Decorating a bathroom can be an exciting yet daunting task. With so many options for colors, materials, and styles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, thoughtfully selecting a color palette is one of the best ways to create a beautiful, cohesive look. Whether you prefer traditional whites and neutrals or bold, vibrant hues, the right color scheme can transform your bathroom into a soothing sanctuary. Read on for inspiration and ideas for nine audacious bathroom color palettes that are anything but boring.

Balancing Bold Colors

When working with lively colors in a small space like a bathroom, it’s important to strike the right balance. Combining too many flashy hues can feel chaotic and overstimulating. The key is thoughtfully selecting accent colors that pop against a more neutral backdrop. Here are some tips for successfully incorporating bold colors in your bathroom design:

  • Choose one standout shade as your focal point. For example, make a teal vanity or fuchsia tiles the star of the room. Keep other finishes subtle to avoid clashing.
  • Repeat your accent color in small doses. Try it on towels, artwork, an area rug, or accessories. A little can go a long way.
  • Anchor bright colors with plenty of whites or neutrals. Crisp white walls, subway tiles, and marble counters help ground vibrant shades.
  • Opt for muted rather than neon versions of colors. Deep jewel tones have a more sophisticated look than fluorescent brights.
  • Make sure lighting is sufficient. Bold hues can appear especially intense in dim lighting. Add plenty of well-placed fixtures.

With a thoughtful, restrained approach, almost any color can be part of a stylish, soothing bathroom palette. Read on for nine specific bold color scheme ideas.

1. Deep Blue Bathroom

Navy and other rich shades of blue feel both bold and classic. Pairing blue with clean white trim and natural wood finishes results in a bath with timeless appeal.

  • Paint walls a dramatic navy or deep blue hue like Sherwin-Williams’ Naval.
  • Choose white, beaded board wainscoting and molding for contrast.
  • Install a white pedestal sink atop a stained wood vanity.
  • Select white subway tiles with navy grout for the shower surround.
  • Hang a round rattan mirror to echo the warm wood tones.
  • Display rolled bath towels in shades of blue and ivory.

The combination of crisp white, natural wood grain, and vivid blue is both bold and beachy. For a touch more color, add art or accessories in sandy tan, sea glass green, or coral.

2. Retro Blue and Yellow

Vintage color combinations stand the test of time while still feeling fresh and fun. This blue and yellow bathroom scheme calls to mind retro diners and midcentury modern style.

  • Paint the walls a pale icy blue like Farrow & Ball’s Verditer.
  • Brighten up the space with a mustard yellow sink, mirror frame or other accent pieces.
  • Choose a white tile floor with small chartreuse and navy mosaic insets.
  • Incorporate natural materials like woven hampers, jute mats, and rattan baskets.
  • Display white and yellow striped towels for a retro diner vibe.
  • Add character with vintage signs, framed botanical prints, or a colorful abstract shower curtain.

The light blue walls, antique white trim, and pops of mustard yellow create a cheerful, nostalgic aesthetic. For extra 1950s flair, hang a Sputnik chandelier.

3. Rosy Pink Bathroom

Few colors feel as joyful and uplifting as pink. From pale blush to vivid fuchsia, pink transforms bathrooms into happy retreats.

  • Paint the room a soft muted pink like Sherwin-Williams’ Pinkerbelle.
  • Select white shaker cabinets topped with Quartz or marble in rosy veining.
  • Choose an oval freestanding tub in glossy pink for a focal point.
  • Pick small octagon white tiles edged in metallic rose gold for the floor.
  • Incorporate black accents such as a standing towel rack, mirror frame, and wall sconces.
  • Display white fluffy bathmats along with pink and white striped towels.
  • Finish with fun touches like a flamingo print shower curtain or neon pink bath pillow.

Pink and white create a sweet backdrop while black accents and metallic details add bold contrast and shine. The overall effect is feminine and spirited.

4. Rich Red Bathroom

For drama and luxury, consider a crimson color scheme. Deep red makes a statement when paired with glimmering metal finishes.

  • Paint the walls a bold berry red like Behr’s Sangria Sunset.
  • Select brushed bronze fixtures including the faucets, showerhead, and lighting.
  • Install white or grey subway tiles edged in dark metal for the shower walls.
  • Choose mosaic floor tiles in red, grey, black and bronze.
  • Hang a rectangular hammered bronze mirror above a glossy white floating vanity.
  • Accessorize with white towels, greenery in black planters, and a merlot candle.

With its blend of red, grey, black and bronze, this look is opulent and elegant. For extra richness, include dark wood accents, black marble counters, and gilded mirror frames or wall sconces.

5. Vibrant Teal Bathroom

Few colors are as rejuvenating as the jewel tones in the blue-green family. Painting your bathroom a vibrant teal instantly transports you to the tropics.

  • Select a lively teal paint color like Valspar’s Cayenne. Use it on the vanity and walls.
  • Contrast with bright white trim, ceiling, tile and fixtures.
  • Choose peel and stick wallpaper in navy blue and white patterns for an accent wall.
  • Incorporate natural textures like rattan baskets, bamboo bath mats, and linen shower curtains.
  • Display folded teal and white striped towels.
  • Finish with accessories like leafy plants, driftwood, sea glass and conch shells.

With its blend of vivid teal, crisp white, and natural textures, this look is beachy, yet modern. For extra punch, use teal glass or mosaic tiles in place of standard white subway tile.

6. Citrusy Yellow and Green

Sunny shades of yellow and green create a warm, welcoming bath space. The citrusy color combo instantly infuses rooms with energy and cheer.

  • Paint walls sage green, like Joanna Gaines’ Silent Night. Use lemon-lime on an accent wall.
  • Select white shaker cabinets and natural wood shelving.
  • Choose alternating rows of emerald and lemon glass metro tiles for the shower walls.
  • Pick a white Quartz vanity countertop with hints of green veining.
  • Incorporate rustic wood elements such as a floating shelf, woven baskets and a tree stump stool.
  • Display fluffy white towels along with striped and lemon-hued bath linens.
  • Add greenery such as succulents, potted lime trees and eucalyptus stems.

The interplay between green, yellow, white and wood creates a bright, organic look. For extra punch, paint the ceiling robin’s egg blue.

7. Lime and Turquoise Spa Bathroom

Take beach house style to the next level with a palette of saturated turquoise and lime. The combination is playful yet elegant.

  • Paint walls in deep ocean blue-green turquoise like Valspar’s Cayenne.
  • Choose glossy lime green lacquer vanity cabinets. Top with Quartz in swirling blue-green.
  • Select glass subway tiles in alternating rows of seafoam and lime green.
  • Pick small iridescent mosaic tiles threaded with silver for the floor.
  • Incorporate natural elements like starfish, sand dollars, driftwood, and potted palms.
  • Display rolled towels in stripes of lime, seafoam and white.
  • Add in mermaid or coral prints on art, towels, shower curtain or wall decals.

With its rich tropical colors, natural textures and hints of beach, this bath feels like an oceanside escape. Metallic accents and accessorizes keep it from feeling too kitschy.

8. Black, White and Brass

A classic color combination, black, white and brass brings timeless glamour to bathroom spaces.

  • Paint the room crisp white, like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.
  • Select brass fixtures including pendant lights, faucets, showerhead and hardware.
  • Choose black and white hexagon floor tiles laid in a geometric pattern.
  • Install classic white subway tile edged with black grout on shower walls.
  • Opt for black shaker cabinets topped with white Quartz and undermounted brass sink.
  • Hang a large round brass mirror above the central black vanity.
  • Display black rolled towels along with white linen bath mats.
  • Finish with a black and white abstract shower curtain and greenery.

With its stark black and white palette punched up by warm, glimmering brass, this look is eternally chic. For even more luxury, incorporate Carrara or black marble counters.

9. Purple and Brass Art Deco Bathroom

Channel vintage 1920s style with a striking combo of marsala purples and shimmering brass finishes.

  • Paint the space a bold amethyst purple like Farrow & Ball’s Brinjal.
  • Select brushed brass fixtures including wall sconces, faucets and cabinet hardware.
  • Install small black and white octagon floor tile in a geometric layout.
  • Choose classic white subway wall tiles framed by wide brass trim.
  • Pick a floating black vanity topped with white Quartz with grey-blue veining.
  • Hang an oval brass rimmed mirror edged in black.
  • Display white towels and bathmats along with purple hand towels.

With its vibrant purple walls, glamorous metallics, and geometric shapes, this look brings the style of bygone eras into the modern moment. A purple glass chandelier provides the perfect art deco finishing touch.

Design Considerations for Bold Bathrooms

Once you’ve selected the hues for your bold bathroom color scheme, keep these design tips in mind:

  • Light it up. Make sure the lighting is bright enough that bold colors don’t get drowned out or feel dark and gloomy.
  • Repeat colors in adjacent rooms. Use accents of your bathroom colors in nearby spaces for a cohesive feel.
  • Select durable materials. Vibrant dark colors can show dirt, moisture, and wear more easily. Choose easy-clean surfaces.
  • Add metal, wood or marble. Natural and metallic materials add depth and keep bold schemes from feeling one-note.
  • Display colorful artwork or prints. Framed botanicals, abstracts and graphic prints complement and tie together bold hues.

With careful selection of materials, lighting and accents, your vivid color palette can transform your bathroom into a stylish, welcoming oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bold Bathroom Color Schemes

What are some good paint colors for a bold bathroom?

Some popular bold paint color choices for bathrooms include deep blues and greens like navy, teal, and emerald, vivid jewel tones like purple, red and fuchsia, bright sunny shades like lemon and lime, or stark black and white.

What color tiles go well with bold bathrooms?

Classic white subway tiles pair beautifully with bold wall colors. For added interest, choose tiles with bold grout, metallic accents, or mosaic insets that coordinate with your color scheme.

How do you add pops of color to a neutral bathroom?

In a neutral bathroom, add bold color through towels, rugs, shower curtains, wallpaper, artwork, mirrors, accessories like soap dishes and wastebaskets, and fresh flowers. Stained wood vanities and metallic finishes also add warmth.

What are some bathroom colors to avoid?

Avoid pale or pastel versions of colors, which can read drab and outdated. Steer clear of bright primary hues like neon orange and yellow, which can feel jarring. Neutral beiges and browns can feel dull.

How do I choose a bathroom color?

Consider the size of the space and how much natural light it gets. Small, dark rooms suit lighter, brighter colors. Large, airy baths can handle deeper bold hues. Coordinate with the color scheme in surrounding rooms. Most importantly, select colors you find enjoyable and uplifting.

Should I get white or colored bathroom fixtures?

In a bold bathroom, white fixtures create an attractive contrast with colored walls. That said, metallic fixtures like brass, black accent pieces, and fixtures matching your wall color can also look bold and cohesive.

What paint finish is best for bathrooms?

Eggshell or satin paint finishes are ideal for bathrooms. They are washable, moisture-resistant, and hide imperfections well while retaining a soft visual texture. Avoid flat paints that show dirt and flaws.

How do I make a small bathroom look bigger?

Use reflective surfaces like glossy tiles or a large mirror to create the illusion of space. Keep floors and walls light. Add vertical details like subway tiles and visually extending patterns. Choose furnishings with thin legs and floating styles.


Whether you’re seeking a soothing spa sanctuary or bold tropical motif, thoughtfully selecting an audacious color scheme is key for bathroom style. By balancing vibrant shades with plenty of neutral surfaces, adding natural and metallic accents, and layering in colorful artwork and accessories, your bold colors can transform your bath into a personalized haven. With so many enticing options from serene blues to lively hot pinks, it’s time to say farewell to boring beiges and embrace new colorful possibilities for your bathroom.