but slightly softer than a bright cherry red.
  • Barn Red: A faded, rustic red. Creates a cozy, farmhouse vibe. Ideal for vintage-style bathrooms.
  • Crimson: A rich, deep red hue. Dramatic and luxurious. Best for larger bathrooms.
  • Coral Red: A warm, orangey red. Feels energetic but still soft and inviting.
  • Rosy Red: A soft red with pink undertones. Romantic and feminine. Great for powder rooms.

Once you’ve selected the right shade of red, choose a finish for your paint. Matte or eggshell finishes work well in humid bathroom environments. Semi-gloss adds some shine and is easy to clean.

Red Accent Pieces

Painting the walls red makes a bold statement. You can also incorporate red through bathroom accessories and accent pieces:

Red Bathroom Rugs

An area rug with red tones is an easy way to tie in the color. Try a Persian-style floral rug or stripped bath mat in red. Make sure it’s machine washable.

Red Stools and Storage Bins

Bring in red with a petite stool by the vanity or a red woven basket under the sink for extra storage. Red looks fresh against white fixtures.

Red Towels and Shower Curtain

Roll out the red with fluffy bath towels, hand towels and a shower curtain. Try mixing in white towels as well for contrast.

Vases and Candles

Add pops of red with fresh flowers in a red vase. Red candles also add ambient lighting. Group together for impact.

Framed Art and Prints

Hang some red artwork like abstract prints, botanical drawings or even vintage propaganda posters. Black frames make them stand out.

Mirrors and Trays

An antique mirror framed in red adds old-world appeal. Or try a wall-mounted plate display in red for a unique focal point.

Styles that Complement Red Bathroom Decor

Certain decor styles pair particularly well with a red bathroom theme. Consider one of these aesthetics:


A sleek modern bathroom gains warmth from red. Try glossy red cabinets, modern art prints and a walk-in shower with red mosaic tile. Keep fixtures and metals clean-lined.


In a traditional bathroom, red adds an elegant, sophisticated touch. Think clawfoot tubs, Persian rugs, gold framed botanical prints and porcelain vessel sinks.


An eclectic look blends eras and styles. Make it work with red by including a mix of pieces like antique mirrors, painted wood crates and bright modern art.


For a cozy farmhouse bathroom, use red judiciously in vintage touches like an enamelware tub, checkered curtain and wooden sign. Soft white balances the look.


Retro style celebrates the 1950s and 60s. Play up the era with red retro tile, geometric prints and pops of chrome. A pink and red striped shower curtain is retro fun.

Factors That Impact the Cost of a Red Bathroom

If you’re thinking of giving your bathroom a red makeover, there are several factors that can impact the overall cost:

  • Size of the bathroom – Larger bathrooms require more materials and may be more expensive to redecorate. Small powder rooms are simpler and more affordable.
  • Scope of remodel – A full gut remodel will be pricier than just painting the walls red and adding new accessories. Assess how much you want to change.
  • Materials selected – High end tiles, cabinets, granite counters and gold fixtures will raise costs. Sticking with budget-friendly materials helps control spending.
  • DIY vs hiring a contractor – Doing the work yourself saves significantly on labor costs but requires more time and skill.
  • Your location – Construction and remodeling costs vary regionally. Projects in urban areas are typically more expensive.

To keep costs manageable, set a realistic budget upfront and select finishes and fixtures at affordable price points. Focus first on simple changes like wall paint, towels and art. Tackle built-ins later if budget allows.

Tips for a Soothing Red Bathroom

Red is an intense color, so you want your bathroom to feel relaxing and spa-like as well. Here are some tips for creating a soothing space:

  • Incorporate natural elements like bamboo, rattan, stone and wood textures. These organic materials balance red’s punch.
  • Bring in potted plants like ferns, orchids or succulents for an airy, tranquil vibe. Greenery softens red’s boldness.
  • Use plenty of white in fixtures, tilework, cabinetry and linens for contrast. Crisp white prevents red from feeling too heavy.
  • Install dimmable lighting so you can adjust the ambiance. Candlelight and sconces give a relaxing glow.
  • Choose calming artwork like landscape paintings, botanical prints or zen-style images. Avoid jarring abstracts and flashy neons.
  • Add textural layers with fluffy bath mats, woven baskets, soft towels and window dressings. Textures enhance comfort.
  • Play soothing music, restful nature sounds or white noise to help you unwind as you soak and relax.

With the right balance of colors, textures and ambiance your red bathroom can be a serene retreat.

FAQs About Decorating with Red in the Bathroom

Should I paint my whole bathroom red?

Painting the entire bathroom red can be dramatic but it’s usually best to use it as an accent. Red on all four walls and the ceiling may feel overwhelming. Instead, opt for one red feature wall or red on the lower half of the walls. This allows you to add pops of red without going overboard.

What colors go well with red in a bathroom?

Classic color pairings like red and white or red and black always work well. For softer contrast try red with grays, creamy neutrals, or muted blues and greens. Red also pops against natural wood tones. Avoid pairing bright reds with other primary colors like yellow.

What kind of flooring works with a red bathroom?

Simple neutral floors balance a red bathroom best. Greys, whites, black and wood tones allow red walls or accents to take center stage. Opt for materials that can withstand bathroom moisture like porcelain or ceramic tile, natural stone, and resilient vinyl.

Should I get a red bathroom sink?

A red vessel sink or vanity can certainly be a dramatic choice. Be sure it complements your other finishes rather than clashes. Matte black hardware helps red sinks feel more sophisticated. Neutral counters and floors keep the look from becoming overwhelming.

Is a red bathroom gender specific?

Red is a versatile color that works well in any style of bathroom. While very bold reds may skew more feminine or dramatic, muted brick reds and rusty shades have universal appeal. With the right accents and finishes, red can be tailored to suit any gender.

Is it hard to keep a red bathroom clean and maintained?

Proper prep is key for red paint. Use primer and opt for a satin or semi-gloss finish which resists moisture and cleans up easily. For maintenance, immediately wipe down any water on red surfaces. Re-caulk red tile when needed to prevent grime in crevices. Lastly, work with a professional to apply color-safe cleaners.


A red bathroom can be bold and vibrant or soft and subtle depending on the shades and textures you select. Key tips include choosing the right red paint color for your space, smartly incorporating red accents into your decor, complementing red with soothing neutral elements, and maintaining your red finishes. With proper planning and preparation, a red bathroom can make a stunning statement and become your home’s crowning jewel. Rather than feeling overwhelming, a red bathroom decorated with care emanates warmth, passion, and sophistication. Turn up the drama in your bathroom with confidence by implementing these red decor ideas.