A powder room is a small space, but it can make a dramatic design statement. This week we’re looking at eight powder rooms that are anything but boring. From bold colors and patterns to unique materials and eye-catching features, these powder rooms pack a stylish punch.

Embrace Bold Colors

One way to create an exciting powder room is to paint the walls in a vibrant, saturated hue. Bold colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red instantly energize a space.

Here are some tips for using bold colors effectively in a powder room:

  • Stick to one colorful wall as an accent. Painting all four walls in a bold shade can be overwhelming in a small space.
  • Add contrast with neutral colors. Balance the vibrant walls with white or black accents and natural wood tones.
  • Use high-gloss paint for maximum impact. The sheen helps reflect light around the room.
  • Pair with metallic fixtures for extra pop. Brass, gold, and silver play nicely with bold wall colors.
  • Include artwork and accessories in coordinating colors. Continue the color scheme in the details.

This vibrant turquoise powder room pulls off the look beautifully. The glossy lacquered walls paired with glam gold mirror and accents create serious style.

Maximize Patterns & Textures

Patterns and textures add visual interest to powder rooms, especially tiny spaces. Covering surfaces with dynamic prints or materials keeps the design lively.

Some ways to incorporate bold patterns include:

  • Wallpaper: Choose a vibrant print, like florals, geometrics, or abstract designs. Install wallpaper on one or more walls.
  • Tile: Use patterned floor and/or wall tile for impact. Moroccan, Spanish, and Talavera tiles have intricate motifs.
  • Textiles: Add patterns through shower curtains, towels, rugs, and other fabrics.
  • Furniture: Powder room cabinets and vanities come in many different prints. Pick a unique color and pattern.
  • Mirrors: Framed mirrors can contribute beautiful patterns. Floral mirrors complement powder rooms well.

This powder room envelops you in layers of patterns and textures. The busy wallpaper, ornate rug, and floral mirror keep the eyes actively engaged in the intimate space.

Spotlight Statement Mirrors

Mirrors perform an important functional role in powder rooms while also providing major design impact. Today’s powder room mirrors go beyond basic rectangles to make a bold style statement.

Some trending powder room mirror ideas include:

  • Oversized round or oval mirrors for drama
  • Mirrored furniture like cabinets or vanities
  • Unusual shapes like stars, crescents, trapezoids
  • Distressed mirrors with unique finishes
  • Beveled mirrors with etched patterns and designs
  • Frames with architectural molding or 3D relief details
  • Two-tone mirrors with different frame and glass finishes

This powder room takes mirror design to the max with an extravagant sunburst frame, beveled edges, and striking two-tone finish. It steals the spotlight!

Showcase Adventurous Materials

Powder rooms present the perfect opportunity to showcase more adventurous interior design materials. Since it’s a small space, you can splurge on special finishes and details.

Some luxe and unusual powder room materials to consider:

  • Gold, brass, or copper metallic tile
  • Deeply veined marble, granite, or quartzite
  • Geode accents and agate slices
  • Natural stone wall cladding
  • Bold tropical woods like zebrawood or macassar ebony
  • Metallic, smoked, or patterned glass
  • Leather tile or stone for floors/walls
  • Rain chains instead of standard shower heads

This glam powder room goes all-in with shiny brass honeycomb tile, an agate vessel sink, and textured marble wall cladding. The mix of metals and minerals packs serious style.

Install Eye-Catching Lighting

The right lighting can make or break a powder room’s design. Since powder rooms often lack windows, lighting plays an even more crucial role in the space.

To make a powder room shine, look for:

  • Sconces or accent lighting flanking the mirror
  • Pendant lights over sinks or vanities
  • Striking chandeliers as a focal point
  • Under-cabinet lighting for task illumination
  • LED strip lighting under floating shelves
  • Vanity mirrors with built-in lighting
  • Dramatic Hollywood-style light bulb trims

This glitzy powder room channels Old Hollywood with orb-shaped sconces, bulb-lined mirrors, and a glittering pendant light. The lighting steals the show!

Create High-Impact Displays

Powder rooms tend to have spare surface area. Take advantage of all that empty wall space for eye-catching displays.

Some ways to creatively style walls and shelves:

  • Hang an art collection gallery-style for maximum visual impact.
  • Arrange objects in neat rows or grids for an editorial look.
  • Group items with similar shapes, colors, or themes.
  • Spotlight collections like perfume bottles, candles, or ceramics.
  • Use artful floating shelves to break up large blank walls.
  • Hang vertical gardens or wall vases with dramatic foliage.

This display highlights a vibrant perfume bottle collection. Arranged in color order against a textured wall, it packs serious visual punch.

Add Striking Architectural Features

Powder rooms should function beautifully, but they also provide opportunities to add architectural interest. Unique built-ins and structural details give powder rooms wow factor.

Some examples of striking architectural features:

  • Arches, niches, or recesses in walls
  • Window nooks with built-in seating
  • Trayed or coffered ceilings
  • Double vanities with dramatic bases
  • Floating cabinets with hidden storage
  • Fireplaces, warming drawers, or towel warmers
  • Barn door, pocket door, or cafe door entrances

This glam powder room incorporates arched niches, espresso cabinetry, and a stunning quartzite linear fireplace. The built-ins provide both drama and function.


Here are some frequently asked questions about designing bold powder rooms:

What’s the best way to add color to a powder room?

Some effective ways to use color in a powder room include painting one accent wall in a saturated shade, choosing brightly colored fixtures like stools or lighting, installing vibrant tile, or displaying colorful artwork and accessories. Focus color in one or two areas for the biggest impact.

How do you make a small powder room look bigger?

Use tricks like wall-mounted fixtures and vanities, large mirrors, glass shower doors, floating shelves, neutral colors, and consistent flooring throughout to open up a small powder room. Minimize clutter and bulky furniture as well. Light colors and reflective surfaces also help rooms feel more spacious.

What flooring works best in powder rooms?

Tile, vinyl plank, and porcelain tile stand up well to moisture and foot traffic in powder rooms. Go for larger, seamless tiles rather than small mosaics. Natural stone like marble also brings elegance, but requires more sealing. Avoid carpet, which easily shows water damage.

Should you put wallpaper in a powder room?

Powder rooms are a great place to showcase striking wallpaper since the space is small. Focus wallpaper on one wall as an accent. Use moisture-resistant wallpaper rated for bathrooms near sinks, toilets and other wet areas. Avoid paper with busy patterns or overwhelming colors.

What type of vanity is best for a powder room?

Floating vanities or consoles with space-saving wall mounts maximize floor space in powder rooms. Look for water-resistant materials like quartz, granite, or solid surfacing. Drawers and closed storage hide toiletries. Minimalist metal or glass bases also keep the room visually open.

How can you add storage to a powder room?

Creative storage solutions for powder rooms include wall shelves or cubbies, cabinetry with hidden compartments, freestanding shelves or furniture, slim rolling carts, and medicine cabinets with mirrors. Baskets and bins also hold items while keeping them visually contained.

How do you arrange a powder room?

Focus plumbing fixtures like sinks and toilets on one wall to leave the entrance open. Place the door so it doesn’t bump into fixtures when opened. Put functional items like wastebaskets near toilets for ease. Include a vanity area near the sink with a mirror and storage. Decorative shelves, art and towels fill visual gaps.

What ceiling height is best for powder rooms?

Standard ceiling height for powder rooms is 8 feet, but taller ceilings like 9-12 feet feel much more open and spacious if your structure allows for it. Consider incorporating architectural details like tray or coffered ceilings as well. Standard doors require 6’8″ clearance.

What are powder rooms called in Europe?

Powder rooms go by several other names in Europe. In the UK, they are often called cloakrooms or WCs (short for water closets). In France, they may be referred to as lavatory or toilette. The German term is “Toilette” or “Gäste-WC” (guest toilet).


A powder room makeover is an impactful way to add personality into your home. By embracing bold colors, dramatic materials, eye-catching lighting and more, you can transform a utilitarian space into an exciting oasis. Use these high-design powder rooms as inspiration to kick your own modest powder room up a creative notch. Just a few innovative touches go a long way in a petite powder room. With the right details, you can make a serious style statement!