Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. One of the best ways to relax outdoors is to pull up a folding chair and soak up the sunshine. Folding chairs are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up, making them ideal for summertime activities.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using folding chairs during the summer and provide tips on choosing the right folding chair. We will also suggest fun ways to use folding chairs for summer parties, camping trips, trips to the beach or park, and more. With the right folding chair, you can comfortably enjoy your favorite summer activities. So read on to learn how folding chairs can enhance your summer experience.

Why Use Folding Chairs in Summer

Folding chairs offer many advantages that make them useful during the summer:


Folding chairs are lightweight and collapse down into a compact size. This makes them extremely easy to transport to any summer event or outdoor location. Most folding chairs weigh between 5 to 13 pounds. When folded, they become small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, the back of an SUV, or even on a bicycle. This portability allows you to take seating with you anywhere to enjoy the outdoors during summer.

Quick & Easy Setup

Another benefit of folding chairs is how fast they can be set up. There is no lengthy assembly required. Just simply unfold the chair open and it is ready to use in seconds. This quick and easy setup allows you to spontaneously stop and relax anywhere outdoors. Unfold a chair at the beach, park, concert, or sporting event.


Folding chairs are typically very affordable options, especially compared to other types of outdoor furniture. Basic folding chairs start at around $10-20 each. Even higher-quality folding chairs with extra features remain budget-friendly at around $30-50 per chair. This makes folding chairs cost-effective options for outfitting any outdoor activity.

Space Saving

During the summer, outdoor space is at a premium. Folding chairs can be collapsed down and stacked to take up very little space when not in use. This allows you to store many chairs in a small footprint. Then you can unfold them only when needed. This saves room on crowded patios, decks, balconies, and porches during the summer.


Folding chairs are extremely versatile for all sorts of situations. They can be used on hard surfaces like patios, decks, and sidewalks. Most folding chairs also work well on softer surfaces like grass, sand, or dirt. Simply adjust their placement as needed. This adaptability means folding chairs can be used at backyard BBQs, camping sites, beaches, parks, bleachers, and more!

What to Look for in a Folding Chair

If you are planning to purchase new folding chairs for the summer, keep the following features in mind:


Consider the weight of the chair and how compact it folds down into. Chairs around 10 pounds or less work nicely for taking on adventures. Also, look for folding chairs with carrying handles or straps to make transporting them easier.


Check the width and depth measurements of the seat as well as the height from the ground. These factors along with the chair material affect comfort. Chairs at least 20 inches wide and deep tend to be most comfortable for adults. Padded seats or high-density fabric seats improve comfort over long periods.


Examine the frames to ensure they are made of rust-resistant materials like powder-coated steel, aluminum, or hard plastics. These hold up well to outdoor use. Also, inspect fabric seats and backs for stitching, rivets, and straps that seem securely attached.


Some folding chairs offer nice bonus features like cup holders, storage pockets, footrests, canopies, and lumbar support. Decide if any extras would enhance the chair’s use for your needs.


Folding chairs come in wide varieties – from no-frills basic chairs to highly stylized designs. Select folding chairs that best match your taste and existing outdoor furniture style.

By evaluating these factors, you can select well-made and comfortable folding chairs for summer activities.

Great Uses for Folding Chairs in Summer

Here are some fun ways to utilize folding chairs during the summer:

Backyard Gatherings

Pull up folding chairs on the patio, deck, or grass to instantly create seating for backyard BBQs and parties. Mix and match folding chairs with other patio furniture. Use folding chairs to provide additional guest seating or seating around fire pits and in gazebos. Their portability makes rearranging seating quick and easy.

Camping Trips

Pack folding camp chairs to provide comfortable seating around the campfire or in your tent. Look for compact folding chairs with carrying straps ideal for loading in the car and transporting around the campsite. Your folding camp chairs can be used for eating meals, playing games, and lounging.

Beach & Pool Time

Lightweight folding beach chairs are perfect for the sand and poolside. Their raised designs keep your body off hot surfaces. Look for folding chairs that recline or have adjustable canopies for shade. Use beach chairs to relax and enjoy ocean views or poolside lounging.

Sports Events & Concerts

Bring along folding chairs to provide comfortable seating at outdoor sporting events, concerts, festivals, and more. Low-profile folding stadium chairs work nicely in crowded bleachers. The chairs give you a reserved seat and back support. Use them on the grass or hard surfaces.

Picnics in the Park

Pack up folding chairs in the car and enjoy an impromptu picnic anywhere. Local parks, hiking trails, and scenic overlooks are all perfect spots to unfold chairs and enjoy a meal outdoors. Look for folding chairs with convenient carry handles to tote to picnic sites.

Gardening & Yardwork

Use a folding chair when working in the garden or doing yardwork in the summer. The ability to occasionally sit and take the weight off your feet helps make outdoor chores less tiring. Just unfold your chair wherever you are working to take quick breaks.

Driveway Happy Hour

Host fun driveway gatherings in folding chairs spaced 6 feet apart. Friends and neighbors can safely socialize outdoors together while remaining distanced. Each person can bring their own folding chair. Extend your in-driveway happy hours into the evening with folding chairs around firepits.

With their lightweight portability and quick setup, folding chairs enable you to spontaneously stop and relax during any summer activity. Get creative and find fun new ways to utilize folding chairs outdoors this summer!

Types of Folding Chairs

Folding chairs come in diverse styles, shapes, and designs. Consider how you plan to use folding chairs when deciding which type best suits your needs:

Classic Folding Chairs

The most common and affordable option. These have thin metal frames, fabric seats/backs, and fold down into a flat profile. Best for occasional use.

Padded Folding Chairs

Offer thicker padded seating for comfort. May have padded backs and armrests. Great for prolong sitting during gatherings.

Camping & Beach Chairs

Portable chairs designed for outdoor adventures. May have sun visors, mesh backing, reclining positions, and carry straps.

Kids’ Folding Chairs

Sized for children with shorter/narrower seats. Often brightly colored. Help kids feel included at the kid’s table.

Rocking Chairs

Folding chairs that add gentle rocking motion. The rocking mechanism folds inside the frame. Provides soothing movement outdoors.

Stadium Seats & Bleachers

Shaped to fit bleachers with lower profile seats. Some models have backrests. Provide extra comfort at games.

Director’s Chairs

Folding chairs with side tables and higher/wider seats. Table holds food and drinks. Deluxe portable seating.

Moon Chairs

Spherical chair that folds in half. Often has stretchy fabric. Provides engulfing comfort and uniqueness.

Consider your needs and select the folding chair variety that best fits how you plan to utilize them during the summer. There are diverse options for all types of uses.

Setting Up Folding Chairs Quickly

One of the great benefits of folding chairs is their quick and simple setup. Here are some tips for efficiently opening folding chairs when needed:

  • Read setup instructions – If it is your first time using new folding chairs, take a moment to review the instructions so you understand how they collapse and open.
  • Check for locking mechanisms – Many folding chairs have sliding buttons, clips, or levers that lock them in the open position. Make sure to secure any locking mechanism so the chairs stay upright.
  • Flip chair open – With the chair collapsed, grab it by the armrests or seat. Then flip the chair open so the legs point towards the ground until fully extended.
  • Distribute weight evenly – To stand the chair up, hold it by the back of the seat and bottom crossbar. Then gently lower the chair down, distributing weight evenly to all four legs at the same time.
  • Adjust seat – Once upright, press down on the seat and rock the chair slightly to settle the fabric seat taut and flat in the frame. Your chair is now ready to use!
  • Stack neatly – To store folded chairs, stack them directly on top of each other. Stack identical chairs facing the same direction to prevent scratching.

Practice these simple steps to be able to quickly set up folding chairs whenever you need extra outdoor seating. With a little experience, you’ll be able to open chairs with ease.

Maintaining Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are low maintenance, but require some basic care for longevity:

  • Clean fabric – Use mild soap and water to clean chair fabric as needed. Allow to fully dry before storing to prevent mold.
  • Protect frames – Frequently wipe metal frames with a dry cloth to prevent dirt buildup and rust. Avoid leaving chairs outdoors.
  • Lubricate hinges – Apply lubricant like WD-40 to the pivot points if hinges become squeaky. This allows the chair to fold smoothly.
  • Check for damage – Inspect for loose screws, tears, corrosion, and bent frames over time. Discontinue use if any defect poses a safety hazard.
  • Prevent sun damage – Sun exposure can fade and weaken fabric. Store folded chairs in a shed, garage, or covered area to limit UV exposure.
  • Transport safely – When driving with folding chairs, secure them upright or flat on a cargo area floor. Avoid placing heavy items on top that could bend frames.

By following these simple maintenance tips, you can get years of enjoyment from quality folding chairs.

Safety Tips When Using Folding Chairs

While folding chairs offer wonderful benefits, there are also some safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Set chairs up on flat, stable surfaces to prevent tipping and collapse. Avoid overly soft or uneven ground.
  • Open chairs fully and lock any locking mechanisms before sitting. Do not use partially unfolded chairs.
  • Do not sit on chairs in partially folded positions or use them like stools. Only apply weight while fully open.
  • Check for manufacturer weight limits and do not exceed them. Be cautious using chairs if you are over 200lbs.
  • Supervise children sitting in folding chairs at all times. Do not allow kids to fold chairs open or closed without adult help.
  • Avoid running, jumping, or dancing on folding chairs. This can lead to falls or chairs collapsing.
  • Sit squarely in the center of the seat. Do not lean back on rear legs only or the chair may tip over.
  • Do not stack more than 8 folding chairs together, or damage/collapse may occur at bottom.

Exercising common sense and following safety guidelines will allow you to enjoy folding chairs safely all summer.

Top Brands of Folding Chairs

If you plan to purchase new folding chairs for the summer, consider these top-rated brands:

ALPS Mountaineering – Durable camping and tailgating chairs designed for portability and comfort in the outdoors. Known for quality construction.

Coleman – Trusted name in outdoor gear offering affordable and portable folding chairs with legless designs ideal for camping.

GCI – Specializes in folding outdoor chairs with handy features like seatback pockets, cup holders, and carry straps. Reliable for the price.

CARAVAN Sports – Stylish folding chairs in wider seat sizes and fun colors. Known for comfort and well-designed accessories.

Kijaro Dual Lock – Folding chairs with premium padding in the seat and back for all day relaxation. Locks stay flat when folded.

Quik Shade – Brand specializing in folding chairs with adjustable SPF canopies for sun protection and portability.

Ostrich Lounge – Deluxe folding chairs with customizable reclining positions. Higher end models have footrests and head pillows.

When choosing folding chairs, look at customer reviews and select an established brand known for quality and comfort. It’s worth investing in chairs you’ll use all season.

DIY Upgrades for Basic Folding Chairs

Want to enhance basic folding chairs? Try these simple DIY upgrades for added comfort and convenience:

Seat Cushions – Attach foam, padded, or outdoor fabric seat cushions using industrial strength Velcro or straps. Instantly makes chairs more relaxing.

Pillow Backs – Sew or strap throw pillows onto the chair back for lumbar support and softness. Use weather resistant fabric.

Beverage Holders – Attach cup holders or insulated beverage pouches to the sides of chairs using fabric sleeves and straps. Keeps drinks handy.

Umbrellas – Mount small patio umbrellas into a hole drilled through the seat of basic folding chairs. Provides shade at the beach or garden.

Storage Pockets – Use fabric glue or stitching to affix pockets sized for sunscreen, books, phones, or remotes onto the back and underside of seats.

Tabletops – Attach a small side table to one armrest using hinges. Flip down for snacking and fold it up when moving chairs.

Personalizing folding chairs is an inexpensive way to customize them for your relaxation needs this summer.

Fun DIY Summer Projects Using Folding Chairs

Folding chairs can also be incorporated into fun outdoor DIY projects:

Backyard Movie Theater – Arrange folding chairs in rows and use sheets to project outdoor movies. Attach balloons, string lights, and serve popcorn.

Reading Nook – Use folding chairs as comfy seating in garden reading nooks. Surround them with plant shelves, sun umbrellas, and pillows.

Kids’ Carwash – Let kids use folding chairs for seating at backyard carwash stations. Drape with towels and provide cleaning buckets.

Photo Booth – Create instant photo booths by hanging fun backdrops and props behind two chairs. Use for parties.

Relaxation Station – Designate a peaceful spot with folding chairs, side tables, soft rugs, and potted plants. Add a water fountain for tranquil ambiance.

DIY Sprinkler Pool – Unfold chairs at the edges of DIY kiddie pools and sprinklers. Kids can take breaks from playing in the water.

Set up folding chairs anywhere you want extra outdoor seating or relaxation spots this summer. Get creative and put them to use in fun new ways!

FAQ About Folding Chairs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about folding chairs:

Are folding chairs comfortable for several hours of sitting?

Basic folding chairs may get uncomfortable after a few hours as they often have thin minimal padding. Look for well-padded folding chairs rated for prolonged sitting. Also, adding cushions and pillows can help. Get up periodically to stretch and move around.

How many adults can a folding chair safely hold?

Standard folding chairs typically have weight limits around 225-250 lbs. Read manufacturer specs – some may hold up to 300 lbs or more. Avoid overload as it can damage frames. Sturdier models work better for heavier individuals.

Can folding chairs get wet?

It depends on the materials. Metal folding chairs with polyester mesh will dry out well. Avoid soaking fabric seats. Look for coated steel frames that resist rusting if chairs will get splashed at the pool or beach.

What is the best way to transport folding chairs?

The best method is to place folding chairs inside a vehicle keeping them dry during transport. Use the trunk of a car or back of an SUV where they won’t slide. You can also use roof racks or truck beds securing them tightly. Carry individual chairs by their handles.

How do you prevent folding chairs from sinking into grass or sand?

Use chair leg extenders or floats to distribute weight more evenly which prevents the chair legs from digging in too far. Also, look for chairs with wide leg bottoms designed not to sink. Avoid opening chairs on soft ground after heavy rains.

Can kids safely use adult-sized folding chairs?

It depends on the child’s size and weight. Small children may have difficulty safely climbing in and out of adult folding chairs. Children under 4 years old should not use adult chairs unassisted. Opt for kid-sized chairs until big enough for standard models. Always supervise use.

Do you need any special skills or tools to assemble folding chairs?

No, folding chairs are designed for instant simple setup without tools or assembly skills needed. Just read the instructions, release any safety locks, and flip the chair open. With a bit of practice, most folding chairs can be set up in less than 30 seconds.

Folding chairs make it convenient and comfortable to relax or socialize anywhere outdoors this summer. Their portability and easy use are what make them such a popular choice for summertime activities. With so many great styles and brands, you can find the perfect folding chairs to enhance your enjoyment of the warm weather. Pull up a folding chair and take full advantage of sunny days and starry summer nights!


Summer and folding chairs go hand in hand thanks to their lightweight portability. Keeping folding chairs in the car, garage, or