Decorating a beach house can be a fun and relaxing project. With the right furniture, fixtures, and accents, you can create a coastal oasis that feels laid-back yet put together. When outfitting a beach house, it’s important to choose pieces that can stand up to the elements while still looking breezy and beachy. Follow these tips for outfitting your beach house from deck to drawer knobs.

Select Outdoor Furniture Made for the Elements

The deck and patio are prime gathering spots in a beach house, so select outdoor furniture made to withstand sun, salt, and moisture.

  • Wicker, teak, and synthetic wicker are great outdoor furniture materials that resist fading and mildew. Look for pieces with weather-resistant cushions in sunny colors.
  • Aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel hold up to coastal conditions. Powder-coated metals add durability.
  • Opt for built-in seating on the deck like benches, bars, and banquettes. These withstand weather better than standalone pieces.
  • Choose durable, marine-grade fabrics like Sunbrella for cushions and pillows. Acrylic and olefin fabrics resist fading.
  • Use waterproof covers to protect furniture when not in use.

Create a Relaxing Outdoor Living Space

Your deck or patio should include comfy seating, shade, and surfaces for dining and lounging.

  • Arrange sectionals, sofas, and chairs around a coffee table to create a living room-like hangout.
  • Add side tables for setting down drinks and books. Use nesting tables to save space.
  • Install an outdoor ceiling fan for cooling breezes.
  • Provide shade with an umbrella or retractable awning over seating areas.
  • For dining, choose a weather-resistant table big enough for gatherings. Complete with stackable chairs.
  • Place a hammock or porch swing for afternoon naps.

Select Durable, Coastal-Style Outdoor Decor

The right outdoor accents will give your space a relaxed, beachy vibe. Look for decor made to handle sun, wind, and rain.

  • Use outdoor pillows in bright colors and patterns to add flair to furniture.
  • Add ** hurricane lamps, lanterns,** and string lights for ambiance after dark. Use solar options.
  • Display ceramic, metal, or concrete planters with local greenery. Avoid delicate materials.
  • Choose rugs made of woven, synthetic fibers. Cotton rugs will mildew.
  • For artwork, opt for metal wall hangings or ceramic garden plaques. Avoid canvas prints.
  • Place a weatherproof storage box on the deck for towel storage.

Pick Flooring That Can Stand Up to Sandy Feet

At a beach house, flooring really takes a beating. Select materials designed to handle sand, water and heavy traffic from people coming in off the beach.

  • For decks, composite decking withstands weather better than real wood. Go for a lightly textured finish.
  • Concrete and stone pavers make an elegant yet practical patio surface. Allow for drainage between pavers.
  • Inside, choose porcelain or ceramic tile flooring. The dense surface prevents stains and damage.
  • Opt for low-pile sisal or seagrass carpets that won’t show sand or moisture.
  • Use coir, jute or vinyl mats at entryways to trap sand before it’s tracked inside.

Choose Furniture Built to Tolerate Sandy Relaxation

Your beach house furniture will need to put up with wet swimsuits and sandy feet. Pick casual, durable indoor pieces.

  • Select outdoor-style fabrics like denim, canvas, rattan and performance fabrics which resist moisture and stains.
  • Cover sofas and chairs with machine-washable slipcovers for easy cleaning after messy beach days.
  • Choose wood furniture frames made from teak, mahogany or eucalyptus which tolerate moisture. Avoid unfinished wood.
  • Opt for sleeper sofas and ** Murphy beds** for extra overnight guests. Look for moisture-resistant mattresses.
  • Use plastic, leather or metal stools around a kitchen island which are easy to wipe clean.
  • Place washable area rugs over wood floors to protect them from sand and dampness.

Install Window Treatments That Allow Light In and Keep Heat Out

Window treatments are both decorative and functional in a beach house. Choose options that filter light and lower energy costs.

  • Use wood blinds to control light and airflow while complementing coastal decor.
  • Hang light linen or cotton curtains to filter sunlight while allowing views and breezes.
  • Install exterior roll shutters to provide privacy, block harsh sun and secure home during storms.
  • Choose light colors to help reflect heat away from the home.
  • Allow for optimal airflow and cooling cross-breezes with adjustable hardware.
  • Look for moisture-resistant materials like synthetic blends and wood alternatives such as faux wood blinds.

Opt for Beachy Lighting Fixtures

Your lighting choices should complement your coastal scheme while providing ample illumination.

  • Use nautical lanterns for pendant lighting. Opt for rust-resistant metals or painted finishes.
  • Try woven lampshades in beachy textures and colors for table and floor lamps.
  • Install ceiling fans with lighting on porches and patios. Choose damp-rated fixtures.
  • Use sconces flanking beds, mirrors and art for ambiance. Pick sealed, moisture-proof fixtures.
  • Swap out recessed lights for sealed can lights in moist areas like baths and laundry rooms.
  • Place strip lighting under cabinets to provide work light in the kitchen. Choose damp or wet location strips.

Select Faucets and Fixtures That Flow Freely

With high humidity and moisture, choosing the right kitchen and bath fixtures prevents corrosion and sticking.

  • Opt for stainless steel rather than chrome or brass faucets and fixtures which resist rust.
  • Install lever-style handles on faucets and showers rather than knob handles which are easier to grip when wet.
  • Choose self-draining shower heads which prevent mineral buildup from hard water.
  • Equip showers and tubs with slip-resistant textures to avoid falls when surfaces are wet.
  • Select automatic faucets and touchless soap dispensers for kitchens and baths to improve hygiene.
  • Ensure all fixtures carry water and rust warranties of 5 years or more for peace of mind.

Pick Coastal-Inspired Colors and Textures

From paints to fabrics, select colors and textures reminiscent of the beach. Cool blues, greens and grays work well.

  • For major surfaces like walls, stick to light neutrals like soft gray, beige and ivory which keep things bright and relaxed.
  • Use textured wallpaper with subtle patterns like shells or sea glass for unique coastal accent walls.
  • Choose weathered, driftwood-style wood finishes and bleached woods for furniture and floors.
  • Incorporate nautical stripes and marine-inspired prints on pillows, curtains and upholstery.
  • Add tactile interest with woven textures like jute rugs and lampshades in natural fibers.
  • Paint or stain built-ins like bookshelves in shades of ocean blue and sea green to accentuate the coastal scheme.

Select Hardware That Can Take Some Rust

When it comes to handles and pulls in a coastal home, opt for hardware styles that shrug off moisture.

  • Use cabinet hardware finished in matte black, rubbed bronze or brushed nickel rather than polished chrome which shows rust.
  • For a nautical look, try galvanized metal or pewter handles and pulls with subtle metal patinas.
  • Choose wooden knobs made from moisture-resistant teak or eucalyptus wood for doors and cabinets.
  • Opt for leather drawer pulls that gain character as they age, rather than corroding over time.
  • Install quartz or solid surface counteredges with an integrated handle profile rather than metal edging.
  • Weatherproof outdoor hardware by coating with a protective sealer annually.


Creating a relaxing, coastal feel in your beach home starts with choosing durable, weather-resistant materials suited to seaside living. Focus first on outdoor living areas, then move indoors selecting casual furnishings and accents that shrug off moisture and sand. Keep things light and breezy with coastal-inspired colors and finishes. With the right furnishings and fixtures, you’ll have a low-maintenance beach house where you can kick back and enjoy simple seaside living.