Decorating a kid’s room can be a fun creative challenge. One easy way to add interest and personality is through pattern play. Introducing bold graphic prints in a zigzag motif is an eye-catching option that packs a visual punch.

The Power of Zigzags

Zigzags are graphic, angular, and energetic. They immediately capture attention with their dynamic movement. This makes them an ideal pattern for a child’s space. Zigzags are playful and lively, reflecting a youthful spirit. They bring a sense of whimsy and add a bold, funky vibe.

There are many creative ways to incorporate zigzags into a kids’ room décor. Painting one wall in a zigzag stripe motif makes a dramatic focal point. Choose vivid colors like orange, lime green or electric blue for maximum impact. Alternatively, paint all four walls in colorful zigzags for an immersive, statement room.

Zigzag patterns can be introduced through rugs, bedding, curtains, or decorative accessories too. Look for bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and shams featuring retro-inspired zigzags. Rugs with thick zigzag stripes make for fun floor coverings. Display blown up zigzag art prints on the walls for an op-art effect.

Why Kids Love Zigzags

  • Energetic and lively
  • Bold, eye-catching geometrics
  • Playful pattern with a retro vibe
  • Graphic interest; breaks up flat surfaces
  • Endlessly customizable color combinations

Creating a Cohesive Look

When using a strong graphic motif like zigzags, it helps to anchor the scheme with some consistency. Maintain cohesion through color, either by using one dominant hue throughout, or choose complementary colors for variety. For a coordinated look, repeat creative zigzag treatments on multiple surfaces.

Zigzag Accent Wall

Painting one wall in a bold zigzag pattern makes a dramatic focal feature. Place the accent wall behind the bed or on the main play wall for maximum impact. Choose vivid paint colors like bright turquoise, lime green, orange or purple for energetic appeal. White is also a crisp, vibrant choice. For a retro look, opt for 1970s brights like yellow, avocado green and orange.

Keep remaining walls, ceiling and trim neutral to avoid overwhelming the space. Crisp white is ideal. Echo the accent color elsewhere in the room with bed linens, rugs, accessories and artwork for a pulled-together look.

Creating Zigzag Wall Stripes

Use painter’s tape to mark out the zigzag stripes. Plot out the design on paper first to plan stripe widths and placement. Varying thick and thin stripes adds interest.

Paint the wall and allow to dry fully before removing the tape. Use an angled brush to neatly cut in along edges. Take time and care for clean stripes. Finish by sealing with a clear polyurethane for added washability.

Zigzag Bedding

Dressing a bed in bold zigzag bed linens creates an instant focal feature. Choose bed sheets, duvet covers, shams and pillowcases in cotton prints featuring graphic retro or tribal zigzag motifs. Anchor the bed with a colorful striped flat weave rug extending beyond the bed frame.

For a pulled-together layered look, keep walls neutral and echo accent colors used in the zigzag bedding throughout the room. Opt for printed zigzag curtains and continue the motif on storage baskets, accessories and artwork. Varying scale of zigzag elements adds interest.

Modern Zigzag Playroom

Zigzags strike a perfect balance of retro-modern in a contemporary playroom scheme. Graphic black and white zigzag rug makes a lively floor covering for playing and lounging. Continue the monochrome theme with bold zigzag bed linens and black and white wall art.

Painting one wall an accent color like vivid orange, lime green or electric blue grounds the crisp black and white palette. Add in colorful storage bins, baskets and cubbies for a youthful, contemporary playroom.

Zigzag Wall Mural

For a bold, immersive approach, cover an entire wall in an overscale zigzag murall Wallpapers can be applied as temporary wall murals or installed permanently. Use the wall mural as a dramatic backdrop for bed, dresser or play area.

Look for tribal or retro prints in bold colors like teal, tangerine or lime for lots of visual pop. For a funky OP art effect, opt for oversize black and white zigzags. Coordinate with matching zigzag bedding and accessories in similar colors. Keep remaining walls neutral for balance.

FAQ About Using Zigzags in a Kids’ Room

What are some ways to incorporate zigzags in a kid’s room?

Some creative ways to use zigzags include painting a wall with zigzag stripes, using zigzag bedding or rugs, displaying oversized zigzag art prints, or installing a full wall mural with zigzag motif.

What colors work well with zigzags?

Vivid primary colors like orange, red, yellow, lime green, electric blue and purple really make zigzags pop. Black and white create a bold graphic look. Softer pastels can also work for a muted effect.

How do you create a zigzag accent wall?

Use painter’s tape to mark out the stripe pattern. Plot out the design first for balanced placement. Vary wide and narrow stripes for interest. Paint carefully between edges for clean lines, then remove tape once fully dry.

Should I paint all four walls with zigzags?

Painting all walls may feel overwhelming. One accent wall provides impact while keeping the scheme from feeling too busy. But for a bold, immersive effect, full wall zigzags can work too.

What scale of zigzags works best?

It depends on personal preference and room size. For an accent wall, larger zigzags around 12 inches wide make a statement. Smaller scale zigzags around 3 inches wide create more of an all-over graphic texture when used on multiple walls.

How do I keep a zigzag scheme from feeling too chaotic?

Keep walls, trim and ceiling neutral to provide balance. Repeat accent colors from zigzag prints throughout the room for a cohesive look. Don’t overmix lots of competing prints.


There are endless creative possibilities for incorporating bold graphic zigzags into a kid’s room. Painted accent walls, vibrant bedding, lively rugs, wall murals and graphic art prints are all ways to jazz up the space with this energetic motif. Keep the look cohesive by echoing accent colors throughout for a pulled-together scheme with youthful spirit. Zigzags strike the perfect balance of playful and cool, ideal for a child’s self-expression.