Kitchen organization is key to having an efficient and functional cooking space. With so many items to store – from food staples to pots, pans, and small appliances – it can be challenging to keep your kitchen tidy. However, with some clever storage solutions, you can maximize every inch of space. We’ve compiled some of our favorite kitchen organization ideas to help you get inspired.

Use Lid Organizers

Lids always seem to get jumbled up in a drawer on their own. Get them neat and organized with a lid organizer. Vertical organizers that stand inside a cabinet or drawer are great for keeping round lids of various sizes sorted. For rectangular container lids, look for a horizontal organizer that neatly stacks them. Labeling the lids makes it even easier to put them back correctly.

Install Drawer Dividers

One of the best ways to organize kitchen drawers is with removable dividers. They instantly create compartments for separating utensils, cutlery, gadgets and more. Dividers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials – like wood, acrylic and metal – to suit any drawer. For deep drawers, consider using two levels of dividers to break up the space further. Add custom labels to the front of each divider for an organized look.

Take Advantage of Blind Corner Cabinets

The space in blind corner cabinets often gets neglected. Make use of this hidden space with lazy susans or other specialized hardware to create accessible storage. Lazy susans allow you to spin the entire shelving unit to easily access items at the back. For blind cabinet corners, you can also install pull-out shelving, which brings the space out where you can see everything.

Use Over-the-Cabinet Organizers

Don’t let the space above your cabinets go to waste. This is prime real estate for storing items that you don’t use often or need much access too. Keep baking sheets, roasting pans, extra serving platters and more overhead and out of the way with organizers that mount to the underside of wall cabinets. Look for over-the-cabinet organizers made of metal, plastic or glass that best suit your needs.

Organize Pantry Shelving

Maximize vertical storage space in your pantry with extra shelving units. Install floor-to-ceiling shelving racks to take advantage of all available space. Use shelves of different heights to accommodate large appliances and taller items. Rotate your most-used ingredients and foods to eye level shelves for quick access. Use hanging wall racks or over-the-door storage to stash extras.

Optimize Drawers with Utensil Organizers

Utensil organizers make it easy to neatly arrange cutlery, gadgets, tools and more in drawers. Choose an organizer with plenty of compartments for separation. Some have removable dividers so you can customize the configuration. Bamboo, acrylic, mesh and other materials all work well. For odd-shaped utensils, look for an organizer with a special slot for tools like pizza cutters and large knives.

Store Spices in Racks

Keep your spice collection organized by storing spices in wall-mounted or countertop racks. Horizontal racks are great above your stove or on backsplashes. Vertically-oriented racks save space on your countertop. Choose racks with angled shelves so you can easily read spice labels. Racks with drawer compartments are ideal for housing loose spices and prevent spills. Use hooks to hang utensils like wooden spoons right from the racks.

Hide Trash Cans in Cabinet Pull-Outs

Get trash, compost and recycling bins out of sight – and out of your way – by storing them in pull-out cabinet organizers. Look for cabinet organizers that allow you to mount trash cans sideways and pull them out when needed from below the sink or another base cabinet. Some have two or three bins side-by-side. The units fully extend from the cabinet on smooth-glide hardware.

Employ Pull-Out Pantry Storage

Take advantage of every inch of pantry space with pull-out cabinet organizers. DIY kits are available to add pull-out shelving to existing cabinets. Or you can have pantry pull outs professionally installed for a custom look. The pull-out shelves bring items at the back of the cabinet right to your fingertips. Consider pull-outs of different widths appropriate for pantry goods or small appliances.

Add Tiered Storage Racks

Multi-tiered shelves are useful for stacking and organizing anything from spices and canned goods to cleaning supplies. The vertical shelves allow you to store more items in the footprint of just one shelf. Look for sturdy racks with 3 to 5 tiers and adjustable shelves. Spinning units make items on all levels accessible. Racks mounted to walls or inside cabinets keep items organized and up off the counters.

Undermount Sinks to Maximize Space

One way to get a little extra counter space in a small kitchen is to install an undermount sink. With an undermount sink, the rim of the sink is mounted underneath the countertop edge, creating a smooth transition from counter to sink. This allows you to slide items from the counter right into the sink. The extra inch or two of space it saves can make a surprising difference.

Opt for Retractable Power Cords

Keep countertops clutter-free by storing small appliances like stand mixers in cabinets or on shelves. Retractable power cords allow you to conveniently keep appliances plugged in but out of sight. Look for extra-long retractable cords that give you flexibility to pull an appliance out from a shelf or cabinet temporarily while still keeping it powered on.

Add In-Cabinet Knife Blocks

In-drawer and in-cabinet knife blocks are great space savers, keeping knives organized and out-of-sight but still easily accessible. Many models are designed to mount inside cabinet doors or drawers. Others fit neatly into a corner inside cabinets or slide into existing drawers. Choose one that fits your knives and available space.

Use S-Hooks for Pot Lids

Keep pot lids neatly organized and in easy reach by hanging them from s-hooks inside a cabinet. Mount a rod across the inside of a lower cabinet. Screw hooks into the underside and hang lids through their handles. Position the rod a little lower than the cabinet shelf above so lids nestle in neatly when not in use. Label the hooks for even easier lid identification.

Install Pegboards for Easy Access

Pegboard makes an incredibly useful backsplash material or cabinet door insert for hanging kitchen tools. Arrange hooks, baskets and shelving as needed to neatly store utensils, pots and pans. Customize spaces for large knives, cutting boards, paper towel rolls and frequently used ingredients. Paint pegboards to match cabinetry or leave natural for an eclectic look.

Dedicate Drawers for Table Linens

Round up all of those mismatched napkins, placemats, tablecloths and other dining textiles and contain them to one or two drawers. Use drawer dividers to neatly stack linens, folds them KonMari-style or just stuff them in – whatever keeps them organized! Add hooks to the outside of the drawer to hang aprons, towels or potholders you want to keep close by.

Utilize Magnetic Knife Bars

Free up space in your knife block by mounting some knives magnetically. Magnetic knife bars or strips keep knives organized, accessible and easy to remove while clearing up drawer or countertop space. Look for sturdy magnetic strips that mount securely on walls. Make sure they are strong enough to hold heavier knives horizontally without slipping.

Maximize Cabinet Space with Tension Rods

Add extra storage space between cabinets with adjustable-width tension rods. Look for sturdy steel rods that expand to fit snugly across your unique cabinet opening. Use them horizontally to stack food storage containers, cutting boards, trays, baking sheets and other flat items that typically crowd shelves. Place them vertically to hang utensils, linens and more.

Use Undershelf Baskets for Display

Wire, mesh or fabric baskets that mount to the underside of shelves or cabinets keep items visible and within reach. They’re perfect for showcasing fruits and vegetables, spices, or anything you want to have quick access to. Mount them just below eye level for convenience. Label undershelf baskets to keep like items organized together. For a finished look, choose baskets that coordinate with your cabinetry.

Integrate Dish Storage in Cabinets

Dedicate space for dishes, glasses and other dinnerware inside cabinets to get them up off counters. Mounting shallow shelves about the height of stacked plates inside a base cabinet creates ready-to-grab dish storage. For stemware, look for wall-mounted metal wine glass racks. For a more concealed look, install them inside a cabinet with glass doors.

Use Interlocking Modular Storage

Interlocking, modular storage bins let you custom-configure drawer and cabinet organizers. Look for plastic bins with removable dividers that allow you to personalize compartments. Modular bins are great for organizing food storage lids and containers, cleaning products, spices, craft supplies, toys and more. Bins neatly stack and connect, so you can reconfigure them as needed.

Store Appliances in Roll-Out Trays

Make small appliances more accessible – and counters less cluttered – by keeping them in rolling trays that store neatly in lower cabinets. Look for sturdy trays wide enough to hold your blender, toaster, stand mixer or food processor that can be rolled in and out of base cabinets with ease. Some come with non-slip liners or vertical dividers for upright storage as well.

Opt for Slide-Out Cabinet Shelves

Slide-out shelves allow you to pull what’s stored at the back of cabinets right out to you with just a touch – no more climbing and reaching! Install side-mounted hardware kits that let you easily retrofit your existing cabinets with shelves that fully extend. This maximizes usable space, making cabinets up to 50% more efficient.

Utilize Vertical Space with Wall-Mounted Racks

Take advantage of vertical wall space for getting pans, cutting boards, baking sheets and other bulky kitchen gear off counters by storing them on wall-mounted racks. Choose open racks or enclosed cabinets mounts with hooks at various heights for custom storage. Opt for sturdy metal racks that can handle some weight. Make sure they mount securely.

Hang Pots and Pans on Ceiling Racks

Gain storage space by hanging pots, pans and colanders from ceiling-mounted racks. Rising high over the cabinets or island, ceiling racks keep bulky cookware out of the way but still conveniently reachable. Look for racks with multiple adjustable chains or hooks to accommodate different sizes. Ensure they mount sturdily to hold plenty of weight.

Store Spices on Wall-Mounted Shelves

Free up drawer and cabinet space for other items by displaying spices attractively on wall-mounted shelves. Mount sleek floating shelves about eye-level on a wall or inside upper cabinet doors to keep spices organized and easily accessible as you cook. Arrange spices alphabetically or group them by type – whatever makes them easiest for you to find!

Add Kitchen Cabinet Extensions

Can’t fit everything in your existing cabinets? Cabinet extenders mounted on top of wall cabinets add vertical storage without taking up counter space below. Extenders come in various materials like wood, metal and glass. Opt for ones with adjustable shelving to customize configurations. Use extenders to stash items not used daily or small appliances.

Make Use of Toe-Kick Storage

Take advantage of the empty cavity under your cabinets and build pull-out storage into the toe kick space. DIY options include everything from a slide-out plywood shelves to custom cabinetry-matching drawers. Toe-kick storage is great for housing cleaning supplies, trash bags, plastic wrap and other items you only occasionally need access to.

Install Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holders

Free up precious counter space by getting the paper towel holder up off the counters. Wall-mounted paper towel holders keep this kitchen necessity handy but don’t take up room sitting on the counter. Look for holders that allow you to tear off sheets one-handed. For a finished look, choose one that matches your cabinet hardware.

Designate Small Appliance Storage

Contain clutter from small appliances by dedicating a drawer, cabinet, or shelf unit just for their storage. Store blenders, food processors and mixers upright in a shallow drawer or cabinet with dividers. Roll appliances in and out on a pull-out tray. Designate upper cabinets or shelving just for electric cooking gadgets like air fryers and pressure cookers.

Use Dishtowels for Handle-Free Drawers

Cabinet drawers without hardware can be hard to open easily. Wrap colorful dishtowels around shallow cabinet drawers to create handy handle pulls. Choose towels with hanging loops to easily wrap around drawer fronts or secure them with embellishments like buttons. Not only are they functional but they also add a pop of pattern and texture!

Organize Pot Lids in Drawer Organizers

Pots without their matching lids are practically useless! Corral loose lids in a drawer organizer to keep them from getting jumbled up and lost. Look for an organizer with angled slots wide enough for pot lids of various diameters. Or keep round lids tidy in one that has adjustable dividers to create the perfect sized openings.

Mount Dish Racks Inside Cabinets

Dish drying racks take up precious counter space. Solve this by installing them inside base cabinets near the sink. Look for wall-mounted, two-tier racks sized to fit within your sink base cabinetry. Dishes drain and dry out of sight but still conveniently close to the sink. For a DIY option, mount a stainless steel drying rack directly to cabinet sides.

Hide Counter Clutter in Stylish Canisters

Keep food staples like flour, sugar and oats looking fresh and organized by storing them in canisters. Countertop canisters in ceramic, glass, stainless steel or other materials add style while hiding not-so-pretty boxes. Select ones with rubber-sealed lids for pantry goods prone to drawing bugs or going stale after opening.

Use Bag Dispensers to Contain Plastic Wrap

Dispensers keep plastic wrap, foil, wax paper and other kitchen roll goods organized, protected and easy to access. Wall mount dispensers or choose countertop canister styles. Look for dispensers that neatly store and seal up to full-size boxes. Cutting blades make tearing off wrapping sheets fast. Some dispensers even auto-cut sheets to size.

Store Bakeware in a Sliding Cabinet Unit

Bulky bakeware like muffin tins, cake pans and cooling racks take up a lot of cabinet space. Store it efficiently in a vertical sliding cabinet unit. The vertical design doubles storage capacity. Simply give sheets or pans a slide to pull them straight out. Install them as stand-alone units or integrated into cabinetry. Labels make finding the right pans easy.

Use Rail Systems for Upper Cabinets

Install adjustable rail systems in base cabinets to take advantage of vertical storage for taller items. The rails allow you to customize shelf heights around objects you need to store. Useful for upright storage of baking sheets, cutting boards, trays and other items, rails systems let you access items without unpacking the whole cabinet.

Hang Coffee Mugs from Utility Hooks

Utility hooks mounted to the underside of cabinets create handy storage for mugs, utensils or anything else you want quick access to. Look for adhesive hooks strong enough to hold some weight. Space hooks evenly and arrange mugs together by size or color for a polished look. Try grouping other items like spatulas or dishtowels separately.

Store Extra Serving Pieces in Serving Cart

Handy serving carts tucked into corners are great for stowing extra serving platters, bowls and other special occasion tableware. Look for carts sized to fit available space with storage like shelves, drawers or cabinets. Use one with a butcher block top as extra counter space. Locking wheels allow you to smoothly roll it out when needed.

Add a Hanging Fruit Basket for Ready-to-Grab Snacks

Keep fresh fruits and vegetables within easy reach by storing them in a hanging basket. Wall-mounted baskets save space while keeping healthy snacks readily accessible – especially convenient for kids to grab themselves. Look for baskets sized suitably for your space with breathable woven textures. Position it within reach of little hands.

Use Interchangeable Shelves for a Custom Pantry

Adjustable pantry shelving optimizes vertical storage and allows you to customize spaces to fit your goods. Look for units with removable, interchangeable shelves that can be arranged to accommodate any item – from tall bottles to short spice jars. Easy to install systems bend to your unique storage needs as they change.

Organize Recipes and Clippings in Bar Boxes

Vintage bar boxes repurposed as pull-out drawer organizers are perfect for storing recipes clippings, coupons and other paper goods. Just add caster wheels and pull bar boxes in and out of base cabinets with ease. The petite drawers keep recipe cards and papers neatly filed. Style them to match your decor with paint or contact paper.

Display Pretzel Jars for Snacks

Clear glass jars make great canisters for dry pretzels and snacks – and show them off! Keep jars stocked and attractively displayed together on a shelf or countertop. Opt for glass jars with rubber gaskets and clasps or swing-top lids to seal in freshness. Label jars for quick snack identification. Refill empty ones with bulk snacks.

Install Mini Shelving Inside Cabinet Doors

Take advantage of the vertical space inside cabinet doors with mounted shelves. The mini shelves create a convenient landing spot for oils, spices and other oft-used flavor enhancers. Look for metal utility shelves sized to fit standard cabinet doors. Make sure they mount securely and don’t inhibit door opening.

Organize Food Storage Containers in a Caddy

Corral all those plastic food storage containers in a handy caddy. Look for caddies sized to neatly hold your collection of lids and containers – available in round, square or rectangular shapes. Some feature removable dividers so you can customize compartments. Caddy handles make it easy to tote around the kitchen.

Use a Base Cabinet as a Mixer Garage

Give a large stand mixer a home in its own cabinet for easy access and to free up counter space. Install shelves inside a base cabinet to store your stand mixer and accessories like bowl lifts. Custom closets even have a fold-down mixer workstation. Roll mixer in and out on casters or a