Bedroom books can be a fun and creative way to decorate and personalize your sleeping space. From DIY projects to stylish displays, there are many novel ways to incorporate books into your bedroom design.

Use Books As Nightstand Decor

The bedside table is the perfect spot to showcase your favorite reads. Try arranging a stack of books, alternating directions and colors for visual interest. Or, lay a large coffee table book flat and use it as a platform for lamps and other decor. For a cohesive look, repeat the same book stack or display on both nightstands.

Some other nightstand book decor ideas include:

  • Displaying a collection of vintage books or novels by a favorite author. Mix with objects like flowers or candles for a vignette.
  • Placing a few colorful books upright against the wall behind the nightstand. This looks great with patterned or textured book spines.
  • Leaning a ladder against the wall and filling each rung with books. Complement with artwork above.
  • Setting a bowl, vase or tray on the nightstand and neatly stacking books inside.

Make A Headboard Bookcase

Turn the wall behind your bed into a practical book storage and display area. Attach shelving units or bookcases directly onto the wall to make a headboard bookcase. Consider materials like wood crates, boxes, floating shelves or ladder bookshelves.

Decorate your new bookcase headboard with:

  • Framed photos, art prints or mirrors mixed with books.
  • Bookends, plants and other accessories on the shelves.
  • Cozy lighting like a sconce or lamp.
  • A basket or bowl for storing items like chargers and remotes.

Leave space to lean larger pillows and cushions against the wall. This creates a comfy reading nook in your bed.

Craft Book Page Art

Create budget-friendly wall art using the pages inside old books. Some ideas include:

Book Page Wall Flowers

  • Cut pages into flower shapes and affix onto canvas to make a floral wall collage.

Book Page Garlands

  • String together book pages into garland banners to hang above your bed.

Book Page Letters

  • Use folded book pages to form letters and spell out words like “Read” for bookish wall decor.

Decoupage Book Boxes

  • Adhere book pages to the outside of plain wooden boxes and coat with decoupage medium for a glossy finish. Use as display pieces.

Book Page Wallpaper

  • Cover a canvas, board or entire wall with overlapping pages from vintage book publications.

The abstract designs and text make for artsy wall decoration full of character.

Make DIY Book Covers

Personalize plain hardcover books with your own custom fabric book covers. This is an easy, affordable project for transforming thrift store finds or dull library books.

To make them:

  • Measure the length and width of the book covers. Cut fabric to those dimensions, leaving extra for the inside flaps.
  • Fold the outer edges over and glue or stitch in place.
  • Attach the book cover to the inside front and back covers with glue or double-sided tape.

Choose any fabrics that inspire you, like florals, geometrics or solids in your color scheme. Decorate further with ribbon, bows, buttons or other embellishments. Display these renewed books proudly on shelves!

Use Books In Alternative Ways

Think outside the pages and repurpose old books for functional uses:

  • Hide a Bluetooth speaker inside a vintage encyclopedia to amplify your music in style.
  • Stack large books into makeshift side table or plant stand next to an armchair.
  • Hollow out interior book pages to create secret compartments for storing small treasures.
  • Place books under the legs of a bedside table that wobbles.

With a little creativity, outdated books can be given new life and purpose!

Build Floor To Ceiling Bookcases

For the ultimate bookworm, dedicate an entire wall to floor-to-ceiling shelving packed with books. This makes a striking statement and provides ample storage. Built-in bookcases with classic wood framing look most seamless, but you can also use tall pre-made bookcases or DIY designs.

Consider painting the back wall a bold color to contrast all the book spines. Add a library ladder on a ceiling track for easy access to upper shelves. Include decorative objects between book collections for visual interest. Lighting like pendant lamps or track lighting show off the displays.

Use Book Themed Bedding

Surround yourself in books while you sleep by using bookish bed sheets, duvet covers and pillows. Some options include:

  • Duvet covers printed with library catalog cards, dictionary definitions or pages from novels
  • Literary quote pillows like “So many books, so little time”
  • Sheets covered in vintage book illustrations or black and white text prints
  • Book stack and library theme cushions with applique or embroidery details

-solid bedding in book related colors like navy blue, burgundy, chestnut brown or dark green

Pair these booklover bedclothes with shelves and stacks of real books for a cohesive look.

Display Books On Shelves

The traditional way to show off your book collection is neatly lined on a shelf. Make it interesting by:

  • Mixing and stacking horizontal and vertical books together
  • Layering in bookends, plants and art objects between groups
  • Alternating different heights, depths and textures of books
  • Organizing by color for a rainbow effect
  • Grouping books by category, subject or author
  • Allowing some books to face forward and others backward
  • Letting some books lay flat or lean sideways for movement

The imperfect staggered styling adds visual appeal. Built-in shelving makes the best use of wall space, but you can also use freestanding bookcases or floating wall shelves. Place them bedside, layered above headboards or covering full walls for a library effect.

Book Accessories

Along with the books themselves, decorative book-themed accessories add to the bibliophile style:

  • Book stack doorstops or book pile “end tables”
  • Library card catalog dashboards for holding jewelry and trinkets
  • Faux book storage boxes concealed within real book covers
  • Antique tools like magnifying glasses or eyeglasses for scholarly style
  • Signs like “Silence Please” or book quotes
  • Paper clip chains, definition print pillows or library due date cards

These whimsical touches make books the star. Scatter them around stacked novels, bookcases and book art for a playful bookworm bedroom.

Suspended Book Shelves

Defy gravity and make floating shelf displays with suspended book ledges mounted on the wall or ceiling. Centrally display special collectible books within easy reach. Or mount horizontally above the bed for ultra-convenient access to bedtime reading.

Choose sturdy shelf brackets or rails that can securely hold the weight of books. Add wire or chain to drop shelves at the desired height. Consider an industrial pipe mount for an urban look. Any books can be displayed, but handsome vintage editions and visually striking book spines make the biggest impact.

Making a Book Lover’s Paradise

Book lovers rejoice! There are so many ways to infuse your personal library into your bedroom décor for a space that truly celebrates the written word. Follow these tips and transform your bedroom into a bookworm’s paradise.

Cozy Built-In Shelves

Built-in bookshelves lining the walls create a mini library inside your bedroom. Fill them with favorite books, collections and cozy accents like:

  • Plush throw pillows and reading cushions
  • Bookends, book stacks and decorative objects
  • Tabletop lamps or sconces for bedtime reading lights
  • Framed family photos for a personal touch
  • Potted plants like succulents or air plants

Paint or stain the shelves to match your room’s color palette. Then artfully arrange your books by color, subject or size for a pleasing aesthetic.

Bookcase Headboards

Turn the area behind your bed into a functional bookcase space. Use it to:

  • Store books you’re currently reading within arm’s reach
  • Show off your most prized book collections
  • Exhibit decorative objects, framed photos and artwork
  • Place ambient mood lighting like table lamps

Floating shelf headboards offer contemporary flair, while traditional wood bookcases provide classic appeal. Incorporate book fold pillows and book page art prints to tie the scheme together.

Book Page Wallpaper Accent Wall

Make an artistic statement and display your literary tastes using book pages as wallpaper.

  • Select pages from favorite novels or writing samples
  • Arrange pages in an overlapping collage for texture
  • Adhere to a focal wall using decoupage or removable wallpaper
  • Finish by sealing the pages for protection

This artsy wallpaper lends depth, visual interest and striking texture. Accent with wall sconces, framed quotes and, of course, book collections.

Coordinating Accessories

Tie together your bookish bedroom with coordinating accessories:

  • Book spines lining up on shelves
  • Decorative book stacks on nightstands
  • Vintage library checkout cards in frames
  • Typewriter motif throw pillows
  • Dictionary definition print throw blankets

Repeat bookish motifs, typeface designs and literary themes to reinforce the overall style. Vary textures and aim for an overall collected look to your displays.

Window Reading Nook

Carve out a cozy reading escape right in your bedroom. Transform the space under or by a window into a comfy book nook using:

  • Plush bench seating piled with patterned pillows
  • Side table for books, drinks and storage
  • Floor lamp or sconce for ample reading light
  • Book ledges lining the walls to store reads
  • Window treatments like drapes or blinds for privacy

Seclude yourself away with a stack of books to get lost in. This retreat within your bedroom offers a world of literary adventures.

Displaying Books

When shelving books in your bedroom, opt for eye-catching displays that show off your literary tastes. Here are some attractive ways to artistically arrange your book collection.

Color Coordinate

Group books together by matching colors for a spectrum effect. Try organizing by:

  • Bold primary brights: red, yellow blue
  • Neutral tones: black, white, beige
  • Soft pastels: pink, sage, sky blue
  • Vintage hues: mustard, olive, burnt orange

The color blocks look clean and contemporary. For variety, add stacked novels and decorative objects between.

Alternate Direction

Play with positioning by facing books both vertically and horizontally. The staggered directions add natural movement. Angling books attracts more attention than straight uniform rows.

Mix and Stack

Build height and dimension by stacking books horizontally on top of upright books. Vary the stacks for organic asymmetry. Place on shelves, side tables or floor nooks.

Backwards Books

Flip some books to face spines inward and pages outward for Playful variation. Scatter them randomly throughout displays or group in sections.

By Subject

Organize by content area, like gardening, art history or cookbooks. Use bookends labeled with subject titles to define each section.

By Author

Devotee an entire shelf to beloved authors. Line up all your favorite Agatha Christie mysteries together or Emily Dickinson poetry collections.

By Size

For a clean look, group tomes and novels by height. Extra large coffee table books can be stacked flat, while smaller paperbacks stand vertically. The uniformity looks sharp.

Literary Objects

Work in bookish objects between book titles, like dictionary book boxes, Typewriter motif lamps or library card catalog organizers. These reinforce the book centric theme.

Whether you coordinate by color, subject or size, displaying books artfully makes them decorations in themselves to accent your bedroom.

Bookworm Bedroom Ideas

Bibliophiles rejoice; it’s easy to infuse bookish charm throughout your sleeping space. Here are ways to give your bedroom literary flair.

Clever Nightstand Styling

The bedside table offers convenient surfaces for displaying books with flair:

  • Stack a combination of colorful hardcover and paperback titles
  • Showcase collectible first editions or rare antique books behind glass
  • Select books with fun decorative spines and fonts
  • Tuck in book page flowers, folded book art and origami sculptures

Wallpaper Accent Walls

Use pages from books, sheet music or maps to cover a focal feature wall:

  • Create collages from your favorite novel excerpts
  • Opt for a medieval manuscript or dictionary definition theme
  • Complement with floating shelves to hold treasured books

Custom Bed Canopies

Suspend billowy fabric over the bedframe to construct a peaceful sanctuary. Source inspiration from:

  • Mystical forest scenes straight out of fairy tales
  • Regency era draped four-poster beds for drama
  • Bedouin style textile canopies for exotic flair

Reading Nooks

Carve out cozy corners for curling up with a good book using:

  • Plush window benches surrounded by book ledges
  • A stuffed chair and ottoman alongside towering bookcases
  • Floor pillows and bolsters near magazine racks

Book Labels and Signs

Affix whimsical literary touches like:

  • Customizable marquee letters spelling “Read”
  • Quotes about books hand-lettered onto prints and wall art
  • Mini library checkout cards naming designated reading spaces

Let your book love shine and make your happy place even happier with a bedroom tailored for literary pursuits.

Decorating with Books

From prominent bookshelves to clever tchotchkes, it’s easy to make books the star of your bedroom decor. Here are enchanting ways to showcase books with flair.

Floating Shelves

Mount floating ledges on the wall above the bedframe to display special books. This puts them within arm’s reach for bedtime reading. Stagger floating shelves at varying heights for lots of storage.

Bold Bookshelves

Make floor-to-ceiling built-in bookcases from rich woods like mahogany or walnut. Carve out display nooks to highlight prized books alongside sculptures and greenery. Add library ladders on ceiling tracks for access.

Digital Library

Incorporate e-reader technology by mounting a flatscreen to mimic electronic book spines. Conceal ports and wires for a streamlined look. Display alongside actual books for the best of both worlds.

Stair Steppers

Line books up a staircase or stacked wall ledges to mimic stair steps. Mix sizes and colors for eclectic appeal. Place framed photos and accessories between books.

windowsill Ledges

Install custom built-in shelves along a windowsill bookended by dramatic curtains. Fill the shelves with mini collections for a charming books on display.

Living Art

Select special antique book covers and attach them onto a canvas or framed board. Coat with decoupage medium for added durability and sheen. Group together for bold book art.

Make your books the stars of the show by creatively displaying them as focal features within your overall bedroom design.

Q&A About Book Lovers’ Bedroom Decor Trends

Get tips for infusing bookish charm into your sleeping space with answers to common decorating questions.

What are trending color schemes for book lover bedrooms?

For traditional appeal, opt for scholarly hues like navy blue, chestnut brown, forest green or black. For modern flair, pair bold brights like teal or yellow with crisp white.

What types of shelving work best?

Built-in bookshelves integrated right into the architecture build valuable display space. Freestanding modular bookcases offer flexible room placement. Floating shelves mount books in accessible areas.

How can lighting be incorporated?

Sconces flanking bookcases illuminate titles and accent displays. Pendant lamps above stack stunning visual interest. Strip lighting under shelves creates a cool glow. Table and floor lamps make bedside reading comfortable.

What are ways to decorative objects?

Weave in bookish accents like stacked vintage encyclopedias and atlases, faux library checkout cards, typewriter décor, definition print pillows or chandeliers made from pages.

Should books be arranged by color or subject?

Organize books creatively based on color, subject, author or size. Or artfully stack them at varying angles. Just avoid overly strict Dewey Decimal system perfection for warmth.

How can book pages be used in wall décor?

Collage book pages onto a canvas piece or directly onto the wall for artsy wallpaper. Frame iconic book excerpts as prints. Do decoupage book covers onto boxes or trays for storage.

What are ideas for window reading nooks?

Maximize cozy spots under windows with plush seating, floor lamps, book ledges and window curtains. Or place two wingback chairs together facing a bookshelf for a conversation area.

Infuse literary magic and make any room a bibliophile’s oasis with creative and personalized bookish touches.


With endless possibilities, there are so many novel ways to incorporate books into your bedroom decor. They can be displayed prominently on shelves or used to make eye-catching wall art and accessories. Repurpose old books for functional uses or as beautiful covers for storing treasures.

Select bookish bedding and accessories that reflect your literary tastes. Craft customized covers to give tired tomes new life. Build cozy spots for curling up with a good read. Use your limitless imagination to surround yourself with the books you adore in the peaceful oasis of your bedroom.

So embrace your love of all things bookish! Shelve them creatively, craft compelling decor and make your happy place even happier with an atmosphere that celebrates reading and reminds you to make time for the simple pleasure of getting lost in a good story. Your local library or used bookstore offers a wealth of design possibilities