The new year is a great time to set goals and make plans for home improvement projects. If a bathroom renovation is on your list, there are several resolutions you can make to ensure it goes smoothly and yields the bathroom of your dreams. Here are some new year’s resolutions to consider for your upcoming bathroom remodel.

Set a Realistic Budget

One of the most important steps is deciding on a realistic budget. Bathroom renovations can range drastically in price depending on factors like the size of the space, materials selected, and how much work is being done. Sit down early in the planning process and determine how much you can reasonably afford to spend. Be sure to include not just materials and labor, but also permit fees, contingency funds, and anything else that may come up. This will help you plan a bathroom remodel you can financially handle.

Select Styles and Finishes You’ll Love Long-Term

Bathroom styles and trends come and go, so make smart choices you won’t tire of. Opt for timeless styles and colors like white and neutral tones rather than bold colors you may grow bored of down the road. Also select high-quality, durable materials and finishes built to last, like porcelain tile, solid surface counters, and metal hardware. Choosing finishes and fixtures you’ll enjoy for years to come will make your investment worthwhile.

Create a Layout That Works for Your Needs

Take time to think about how you use your bathroom and what you want from the space. Do you need more storage for towels and toiletries? Would a double vanity make your morning routine easier? Is a walk-in shower better for mobility? Make a list of your needs and how you envision using the new bathroom. This will guide you in laying out the space in a way that works best for your lifestyle.

Improve Accessibility if Needed

As we age, mobility limitations can make navigating a bathroom difficult. If accessibility is a concern for you or other members of your household, address it in the remodel. Grab bars, curbless showers, comfort height toilets and easy-access vanities can help create a bath that adapts to your needs now and in the future.

Focus on Good Ventilation

Nothing ruins a nice bathroom faster than mold and mildew. Be sure your renovation plans include top-notch ventilation. Install a bathroom fan strong enough for the square footage, and don’t skimp on things like exterior venting. This resolution will pay off big time in helping you maintain a moisture-free bath.

Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

One way to make your new bathroom stay looking fresh is to select low-maintenance finishes that are easy to clean and durable. Porcelain tile, solid surface counters, granite, and enameled cast iron tubs are all good options that don’t require special cleaners or sealants. Stay away from high-maintenance finishes like natural stone, wood surfaces, and ornate tile layouts.

Hire Professional Help When Needed

Some homeowners take on their entire bathroom remodel solo as a DIY project. But know when to call in reinforcements. If you’re doing electrical, plumbing or structural work, leave it to the professionals. Their expertise can help the job get done right. Be sure any contractors you hire are licensed, bonded, insured and experienced specifically with bathroom remodels.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Rushing a bathroom renovation often yields disappointing results. Projects almost always take longer than expected. Build lots of cushion into your timeline and expect delays and hiccups along the way. Giving yourself plenty of time will prevent feeling rushed and allow you to handle any issues without cutting corners.

Have Realistic Expectations

It’s easy to get carried away dreaming about your new bathroom. But remember, it’s still just a bath. Keep expectations realistic about elements like space, function and aesthetics. With good planning, it may look like a spa. But understand going in that limitations exist, and you can avoid disappointment.

Following these new year’s resolutions can help make your dream bathroom remodel a success. What are your goals and plans for upgrading your bathroom in the coming year? Let us know if we can help turn your resolutions into reality!

Frequently Asked Questions About New Year’s Resolutions for Bathroom Renovations

Here are some common questions homeowners have when setting new year’s resolutions for a bathroom remodel project:

How much should I budget for a bathroom renovation?

On average, expect to spend $10,000-20,000 for a midrange bathroom remodel. High-end renos with luxury finishes can run $25,000-$45,000+. Factors like size, materials and labor influence cost. Set a realistic budget to avoid overspending.

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

The timeline varies, but plan on 2-3 months for a full bathroom gut renovation. Smaller facelifts can take 4-6 weeks. Allow ample time in your schedule, since delays commonly occur.

Should I remodel just what’s outdated or do a full renovation?

That depends on your goals. If layout and structure are sound, you can probably refresh just surfaces like tile and paint. But if you want significant layout changes, like moving plumbing fixtures, a full gut reno is often best.

Should I DIY or hire a contractor?

For complex work like plumbing and electrical, hire pros. But minor cosmetic updates like paint and decor can easily be DIYed. Find the balance that works for your skills and budget.

How do I choose finishes and fixtures that stand the test of time?

Stick to classic styles and neutral colors. Materials like porcelain, natural stone, metal and solid wood are good long-term options. Quality is important for durability too.

What design trends should I avoid?

Steer clear of bold patterns and colors that you may tire of quickly. Things like intricate tile layouts, bright hues, and ornate trim work can feel dated faster. Keep it simple and classic.

How can I add storage without taking up space?

Built-in shelving, cupboards and drawers can hold a lot without consuming space. Also consider going vertical with medicine cabinets and floating shelves. Under-sink storage helps too.

What are key areas not to cut corners on?

Never skimp on plumbing, ventilation, waterproofing or electrical. Hiring true professionals for this work is essential for function and safety.


Planning a successful bathroom renovation starts with making practical new year’s resolutions. Give yourself plenty of time, stick to budgets, create a layout that matches your needs, select durable and low-maintenance finishes, and know when to hire help. Following these and other prudent resolutions will help make your bathroom remodel dreams a reality in the new year.