Bathroom renovations can transform the functionality and aesthetics of one of the most important rooms in your home. This week we’re showcasing six stunning bathrooms featuring a popular layout – the combination shower-tub.

A shower-tub combo maximizes versatility and convenience. It allows you to enjoy both a spacious shower and a relaxing soak while conserving precious square footage. The recent bathrooms we’ll explore offer bold and innovative takes on this classic design. From striking tilework to unique configurations, these spaces prove a shower-tub can be stylish as well as highly functional.

Read on for an in-depth look at the key features, materials, and inspirational ideas behind these New This Week: 6 Bold Bathrooms With a Shower-Tub designs.

Luxurious Marble and Glass Shower-Tub

This light-filled bathroom features gorgeous marble subway tile and eye-catching accents. The spacious shower-tub is framed with wide marble tiles laid in a brickwork pattern. This lends visual interest while complementing the room’s clean, contemporary style.

Inside the shower, marble mosaic tile in shades of grey and white flows seamlessly from the walls to the tub deck and floor. Frameless glass enclosure panels provide unfettered views of the striking tile patterns while preventing water from escaping during showers.

Understated selects like the wall-mounted faucet and rain showerhead allow the marble tilework to take center stage. The brass finishes add subtle warmth, balancing the cool, relaxed color palette. Recessed niches provide storage nooks for bath essentials.

Unique Curbless Shower-Tub with Wood Accents

This bathroom also utilizes a frameless glass enclosure, but the curbless entry eliminates any barriers between the shower and tub. The lack of thresholds enhances accessibility and creates a sleek, seamless look.

Wide-plank oak wood flooring extends into the shower space, blurring lines even further. The rich wood pairs beautifully with the marble shower walls and white cabinetry. Inside the shower, wood-look tile reappears on the ceiling, complementing the floors.

The tub takes an unconventional position parallel to the glass walls rather than tucked at the rear. This allows for a larger walk-in shower while still incorporating a soaking tub. The unique configuration maximizes function and visual appeal.

Spa-Inspired Stacked Stone Shower-Tub

Natural stone offers another elegant option for a shower-tub, as seen in this spa-like bathroom. Stacked slate tile in earthy hues envelopes the tub and shower walls. The textural, organic look and feel of the slate balances the sleek lines of the glass shower enclosure.

Inside the shower, full-height slate tile is punctuated with an eye-catching niche. This recessed shelf provides functional storage and furthers the spa vibe with the look of a steam room. Pebble-tile flooring finishes the Zen aesthetic.

Outside the shower, wider wood-look planks add warmth and a rustic feel that works beautifully with the slate feature wall. The pair of rattan chairs and accent lighting complete the soothing spa atmosphere.

Bold Patterned Tile Shower-Tub

Make a dramatic style statement with boldly patterned tile. Here, an intricate mosaic design in glossy black, white, and grey adorns the shower walls and tub surround. Vertical strips of coordinating marble-look porcelain tile further highlight the captivating mosaic patterns.

The complex tilework packs visual punch. To keep the focus on this feature, other details remain understated. A frameless glass enclosure provides unobstructed views while maintaining a clean, minimalist look. The simple tub shape lined with grey porcelain tile keeps the focus on the shower tile patterns.

Vivid tile designs like this mosaic don’t require additional adornments. The intricate motifs become the focal point for an eye-catching shower-tub with serious style.

Two-Person Shower-Tub with Seating Nook

Here, a more expansive shower-tub design accommodates two people. Extra interior space allows for a built-in seating nook along the rear wall. The long bench provides a spot to rest while showering or just enjoy a peaceful moment. It’s surfaced in easy-to-clean ceramic tile that matches the enclosure walls.

Angling some of the glass panels adds architectural interest while directing the eye towards the grey linear mosaic tile that backs the tub. The mosaic tile is repeated as an accent in the corner shelving niche.

Under the rainfall showerhead, grey porcelain plank tile replaces the mosaic, adding subtle contrast underfoot. The dual showerheads, built-in seating, and spacious interior provide an indulgent showering experience.

Standalone Soaking Tub and Walk-in Shower

For the final bathroom, the tub takes center stage. This standalone soaking tub commands attention, framed by floor-to-ceiling marble tile. The sleek tub shape balances the strong linearity of the elongated mosaic tile.

Behind the tub, the walk-in shower is defined by glass enclosure panels. Inside, the same grey mosaic tile from the tub wall is continued. The consistency creates cohesion between the two functional zones while allowing the tub to remain the spotlight.

The glass door features a barn-style sliding mechanism rather than a traditional hinged opening. This further enhances the seamless look, as the door seems to disappear when fully opened. The result is a thoughtfully designed shower-tub layout that accentuates each element.


This week’s bold bathrooms offer fresh inspiration for designing around the versatile shower-tub. From luxurious marble to textured stone and vivid patterned tile, these spaces showcase inventive materials selections and configurations. Elements like spacious showers, curbless entries, and standalone soaking tubs enhance the functionality of the rooms.

Clever layouts allow homeowners to maximize space with a shower-tub combo. Consider an unconventional placement or glass enclosure style to create a seamless, spa-like look. Bold tile designs pack visual impact if you wish to make a statement. Or let natural stone lend an organic, calming feel.

However you envision your dream bathroom, these innovative shower-tub designs reveal the possibilities. With thoughtful planning and creative touches, this practical layout can be transformed into your home’s most beautiful and indulgent room.

The recent stunning New This Week: 6 Bold Bathrooms With a Shower-Tub featured here offer inspiration to start mapping out your own perfect getaway space.