Dip dyeing is a fun and trendy way to add a pop of color to your hair. It creates an ombre effect by only dyeing the ends of your locks. Dip dyeing allows you to experiment with vivid colors without fully committing to a dramatic hair makeover. It’s easy to try this look at home!

Getting Started with Dip Dyeing

Before you break out the hair dye, consider these tips:

Determine How Much You Want to Dye

Do you want to dip dye just the tips or go for a more dramatic look halfway up your hair? This will determine how long you need to section off your hair before applying the dye. For subtle ombre ends, aim for the bottom 2-4 inches only. Go for 6 inches or more for a bold half-head effect.

Choose a Semi-Permanent Dye

Stick with semi- or demi-permanent dyes for dip dyeing. They gradually wash out over 4-8 weeks, allowing you to switch up colors. Permanent dyes won’t fade out as seamlessly. Avoid temporary rinse-out dyes as they don’t absorb well into your ends.

Consider Bleaching First

For vivid colors to show up properly, pale blonde or pre-lightened ends are best. If your natural hair is dark, bleach the section you want to dip dye before coloring. This allows the fun hue to really pop!

Protect Your Skin and Clothes

Always wear the plastic gloves included with dye kits. You’ll also want to cover your shoulders with an old towel or t-shirt. Dye can stain both skin and clothing, so take precautions!

How to Dip Dye Your Tips

Follow these steps for flawless dip dyed ends:

Start with Clean, Dry Hair

Shampoo your hair the day before to remove oils and product buildup. Let your locks fully air dry before dip dyeing so the color adheres well.

Section Off the Ends

Use clips to section off the bottom portion of your hair that you want to dip dye. Avoid disturbing or repositioning this section once separated.

Apply Petroleum Jelly

Coat the hair above the separated section with petroleum jelly. This acts as a barrier to protect the rest of your hair from the dye.

Prepare the Dye

Mix your chosen semi-permanent hair color following the brand’s instructions. Wear gloves and shake or stir the dye thoroughly before use.

Saturate the Ends

While keeping the top section clipped up, saturate your ends with the prepared dye, applying it evenly from root to tip.

Process and Rinse

After fully coating the ends, set a timer for the brand’s recommended processing time. Rinse until the water runs clear. Avoid getting the rest of your hair wet.

Style as Usual

Once dyed, style as normal. Air dry or blow dry on low heat. The dip dyed ends add fun color while the rest blends naturally!

Creative Dip Dye Styling Ideas

Once you’ve mastered the basic dip dye technique, get creative with these cool styling ideas:


Intertwine small braids into your ombre ends for a boho vibe. The mix of braided and loose dip dyed strands is super cute.

Top Knot Bun

Pull your locks up into a messy top knot bun, leaving the dyed tips out to show off the pop of color.

Half Up, Half Down

Go for a half up, half down ‘do, gathering just the top section while letting the dip dyed portion flow free.

Textured Waves

Add beachy waves with a curling iron or sea salt spray. Textured ends show off beautiful blended ombre hues.

High Ponytail

Secure a sleek high pony to put all the focus on your brightly colored ends in back.

Braided Pigtails

Divide hair into two pigtails, then loosely braid each one. Fun dip dyed tips peek through the braids.


Tie your hair up with colorful scrunchies that complement your dip dyed ends.

Headbands and Barrettes

Accessories like headwraps, bandanas, and barrettes pop against dip dyed strands.

Low Bun

For an elegant look, sweep all your locks into a low bun or chignon, keeping ends exposed.

Best Hair Colors for Dip Dyeing

Dip dyeing allows you to get creative with fun, vivid shades. Here are top color ideas to try:

  • Pink – From soft pastel to bold hot pink, pink perfectly complements brunettes and blondes.
  • Purple – Deep eggplant or ash lavender hair looks dreamy dip dyed. Purple pops on pale blondes.
  • Blue – Ocean blue or night sky blue ombre ends add an edgy twist. Electric blue is vibrant on light hair.
  • Red – Go for rich cherry red or orangey copper to dip dye your strands. Red looks amazing with warm brunette tones.
  • Green – Emerald, seafoam or neon lime green ends make a bold statement. Green dazzles on bleached platinum hair.
  • Rainbow – For the adventurous, dye each strand a different vibrant hue! Rainbow looks incredible dip dyed.

Maintaining Your Dip Dyed Locks

To keep your hair looking freshly dip dyed, follow these tips:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and cold water to wash, as hot water fades color faster.
  • Shampoo less often, just 2-3 times per week, to extend the vibrancy of your ends.
  • Apply a weekly conditioning hair mask to moisturize and prevent drying out.
  • Use leave-in conditioner and heat protectant before heat styling to maintain health.
  • Freshen up your dip dye roots every 4-6 weeks as your natural hue starts to show.

So have fun trying dip dyeing! This guide covers all the essentials for rocking beautifully blended ombre ends. Dip dyeing allows you to change up your look without a drastic commitment. Enjoy your pop of color!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dip Dyeing

Here are answers to some common questions about dip dyeing your hair:

Does Dip Dye Damage Hair?

Minimal damage occurs if done correctly using semi-permanent dye on pre-lightened ends. Avoid overlapping lightener or permanent dye on already processed hair.

Can You Dip Dye Short Hair?

Yes, dip dye works beautifully on short styles! For pixies and bobs, opt for a subtle look dyeing just the bottom inch or two.

How Long Does Dip Dye Last?

On average, a dip dyed style lasts 4-8 weeks before fading, depending on hair type. Touch up the roots every 1-2 months to maintain vibrancy.

How Do You Fix Uneven Dip Dye?

If your ombre grows out uneven, you can neaten it up by re-bleaching the line of demarcation and dip dyeing again. Use a tinting brush for small touch ups.

Does Dip Dye Work on Natural Hair?

Absolutely! Pre-lighten just the section of curls or coils you want to dip dye. Vibrant dyes show up best on lightened natural hair. Focus color on the ends only.

Can Guys Do Dip Dye?

Dip dyeing adds a stylish touch of color to men’s short or long hair. Focus the dyed tips towards the neck and sides, avoiding the top hair, for a more natural look.

So dip dyeing is an awesome way for anyone to experiment with fun hair color! Start with these tips and enjoy your fresh, fabulous ombre locks.