Decorating a home in a playful, fun way can really liven up the space and put everyone in a good mood. When done right, playful decor adds personality, sparks joy, and creates an environment where you can’t help but smile. Here are some tips for using decor to put a home in good humor.

Infuse Color

One of the easiest ways to create a playful feel is to bring in bright, cheery colors. Paint a bold accent wall in a fuchsia, aqua, or lime green. Choose patterned rugs, pillows, and art in unexpected color combinations. Display bright home accessories like vases, trays, and tissue boxes. This infusion of color energizes and uplifts.

Add Witty Accents

Search for home decor items that make you chuckle. Funny doormats, pillows or art prints with cheeky sayings, kitschy salt and pepper shakers, mugs printed with puns, and other humorous touches bring lightness and laughter to a home. A bit of silliness and whimsy goes a long way.

Display Nostalgic Finds

Old lunch boxes, vintage toys, comic books, and other memorabilia from childhood can add a sense of playfulness. Group these nostalgic items together in a display case, bookshelf, or shadowbox. Not only will they spur memories, but they also remind us that playfulness has no age limit.

Create a Kids’ Zone

Set up a dedicated play area for kids with toys, games, art supplies, costumes, building sets, and more. Let them freely express themselves in this space by making messes and displaying their masterpieces. The sounds of play and creativity will uplift the whole household.

Add Unexpected Touches

Incorporate surprises throughout the home that make people pause and smile. Repurpose everyday items in silly ways, like using colanders as lampshades or teacups as pen holders. Opt for functional decor like stools and wastebaskets in funny shapes. Collections of gnomes, trolls, flamingos or dinosaurs also prompt grins.

Use Playful Fabrics

Bedding, window treatments, slipcovers, and upholstery are great spots to have some fun. Choose patterns like polka dots, stripes, plaids or animal prints. Look for bright, clashing colors and varied textures. Unexpected fabric choices and combinations prevent a room from feeling too serious.

Display Family Photos Creatively

Family photos spread joy when displayed creatively. Cover a stairway wall with a striking gallery of black and white portraits. Decorate with candid shots and favorites in a collage frame. Showcase holiday photos year-round. Get the whole family involved in posing for silly group photos.

Add Bold Wallpaper

For instant whimsy, use bold, playful wallpaper or decals. Opt for oversized prints like flowers, birds or geometrics. Seek out patterns reminiscent of amusement parks or carnivals. Apply wallpaper to a single accent wall or use removable decals for a temporary fix.

Create Fun Vignettes

Vignettes are styled groupings of items that tell a story. Have some fun with vignettes in unexpected spots around your home. Stage an impromptu teddy bear picnic on the coffee table. Create a mini kids’ art studio of easels and supplies in a corner. Build tiny terrariums with quirky objects. Let your imagination run wild!

Incorporate DIY Touches

There are endless options for infusing personality throughout a home with DIY projects. Make a silly welcome sign for the front door. Decorate planters or frames with wiggly googly eyes. Embellish pillows, lampshades or wastebaskets by gluing on decorative trim, buttons and beads. Create magnets or wall art from kids’ drawings. Homemade is always full of heart.

With strategic additions of color, humor, nostalgia, creativity and personal touches, you can transform any home into a playful oasis. The goal is to craft a space that sparks impromptu dance parties, games of make believe, laughter over family stories, and sweet memories in the making. A playful home puts everyone in a lighthearted, cheerful mood.

Frequently Asked Questions About Playful Home Decor

How do I choose playful decor on a budget?

Focus your spending on smaller accents like throw pillows, art prints, decorative objects and wall decals. Check thrift stores, flea markets and websites like Etsy for unique secondhand finds. Take on small DIY projects using supplies from the craft store.

What are some playful colors to use?

Bright primary colors like red, yellow and blue are cheery choices. You can also opt for playful pastels like mint green, lavender or peach. If you’re feeling bold, try unexpected combos like orange and navy or lime green and violet.

How can I add humor without overdoing it?

Use witty accents in moderation. Choose just a couple of punny pillows or silly art prints. Display your funny collectibles together in one area rather than spreading them all around. The goal is lightheartedness, not silliness overload.

What if my style is modern or minimalist?

Even the cleanest, most minimal spaces need some playfulness to warm them up. Add subtle pops of citrusy colors, fun geometric patterns, or rustic wood accents. Incorporate unexpected modern materials like steel, concrete or neon.

How do I create play spaces for kids?

Carve out a small area just for kids and let them take ownership. Add toys, art supplies, building sets, dress-ups and more. Use whimsical wall decals, hang favorite artwork, and add personalized touches. Comfy seating and storage bins keep the space functional.

Where can I buy unique vintage toys and collectibles?

Search local flea markets, antique shops and secondhand stores for interesting retro finds. You can also browse online sellers like eBay and Etsy. Look for lunch boxes, tin toys, vintage action figures, PEZ dispensers, and more.


There are so many creative ways to bring playfulness, whimsy and cheer into your home’s decor. With the addition of bright colors, nostalgic memorabilia, humorous accents, and DIY touches, you can craft a joy-filled space that uplifts your whole household. The best playful decor is a reflection of your family’s unique personality. Don’t be afraid to make playtime fun for all ages and infuse your home with lighthearted style.