Making the most of a small bathroom space can seem daunting, but with some clever design ideas you can create a functional and stylish room. In this article, we’ll look at space-saving solutions in 3 real-world small bathrooms. Discover how these homeowners made smart choices with layout, storage, and decor to maximize their compact quarters. With some strategic thinking and dual-purpose pieces, you can transform your own petite bath into a relaxing oasis.

Clever Layout Ideas

Careful planning of the layout and fixtures is key to opening up a small bath. Consider these tips to make the most of the existing footprint:

Optimize Traffic Flow

  • Place fixtures in a logical sequence that allows for natural movement in and out of the bath. For example, situate the toilet near the door for easy access.
  • Avoid cluttering the central area. Place frequently used items like towels within easy reach but out of main circulation routes.
  • Use pocket doors or curtains rather than swing doors whenever possible. This preserves precious floorspace.
  • Install a corner sink or a pedestal sink to save space. Wall-mount faucets also open up counter area.

Use Alcoves

  • Tuck narrow shelves into unused alcoves to hold toiletries.
  • Build out a recessed cubby around plumbing fixtures to gain storage for towels and supplies.
  • Turn the area behind a pedestal sink into a cabinet for stowing hairdryers, curling irons, etc.

Borrow Space

  • Extend storage from adjacent rooms like linen closets or wardrobes.
  • Borrow floorspace from a hallway or bedroom to expand the bath’s dimensions.
  • Remove non-load-bearing walls to create one continuous space.

Storage Solutions

No matter how tiny the bath, you can create designated storage with these savvy ideas:

Optimize Under Sink

  • Install pull-out drawers to fully utilize the voids under a sink.
  • Use stackable containers to separate and organize toiletries. Label with photos/icons for easy identification.
  • Mount a swing-out trays or baskets under the sink to access items quickly.

Make Use of Walls

  • Hang a floor-to-ceiling bath cabinet with shelves and hooks for towels and toiletries.
  • Use wall-mounted racks or geometric displays for rolled towels and toilet paper.
  • Install towel warmers on walls to free up floorspace while warming linens.

Multitask Furnishings

  • Look for a vanity with drawers and open shelving for toiletries.
  • Select a medicine cabinet that doubles as a mirror for a dual purpose piece.
  • Use the tank top as display space for decorative items and practical items like extra toilet paper.
  • Mount corner shelving in the shower to hold bottles while saving floor space.

Design Ideas

Small baths still deserve great style. Apply these tips to create a relaxing, spa-like oasis:

Visually Expand Space

  • Use wall-to-wall mirrors to double the sense of space and light.
  • Paint the walls and ceiling the same pale hue to make the room feel larger.
  • Install glass shower doors to maintain an airy, open vibe.

Keep Things Streamlined

  • Limit patterned fabrics and opt for solid shower curtains and towels.
  • Choose sleek fittings like rain showerheads over bulky, ornate styles.
  • Edit down accessories to the essentials so surfaces don’t get cluttered.

Infuse Serene Touches

  • Incorporate natural, soothing materials like stone and wood.
  • Display fresh flowers, candles, and greenery for a spa ambiance.
  • Play soft background music and use calming scents to relax the mood.


What are some good sinks for small bathrooms?

Wall-mounted, pedestal, and vessel sinks take up minimal space. Look for compact styles around 15-20 inches wide. Corner sinks can also be an option for unusual footprints.

What type of tile works best in a small bath?

Larger tiles like 12×24 inch subway tile can make a petite bath feel more expansive. Avoid busy patterns and opt for light, plain tiles to keep things soothing.

Are barn doors good for small baths?

Barn doors are great space-savers since they don’t require any clearance space. Choose sliding doors wherever possible. They can be customized with different materials like wood, frosted glass, or metal.

What lighting is best for a small bathroom?

Wall sconces, recessed can lights, and decorative pendants open up a small bath visually. Put lights on dimmers so you can adjust the ambiance. Natural light also helps a compact bath feel more airy.

What flooring material is best for small bathrooms?

Porcelain or ceramic tile is most practical for water-prone areas like baths. Select large tiles with minimal grout lines for a seamless look that expands the space. Mosaic patterns tend to make rooms feel smaller.

Should I get a separate tub and shower?

In a very petite bath, a tub/shower combo may be the better choice to save space. But if you have room, a distinct shower and soaking tub can make the space more useful and luxurious.


There are endless possibilities when optimizing a small bath. With inventive storage solutions, a thoughtful layout, and some decor tricks, even the most modest footprint can be transformed. Focus on maximizing every inch, streamlining the look, and enhancing natural light. Before undertaking any major renovations, always consult with a qualified professional to ensure proper planning. Get inspired by these savvy small-bath ideas and create your own perfectly petite retreat.