Black cabinets are having a major moment in kitchen design right now. Once considered too dark and dramatic for the heart of the home, black kitchen cabinets are now being embraced for their chic, stylish look. From modern to traditional spaces, black cabinetry makes a sophisticated statement and serves as the ideal backdrop for other kitchen elements.

This week we’re taking a look at seven stunning kitchens that rock black cabinets in unique, eye-catching ways. From sleek Shaker style to glass-front upper cabinets, these kitchens demonstrate the versatility and timeless elegance of black cabinetry. Read on for inspiring photos, ideas, and tips for incorporating this on-trend look into your own kitchen design.

Blending Old and New with Black Shaker Cabinets

The ever-popular Shaker style gets a fresh update with bold black paint on the cabinets in this kitchen. Black Shaker cabinets have a classic yet contemporary look, with their simple frame-and-panel construction and clean lines. Paired with modern brushed brass hardware, stainless steel appliances, and marble countertops, the look in this kitchen straddles old and new beautifully.

A few tips for nailing the black Shaker cabinet look:

  • Opt for flat black paint rather than gloss for a more modern, matte finish.
  • Add glass-front upper cabinets to break up the black and allow displays of glassware.
  • Use brass, black iron, or matte black hardware to coordinate with the cabinet color.
  • Lighten up the look with a white tile backsplash or light granite countertops.

Contrasting Black Cabinets with White Countertops

Nothing makes a bolder kitchen statement than glossy black cabinets paired with bright white countertops. The high-contrast look is eye-catching yet still refined. In this kitchen, the dramatic color combo is balanced out by classic subway tile, warm wood accents, and brass hardware.

Tips for using black cabinets with white countertops:

  • Choose granite, quartz, or marble countertops to complement the sophistication of the black cabinetry.
  • Consider a third color or material like wood or tile to prevent the space from feeling too stark.
  • Use glass-front upper cabinets to allow some visibility and soften the look.
  • Embrace the drama with industrial pendants and matte black hardware.

Achieving Visual Balance with Black Lower Cabinets

Painting just the lower cabinets black is a great way to experiment with dark cabinetry. Focusing the bold color on the bottom half helps anchor the space while maintaining an airy, open feel. In this kitchen, glossy black base cabinets nicely ground the light gray upper cabinets and white marble countertops.

Ways to balance black lower cabinets:

  • Use a neutral tone like white, gray, or beige on upper cabinets to keep the look light.
  • Opt for opaque black paint on the bottom cabinets instead of transparent glass fronts.
  • Choose sleek bar pulls or tubular handles in black, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Pull in black with barstools, pendants, or kitchen island base.

Modern Industrial Edge with Exposed Black Shelving

The industrial trend is perfect for showing off black cabinets, like the floor-to-ceiling exposed shelving in this edgy kitchen. Paired with metal finishes and concrete-look countertops, the bold black shelves and cabinetry keep the look masculine and modern. Using just a few lower black cabinets maintains the minimalist industrial vibe.

Tips for the industrial black cabinet look:

  • Opt for floating shelves or glass-front upper cabinets for an airier feel.
  • Use matte black hardware and fixtures to coordinate.
  • Look for concrete-look quartz counters or butcher block islands to enhance the industrial edge.
  • Finish it off with edison bulb or cage pendant lighting.

Warming Up Black Cabinets with Wood Accents

To keep dark cabinetry from feeling too harsh, add wood elements to create welcome contrast and warmth. Natural wood instantly softens the dramatic impact of black cabinets, as shown in this kitchen. The rich walnut island, open shelves, and ceiling beams balance the bold black cabinetry.

Ways to temper black cabinets with wood accents:

  • Choose a rich grained wood, like walnut or oak, for island and open shelving.
  • Opt for exposed ceiling beams or a wooden vent hood to inject warmth overhead.
  • Contrast cool black cabinets with warm under-cabinet lighting.
  • Add a butcher block countertop or antique wood dining table.

Letting the Beauty Shine with Glass-Front Black Cabinets

For a striking yet elegant look, choose kitchen cabinets with glossy black frames and glass fronts. The transparent fronts allow dishes to shine through while still making the dramatic black color statement. Accenting these glass-front black cabinets with gold hardware and lighting keeps the look refined and sophisticated.

Design tips for glass-front black cabinets:

  • Display favorite dishes, cookware, and barware so they stand out through the glass fronts.
  • Backlight glass cabinets to create an ambient glow and highlight contents.
  • Pair with marble, quartz, or granite counters to complement the upscale vibe.
  • Use glass or metal pendants over the kitchen island to continue the sleek lines.

Achieving Cottage Chic Style with Black Distressed Cabinets

Don’t think black cabinets only work in modern or industrial kitchens. The cottage chic look can also be achieved by distressing black cabinets for a well-worn, vintage feel. As shown in this kitchen, “chippy” black cabinets with rub-through distressed details complement the charming farmhouse vibe.

Tips for distressed black cabinets:

  • Choose a flat black base paint and distress over it with gray or brown rub-through colors.
  • Opt for visible hinges, knobs, and wire mesh cabinet inserts for added character.
  • Add charm with a butcher block island, farmhouse sink, and vintage-style lighting.
  • Display collections of white china or antique glassware in glass cabinet fronts.


Black kitchen cabinets make a striking statement and offer incredible versatility in style and application. From sleek and modern to cozy and cottage, dark cabinetry instantly amps up kitchen design. Follow the tips and ideas from these seven beautiful black cabinet kitchens to incorporate this on-trend, sophisticated look in your own space. With the right accents and finishes, black cabinets will add a touch of timeless elegance to any kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Kitchen Cabinets

Should I choose matte or glossy black cabinets?

This depends on the look you want. Matte black has a more modern, subtle finish while glossy black is bold and dramatic. Glossy cabinets make small kitchens appear larger too.

What color counters look best with black cabinets?

White, light gray, marble, and concrete-look counters all complement black cabinets nicely. Dark granite can also pair well with a glossy black finish.

What kind of hardware should I use on black cabinets?

Matte black, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and nickel all coordinate beautifully with black kitchen cabinets. Avoid dated gold hardware.

Can I mix black lower and white upper cabinets?

Absolutely! Using black only on the bottom cabinets is a great way to ground the kitchen while still keeping the space light and airy.

Should I paint existing cabinets or buy new black ones?

Painting can save money, but make sure to use a high-quality cabinet paint. New black cabinets ensure maximum sheen and durability.

Should I accent black cabinets with wood?

Yes, wood is a great way to warm up the look of black cabinets. Try a butcher block island, wood open shelves, or exposed ceiling wood beams.

Are black cabinets hard to keep clean?

Glossy black does show dust, smudges, and fingerprints more. Choose a matte finish and clean frequently with a microfiber cloth to keep them looking fresh.