Blue kitchen cabinets are having a major moment right now. After years of white and gray dominating kitchen design, bold and vibrant blue hues are making a splashy comeback. From navy to teal, cobalt to periwinkle, blue kitchen cabinets in all shades and styles are popping up in stylish kitchen remodels this week.

Blue kitchen cabinets make a dramatic style statement and bring an instant infusion of color and personality to any kitchen. When done right, blue kitchen cabinets create a stunning backdrop full of depth and visual interest. The best blue kitchen cabinets are not only beautiful but also functional, durable and timeless.

In this article, we will showcase six stunning kitchens featuring beautiful blue cabinets that are new this week. These kitchens demonstrate diverse and creative ways to incorporate blue cabinets into your kitchen design in a chic, elegant and utterly inviting way. Read on for fresh kitchen inspiration and ideas for rocking blue kitchen cabinets in your own space!

Why Choose Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

Before highlighting this week’s beautiful blue kitchens, let’s discuss what makes blue such a fantastic choice for kitchen cabinets. Here are some of the top reasons to go for blue:

  • Adds a bold pop of color – Blue is inherently vivid, eye-catching and lively. Blue cabinets make a striking style statement that packs visual punch.
  • Provides contrast – Blue contrasts beautifully with countertops, backsplashes, floors and other elements, making each one stand out.
  • Unique alternative to boring neutrals – Blue cabinets offer a more exciting alternative to safe white or brown cabinets.
  • Option for every style – From navy to robin’s egg blue, the range of blue hues means there’s an option for every kitchen style.
  • Boosts mood and energy – Research shows that blue evokes feelings of calm and can even suppress appetite. Blue is a mood-boosting hue.
  • Easily changed with paint – Don’t like the blue after a while? Repainting or refinishing blue cabinets is simple.

Keep these benefits of blue kitchen cabinets in mind as you browse this week’s gorgeous blue kitchen inspiration!

1. Vibrant Navy Blue Shaker Cabinets

The first stunning blue kitchen design we’re eying this week features classic Shaker-style cabinetry lacquered in a rich, vibrant navy blue. This kitchen was recently remodeled for a family of five, and the blue Shaker cabinets helped create a kitchen with youthful, contemporary style that will grow with the family.

A Vivid Backdrop

The navy blue cabinetry makes a bold, lively statement against the white quartz countertops and backsplash tile. The blue pops dynamically, transforming the aesthetic from basic to captivating. Navy blue was an ideal choice to inject youthful character into the kitchen. The blue provides a vivid, energizing backdrop for the sleek stainless steel appliances and modern fixtures.

Working With Blue

To balance the striking blue cabinets, the design incorporates plenty of crisp, bright white in the substantial island, counters, backsplash and open shelving. This keeps the space feeling fresh rather than overwhelming. The multi-toned wood floor also injects warmth to offset the cool blue shade.

Practical Finish

While painted cabinets scratch and stain easily, choosing a Shaker style with a durable lacquered finish helps these navy cabinets maintain their vivid look. The flat-panel cabinet fronts also cleverly hide grime and fingerprints. It’s an practical finish that works for a busy family kitchen.


This vibrant navy blue Shaker kitchen demonstrates how bold blue cabinets can transform the aesthetic and create a contemporary, energetic kitchen any family can enjoy. The mix of materials, inclusion of white elements and lacquered finish all contribute to a stylish and practical kitchen with serious “wow factor”.

2. Soft Green-Blue Beadboard Cabinets

Not all blue kitchen cabinets have to make a huge statement. For this newly constructed beach house kitchen, the homeowners opted for a soft sea glass blue-green color on classic beadboard cabinetry for a subtler pop of color.

Soothing Palette

The light blue-green hue has a soothing, watery quality that flows beautifully with the coastal setting. Blue and green blend in a soft, inviting way. The beadboard cabinet fronts give the kitchen warmth and a laid-back cottage feel.

Design Details

Hickory wood floors and stainless steel appliances complement the cabinets nicely. The color scheme extends to the pastel blue kitchen island base and sage green granite countertops. Pale blue subway tiles on the backsplash tie everything together delicately.

Perfect Pairing

While the cabinets make a subtle statement with their soothing sea glass tone, the Carrara marble counters really shine as the focal point. The milky white marble provides the perfect pairing, allowing the veining to stand out.

Relaxed Refuge

Overall, the light blue-green beadboard kitchen feels serene and tranquil – an ideal laid-back look for a vacation home by the beach. The color scheme creates a relaxed refuge that allows guests to decompress and enjoy the coastal setting.


You don’t need a super bold shade to rock blue kitchen cabinets. This light, airy version in classic beadboard shows how a soft sea glass green-blue can provide just the right refreshing yet calming pop of color.

3. Rich Cobalt Blue Kitchen Island

Using blue on an accent kitchen island is another gorgeous way to implement this trending color without overpowering the space. The gorgeous kitchen featured here incorporates a bold cobalt blue island that immediately draws the eye.

Vibrant Accent Piece

While the perimeter cabinetry plays it safe in classic white, the floating cobalt blue island takes center stage in this transitional kitchen. The dazzling sapphire island introduces vibrant color in a striking yet refined way.

Varied Materials

Stone slabwaterfall countertops provide an organic contrast to the glossy lacquered island. The coarse stone and smooth cobalt island showcase different textures in the most compelling way.

Stylish Storage

Built-in modern shelving on the backside of the island offers handy open storage and display space. This allows the vivid blue island to multitask as both a Prep zone and design focal point.

Stylish Contrast

Crisp white shaker cabinets ground the space, while copper accents and hardware pop against the cobalt blue. This kitchen shows how using a single bold island can infuse showstopping style.


By concentrating blue on a central kitchen island, this look transforms the entire space through color, contrast and materials without overwhelming. The cobalt island injects a dramatic yet elegant pop of blue.

4. Robin’s Egg Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s pantries have become popular additions in recent years. The small pantry-style space provides extra storage and Prep room just off the main kitchen. This renovated kitchen features a cheery robin’s egg blue butler’s pantry that distinguishes this zone from the rest of the space.

Playful Pop of Color

The unexpected pop of robin’s egg blue inside the butler’s pantry livens up what could have been a boring beige box. The charming hue contrasts the gray and white color scheme of the kitchen.

Specialized Storage

The blue butler’s pantry houses specialized storage for dinnerware, wine and serving ware. Glass-front cabinets neatly display items while keeping everything within reach.

Rustic Touch

Barnwood style accents on the countertop and backsplash balance the cool blue tone with rustic warmth. Vintage-look brass hardware also warms up the space with an artisanal touch.

Inspiring Atmosphere

The cheerful robin’s egg blue cultivates an uplifting, hospitable atmosphere in this hardworking space. The hue brings out the functionality and charm of the butler’s pantry.


Butler’s pantries offer opportune spaces to bring in bold color. This robin’s egg blue version demonstrates how an unexpected pop of blue can make a functional space much more fun and inviting.

5. Playful Periwinkle Cabinets with Black Island

The next stunning blue kitchen playing with color in clever ways shows how pairing light blue cabinets with a contrasting black island creates stylish drama. The interplay between the periwinkle blue casework and bold black island is compelling.

Soothing Bright Blue

A lively periwinkle blue shade was selected for the kitchen casework. The distinctive blue color provides a cheerful, relaxing vibe throughout the kitchen. Against the white backsplash, it really stands out.

Grounding Element

A glossy black kitchen island anchors the space and balances the airy blue hue. The dark island commands attention, providing a sturdy Prep space. The sleek black marble countertop completes the look.

Textural Interest

While the cabinetry and island provide dueling colors, the kitchen backsplash brings in textural intrigue. 3D tile with handmade imperfections makes an artisanal statement.

Finishing Touches

The kitchen pulls together seamlessly with metallic accents. Modern brass fixtures contrast both the black island and periwinkle cabinets, while undercabinet lighting creates a cohesive glow.


This kitchen proves that combining light blue cabinets with a dark contrasting island can create a compelling balance. The periwinkle and black play off each other for a bold and beautiful look.

6. Traditional Navy and White Kitchen

Our final featured blue kitchen of the week demonstrates a traditional approach to implementing this on-trend shade. The classic combination of navy blue cabinets paired with bright white elements creates an eternally elegant look.

Classic Color Combo

Navy blue and white is a beloved color pairing for good reason. The two colors complement each other perfectly while also creating appealing contrast. The navy cabinets ground the space while white tiles andcounters reflect light.

Elegant Edge

Slightly distressed navy cabinets built in a traditional style with recessed panel doors and molded trim provide an air of sophistication. Brushed brass hardware and light fixtures finish the elegant look.

Always in Style

While dark navy kitchen cabinets may fall out of style eventually, this look has already stood the test of time. The classic color combo ensures these navy and white cabinets will remain elegant for years to come.

Crisp Balance

Crisp white subway tile and countertops keep the space feeling fresh instead of closed in. The generous use of white ensures the navy blue does not overwhelm the kitchen.


This traditional kitchen succeeds by relying on the enduring and elegant combination of navy blue cabinets with bright white finishes. The look is simultaneously timeless and trendy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue kitchen cabinets are having a major style moment right now. From navy to sky blue, teal to turquoise, all shades of blue cabinets are in demand. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about integrating beautiful blue cabinets into your kitchen design.

What are the most popular shades of blue for kitchen cabinets right now?

Some of the hottest blue cabinet shades right now include:

  • Navy – A deep, dramatic blue that creates instant style. Pair with crisp whites.
  • Cobalt – A vivid blue tone that immediately catches the eye and stimulates the senses.
  • Periwinkle – A pretty, soft pastel blue that provides subtle color.
  • Teal – A tranquil blue-green hue reminiscent of the sea. Pairs well with grays.
  • Powder Blue – A calming, ethereal blue that whispers rather than shouts.

What colors go well with blue kitchen cabinets?

Some of the best color pairings with blue kitchen cabinets include:

  • White – A crisp, bright pairing that lets blue cabinets make a bold statement
  • Gray – From light to charcoal, gray provides an elegant neutral pairing
  • Yellow – Cheery, sunshine yellow complements blue while amping up the energy
  • Green – Earthy, natural greens balance out blues in soothing ways
  • Black – Striking contrast that allows both colors to stand out
  • Wood tones – Warm up blue cabinets and add organic balance

What style of kitchen cabinets works best with blue?

While blue can work with any cabinetry style, some popular choices include:

  • Shaker – Clean-lined and versatile to let the blue color shine
  • Beadboard – Casual and beachy for relaxed coastal style
  • Modern – Sleek and minimal to allow blue to make a statement
  • Farmhouse – Classic choice that plays up blue’s traditional appeal
  • Cottage – Romantic option for a whimsical, charming kitchen

What finish for blue kitchen cabinets works best?

Some top finishes for blue kitchen cabinets include:

  • Gloss – Creates a bright, shiny, vivid finish to maximize color impact
  • Matte – Mutes blue color for a soft, powdery look
  • Distressed – Gently worn finish that adds antique character
  • Painted – Custom colored for endless blue options from light to navy
  • Lacquered – Ultra smooth and durable; easy to wipe clean

What countertops look best with blue kitchen cabinets?

Some winning countertop pairings with blue cabinets include:

  • White marble or quartz – Crisp contrast to play up the blue color
  • Butcher block – Warm, natural look to offset the blue tone
  • Soapstone or concrete – Earthy textures that complement blue
  • Black granite – Striking bold contrast with light or navy blues
  • Green quartz – Harmonious color pairing for blue-green hues

Should I choose all blue kitchen cabinets or mix with neutrals?

The choice comes down to personal preference:

  • All blue makes a dramatic style statement and vibrancy
  • Blue on bottom with white uppers mixes materials while allowing blue to anchor space
  • Blue island pops against neutral cabinetry for accent color
  • Mix blue lowers with wood tone uppers for contrast and warmth

There is no right answer! Choose the combo you find most beautiful for your individual kitchen. The options are endless.


Blue kitchen cabinets are a of-the-moment trend that introduces gorgeous color into the kitchen in ways that are anything but cookie-cutter. From navy to pastel blue, bold cobalt islands to robin’s egg butler’s pantries, the stunning blue kitchens showcased here demonstrate the versatility of blue cabinets to create stylish, inviting kitchen spaces.

While white and gray kitchens will always have appeal, blue stands apart with eye-catching vibrancy, depth and personality. The range of blue hues means there’s a look to suit any style from modern to cottage, traditional to eclectic.

If you’re considering jumping on the blue cabinet trend, use the inspiration here to find a shade and approach that excites you. Trust your instincts, have fun with bold colors or soft hues, and choose finishes and accents that highlight your blue cabinetry. Focus on creating a kitchen that you’ll love coming home to. With the right shade of blue and touch of creativity, your kitchen will make you smile each time you enter it!