Is your morning hair routine filled with chaos and stress trying to tame your locks into submission? Do you race against the clock trying to dry and style your hair before running out the door? You’re not alone – many of us struggle to find order amidst the madness of getting ready in the morning. But have no fear, it is possible to put the kibosh on hair dryer chaos once and for all!

The Problems of Morning Hair Mayhem

For those with longer, thicker, or curlier hair types, drying and styling hair can be a time-consuming chore each morning. When you’re racing against the clock to get ready for work or school, those precious minutes wasted struggling with your hair can throw off your whole morning. But why does hair drying have to be such a chaotic hassle? There are a few key culprits behind the morning hair chaos:

Knots and Tangles

If you don’t take the time to properly detangle hair after washing, it can turn into a knotted bird’s nest when you go to style it. Trying to blow dry tangled hair leads to frizz and damage as you’re forced to yank and tug the knots apart. Always start styling with tangle-free hair to minimize frustration!

Poor Quality Tools

Cheap hair dryers and brushes can make the process much more difficult and time-consuming. Lightweight dryers without enough wattage take forever to dry thick or long hair. And brushes that are too small or made with cheap materials can tug at hair and create static. Invest in quality tools designed for your hair type.

No Game Plan

Attempting to style without a strategy leads to haphazard results. Are you aiming for smooth blowout, big voluminous curls or sleek pin-straight locks? Having an idea of the end goal for your hair will determine what tools and techniques you need. Plan ahead for success!

Bad Hair Habits

We often develop bad habits over the years in our hair routine that hold us back. Whether it’s brushing hair upside down, bunching it in the dryer, or rough over-brushing, counterproductive habits damage hair and make styling more difficult. Identifying inefficient techniques and breaking those patterns is key.

When all these factors come together in a perfect storm of dysfunction, it’s no wonder mornings turn into a panicked whirlwind of hair chaos! But improving your tools, techniques and strategy can help restore order and make hair drying calm and enjoyable again.

Tricks for Detangling Wet Hair

Starting the styling process with knots and tangles already present is a recipe for disaster! That’s why making sure to properly detangle hair after washing is crucial. Here are some tips for combating knots:

Use the Right Detangling Tools

  • Wide-tooth combs are less harsh on wet hair than brushes or fine combs. Look for seamless combs to avoid snags.
  • Detangling brushes with cone-shaped plastic bristles gently separate hair without pulling. Use light strokes from tip to root.
  • Your fingers! Using your fingers to gently separate strands helps prevent breakage.

Try a Pre-Shower Detangling Spray

  • These provide slip to make combing wet hair easier and prevent tangles in the shower. Focus on conditioner-based formulas without silicones.

Detangle in Sections

  • Work in manageable sections to get to every knot without massive tangles forming. Start at the ends and work up towards roots.

Use Generous Conditioner

  • Conditioner lubricates and softens hair so the comb glides smoothly through. Focus conditioner on mid-lengths and ends.

Detangle Gently & Patiently

  • Never force a comb through stubborn tangles. Gently tease apart knots with fingers and make many light passes with the comb to prevent ripping and damage.

Dry & Style in Sections

  • Blow drying in sections allows you to detangle further and keep hair smooth. Use clips to section hair as you work.

With the right tools and techniques for gently detangling wet strands, you can stop knots and tangles before they start! Say goodbye to ripping out knots in a frenzy right before work. Properly detangled hair makes styling so much easier.

Invest in Quality Hair Tools

Using the right high-performing hair dryers and brushes tailored for your hair type and texture can seriously cut down on styling time and frustration! Here’s what to look for when shopping for tools:

Hair Dryer

Power – Look for 1875-2200+ watt dryers to cut drying time significantly. Tourmaline or ceramic technologies help too.

Weight – Very lightweight, easy to maneuver dryers prevent arm strain during longer styling.

Attachments – Nozzles, diffusers, and piks tailor drying for straight, curly, or volume styles.

Settings – Multiple heat/speed options give you flexibility and more precision when drying.

Ionic Technology – Ionic dryers blast hair with negative ions to help reduce frizz and add shine.

Cool Shot Button – Locks in styles by blasting cool air to seal the cuticle after drying. Crucial for smoothing!

Brushes & Combs

Vented Brush – Oval vented barrels amplify air flow for faster drying and volume. Great for smoothing hair.

Paddle Brush – Wide surface detangles and straightens. Look for one with ball-tipped bristles or natural boar bristles.

Round Brush – Creates bends and flips for adding volume and shape. Vary size based on your length.

Denman Brush – Ribbed design creates tension for smoothing and styling wet curly hair.

Wide-Tooth Comb – Excellent for detangling wet hair before blow drying without damaging or ripping.

The right tools are truly hair changing and make styling so much faster and easier. It’s worth investing a few extra dollars in your arsenal so you’re not fighting a losing battle with inadequate tools each morning!

Have a Game Plan

The most efficient hair routines start with a styling game plan in mind. Know the end goal before you start blasting away aimlessly with the dryer. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want straight and sleek or big voluminous curls?
  • Will you wear hair up or down?
  • Do you need lasting smoothness or touchable texture?
  • How much time can you reasonably spend drying?

Let your hair personality, lifestyle and hair type guide your choice of styling goal. Then choose techniques and tools suited for that look:

Straight and Smooth: Use a vented round brush to stretch and smooth hair as you blow dry in sections. Then finish with a cold shot.

Big Curls: Diffuse hair upside down, scrunching in mousse for definition. Use hands to shape curls.

Sleek Updo: Drying hair smooth with a paddle brush makes neat updos easier. Add serum for shine.

Textured Layers: Use hands and messy scrunching with diffuser attachment for touchable bedhead texture.

Planning your targeted end result ahead of time and prepping with the right products will make your morning so much smoother! You won’t waste precious minutes trying random techniques that don’t work.

Break Those Bad Hair Habits!

It’s easy to fall into common bad habits over the years when it comes to hair drying and styling. But those counterproductive patterns could be holding you back from hair success! Here are some of the worst habits to break ASAP:

Rough Handling

Are you guilty of yanking and ripping through knots or brushing aggressively? That leads to damage and breakage over time, making hair more prone to tangles. Train yourself to handle hair gently.

Hot Tool Abuse

Cranking the heat to max and keeping the dryer close to the scalp stresses your hair. Allow hair to dry most of the way before using too many hot tools directly on hair.

Rubbing Wet Hair in Towel

Vigorously rubbing wet strands in a towel creates frizz. Blot gently or wrap hair in a microfiber towel to preserve moisture as hair dries.

Bunching Hair in Dryer

Gathering hair loosely can create a knotty mess. Section hair cleanly and use clips, tension, and the right angle when drying.

Brushing Upside Down

Drying and styling with your head flipped leads to awkward angles that cause frizz. Keep hair right side up!


Repeatedly brushing after hair is dry and smooth causes static. Use a wide-tooth comb for touch ups.

No Heat Protection

Not using heat protectant means constantly exposing hair to high heat damage from styling. Protect those strands!

No Plan

Winging it leads to meh results. Having strategy before starting eliminates wasted effort.

Kick pesky styling habits to the curb! Being mindful of how you handle and style hair goes a long way in cutting chaos.

Top Tips for Drying Long Hair Quickly

For those with long locks, cutting down on drying time makes mornings so much less stressful. Here are pro tips for blasting through long hair:

Dry Mostly with Towel First – Remove excess moisture with an absorbent microfiber towel before blowdrying to cut drying time significantly.

Section Strategically – Work in sections but make them large enough so you’re not handling hair excessively.

Keep Blow Dryer Nozzle Close – Get right to the roots and keep dryer aimed down the hair shaft to move moisture methodically.

Point Dryer Flow Down Hair – Direct air flow pointed down to the ends helps draw moisture out faster with gravity.

Use Cotton T-Shirt to Blot – Gently squeezing hair in a shirt removes moisture without causing friction damage like rubbing does.

Don’t Skimp on Conditioner – Well-conditioned hair cuts down on drying time. But focus on mids and ends only.

Lift & Stretch Strands – Gently lifting sections of hair as you dry them straight helps hair dry faster than bunching it up.

Go Easy on Products – Limiting heavy styling products when drying cuts down on time. Add desired creams or oils after.

Remember Heat Protectant! – Blow drying hair super fast requires cranking up heat. Protect those strands from damage!

Finish on Cool Setting – Give hair a cool blast all over at the end to seal cuticles and lock in style.

With strategic sectioning, temperature, angles and motion, you can cut your long hair drying time significantly. Say goodbye to tedious marathon sessions with the blowdryer!

How to Smooth Frizzy Curly Hair

Those with naturally curly and frizzy hair know the agony of trying to fight their texture into submission. But you don’t have to battle your curls – with the right techniques you can smooth frizzy hair.

Shampoo Gently – Limit shampoo to the scalp only and use sulfate-free formulas to avoid drying out curls.

Load Up on Conditioner – Hydrating and moisturizing conditioner is crucial for frizzy hair. Squish it in and leave on for 5+ minutes before rinsing.

Blot Out Moisture – Cut down on frizz by blotting hair gently with an old cotton shirt instead of rubbing with a towel.

Take Small Sections – Use clips to work in manageable sections as you style to ensure even drying and smoothing.

Keep Tension – Pulling hair taut vertically with a round brush while blow drying creates tension to smooth the cuticle.

Direct Air Down the Strand – Point the dryer nozzle down the hair shaft instead of randomly blasting.

Blast Roots on Cool – Heat causes frizz so keep dryer on a cooler setting when drying curly roots.

Finish with Cool Shot – Give hair one last cool blast all over to seal the cuticle and lock out humidity.

Prevent Disruption – Once hair is smooth, avoid rough handling, rain, and humidity that can disrupt the cuticle again.

It is possible for curly girls to wear their hair smooth and frizz-free! Using strategic drying techniques and lots of conditioning gives you control over unruly curls.

How to Add Volume at the Root

Flat, limp hair bringing you down? Get ready to amp up your roots and add serious volume with these useful tricks:

Dry Upside Down – Flip hair over and dry at the roots to use gravity to add lift. Then flip right side up to smooth and finish.

Blast Roots First – Concentrate heat on roots only to get volume established before smoothing the lengths.

Use Clips – Section off top layers and work on drying one section at a time to target roots.

Focus Airflow at Crown – If roots are especially flat here, blot dampness and keep the dryer focused on blasting the crown first.

Lift & Direct Sections – While drying, lift sections up and away from the head, running dryer along the roots.

Tease Section by Section – For max volume, tease each section at the root as soon as it is dried before clipping up.

Use a Diffuser Attachment – Diffusers add volume by allowing air to circulate freely through curls or waves.

Add Texturizing Spray – Spritz doses of dry texturizing spray onto roots and massage in for gritty texture.

Finish with Cool Shot – Give an all-over cool blast to lock in volume by closing the cuticle.

With the right combination of heat, motion, lifting, and finishing products you can get hair at the roots standing up tall! Say goodbye to flat, limp locks.

Maintaining Smoothness Throughout the Day

The worst is when you spend all that time achieving gorgeously smooth locks in the morning only to have your style fall by midday. Use these pro maintenance tips to make sleek hair last:

Set Hair Right Away – Smooth hair into desired shape immediately after drying while heat is still activating styling products.

Lock It In – Give hair a final cool blast all over to seal the cuticle and make hair impervious to humidity.

Use Light Serum or Oil – Super lightweight smoothing oils or serums add extra silkiness without weighing hair down over time. Focus just on ends and only use a tiny amount!

Handle Gently – Be conscious of how you touch your hair to avoid causing disruption. Limit brushing and roughly fluffing once set.

Use Scarves and Hats – Covering hair when going outside prevents wind, humidity and other elements from messing with smoothness.

Carry Mini Tools – Keep a small hairbrush or mini straightener in your bag for quick touch ups.

Refresh with Water – For frizz, gently smooth affected pieces using a damp hand or paper towel. Don’t overdo it!

Avoid Heavy Products – Stick to lightweight styling products that won’t become greasy or flaky throughout the day.

Consider Next Day Stylers – Products designed for restyling second day hair add extra hold and protection.

Don’t let all your hard work be in vain! With some planning and care when styling, touching up, and protecting your hair, you can keep smooth strands all day long.

How to Care for Hair Post-Blowout

You splurged on an amazing professional blowout at the salon and don’t want your money and efforts to go to waste. Use these pro tips to extend the life of your blowout:

Avoid Washing – Only shampoo when truly necessary, and use a gentle, hydrating formula. Stick to dry shampoo between washes.

Wear Topknots & Ponies – Pull hair up gently without stressing the roots when active to maintain smoothness.

Wrap for Sleep – Carefully place hair in a loose topknot or use a satin sleep cap or pillowcase.

Limit Heat Styling – Put down the hot tools until you absolutely need them again!

Apply Dry Shampoo Sparingly – Absorb excess oils carefully at the roots without disrupting overall smoothness.

Gently Refresh with Water – If hair falls flat in spots, lightly mist and gently smooth down frizz or flyaways with water on your hands.

Avoid Over-Brushing – Be gentle when brushing and touch up styling to prevent frizzing up the cuticle.

Blot Oil Blotting Sheets – These handy sheets soak up excess oils around the hairline and roots midday.

Don’t Stress Your Style – Avoid heavy hair accessories, rough handling, and activities that could mess up your hair.

Use Protective Styling Spray – These formulas create a protective barrier against heat, UV rays, and humidity.

Take precautions and your pricey blowout can look great for days not just hours! With the right gentle handling and products, you can make that silky hair last.

Troubleshooting Tricks for Various Hair Types

Certain hair types and textures come with their own unique challenges when it comes to quick and easy styling. But have no fear – you can overcome them!

Thick Hair

  • Use high wattage dryer to blast through density
  • Section very thoroughly and clip up top layers
  • Don’t skimp on hydrating products

Curly Hair

  • Diffuse on low-speed and low-heat setting
  • Use a denman brush to encourage curl formation
  • Scrunch in anti-frizz cream when almost dry

Fine or Damaged Hair

  • Focus on gentle handling and wide-tooth combs
  • Rely more on natural drying to avoid over-drying
  • Use a heat protectant spray before any hot tool