Brass finishes are making a major comeback in kitchen design, adding a touch of vintage elegance and warmth. Here are four stunning brass kitchens that will have you craving this trendy look.

1. A Sophisticated Take on Brass

This kitchen features brass accents throughout, from the drawer pulls and faucet to the light fixtures and range hood. The dark cabinets provide an elegant contrast to the shiny brass, while the marble countertops and backsplash lend an air of sophistication.

Brass pendulum lights hang over the large kitchen island, illuminating the space in a warm glow. Undercabinet lighting also highlights the marble counters and backsplash. The brass farmhouse sink and modern faucet pop against the gray cabinets.

Overall, this kitchen proves that a thoughtful combination of brass, marble, and dark cabinetry makes for a refined, contemporary look. The strategic use of brass elevates the space without feeling overdone.

2. Industrial Chic with Exposed Brass

Exposed pipes and fixtures give this kitchen an edgy, industrial vibe. The brass finishes add just the right amount of warmth to balance out the cool concrete floors and cinder block walls.

The vaulted ceiling shows off the brass pendant lights, which reflect light off the glossy subway tiles. Bold brass shelves provide open storage along one wall. The brass barstools with black leather seats tie in nicely to the color scheme.

Touches of wood on the cabinets and butcher block island counter bring organic texture. Stainless steel offers sleek contrast on the appliances and sink. Overall, the mix of materials makes this an intriguing, eclectic space.

3. Vintage Appeal with Antiqued Brass

For a truly vintage look, opt for antiqued or oil-rubbed brass with dark undertones. This kitchen uses the finish on the cute nautical cabinet pulls, faucet, and pendant lights.

Against the classic white cabinets and subway tiles, the weathered brass pops beautifully. The shades almost resemble antique gold.

Open shelving lined with antiqued brass rails displays colorful dishware, playing up the retro vibe. The checkered floor furthers the 1950s diner aesthetic. This kitchen shows how aged brass can lend historic character to a light, breezy space.

4. Warm Minimalism with Pops of Brass

This crisp, all-white kitchen utilizes brass accents for subtle pops of color. The minimalist space lets the brass finishes shine as focal points.

The modern brass sconces and drawer pulls stand out starkly against the bright white cabinets and walls. The brass faucet injects rich tone into the sink area.

By limiting the brass to key details, this kitchen maintains a clean, uncluttered look. The brass provides just enough warmth and contrast without disrupting the airy ambiance.

This approach is ideal for small kitchens or anyone desiring a bright, sleek space. Strategically placed brass offers the perfect finishing touch.

Why Choose Brass for Your Kitchen?

Beyond just being trendy, brass offers many benefits for kitchen design:

  • Timeless appeal – Brass has been used for centuries and never goes out of style. It provides a classic, elegant look.
  • Warmth – The golden tones of brass lend warmth and richness to a space. It feels distinctly vintage yet still modern.
  • Texture – Brass provides appealing visual and tactile texture. The subtly brushed finish has more character than flat painted cabinets.
  • Durability – Brass is very durable and scratch-resistant. It holds up better than nickel or chrome over time.
  • Affordability – Brass is an approachable option, more budget-friendly than substances like gold. It offers luxury for less.

So if you’re seeking something traditional yet current, let brass shine in your kitchen. Just be sure to pair it thoughtfully with your cabinetry, counters, and backsplash to find the right balance for your style. With proper implementation, brass can give your kitchen a truly timeless, elevated look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brass Kitchen Trends

Q: Does brass look outdated?

A: When done tastefully, brass has a timeless, vintage appeal and does not look outdated. The key is choosing high-quality finishes and combining brass with modern materials like marble, concrete, or sleek cabinetry. Used sparingly, brass offers a classic, sophisticated look.

Q: Is brass expensive compared to other metals?

A: Brass is more affordable than premium metals like gold or platinum but does cost more than nickel or chrome. However, a little brass goes a long way in adding style. Just a few brass light fixtures or hardware pieces can elevate a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Q: How do you clean and care for brass?

A: Use a soft cloth with warm water and mild soap to clean brass. Avoid abrasive cleaners or pads, which can scratch the finish. For polishing, use a brass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Be sure to thoroughly dry brass after cleaning to prevent water spots.

Q: Does brass tarnish or rust?

A: Brass does not rust but it can tarnish or oxidize over time, leading to dull or dark spots. Regular cleaning helps prevent buildup. Tarnish remover can restore the shine. For heavy-use pieces like faucets, choose lifetime-polished or “living finish” brass to inhibit tarnishing.

Q: Should all the brass in a kitchen match?

A: Matching finishes create a sleek, pulled-together look. However, mixing brushed, polished, or oil-rubbed brass finishes can add depth and visual interest. Just be sure each piece complements the others. Keeping all the brass within the same color family will make mismatched finishes look more intentional.


With its timeless glow and vintage vibe, brass offers an easy yet dramatic way to elevate your kitchen’s style. Whether you go for an ultra-modern look with pops of shiny brass or embrace the historic charm of antiqued brass, the warmth and richness of this metal makes a statement. Allow the latest kitchens flaunting trendy brass finishes to inspire you, then get creative mixing brass into your own design. With the right attention to detail, brass can provide that perfect finishing touch your kitchen needs to feel pulled-together and unique.