A beautiful breakfast nook is the perfect way to start your day. Enjoying a warm cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast in a cozy nook overlooking the backyard or street can set a positive tone for the whole day ahead. We’ve found four stunning new breakfast nook designs that are sure to inspire you to create a morning retreat in your own home.

The Rustic Farmhouse Nook

Farmhouse style is timeless and brings a sense of comfort and familiarity. This rustic farmhouse breakfast nook uses wood elements, vintage-inspired furnishings and textiles to create a space that looks and feels like it has been lived in for generations.


  • White shiplap walls and ceiling planks add texture and visual interest. The light color helps bounce natural light around the space.
  • A large sliding barn door can close to give the nook privacy or open to connect it with the rest of the home.
  • The wood dining bench and cross back chairs have thick cushions for comfort. Plaid and striped fabrics on the bench cushion and throw pillows enhance the farmhouse vibe.
  • A large pendant light hangs over the table, providing focused lighting for the dining space. Flank sconce lighting illuminates the rest of the nook.
  • The oval jute rug brings in natural texture and protects the wood floor.
  • Vintage-style signs and decor like the rooster add personality.

The rustic farmhouse look creates a cozy and inviting breakfast nook perfect for everything from a quiet cup of coffee to a big family brunch. It’s chic but still comfortable and casual.

The Modern Industrial Nook

For a more contemporary style, consider a modern industrial look for your breakfast nook. Exposed pipes, metals, concrete, and streamlined furniture create an urban aesthetic.


  • A large picture window provides ample natural light and an open, airy feel. Hang sheer curtains to soften the light.
  • Polished concrete floors have radiant heating to keep your feet warm on cold mornings.
  • Stainless steel pendant lights hang low over the table for task lighting.
  • An exposed brick wall adds texture and a nod to the industrial style.
  • The wood dining table has metal legs for an urban look. Matching black vinyl dining chairs keep things modern.
  • Built-in bench seating is padded with olive green vinyl for comfort. Throw pillows in complementary colors like orange and gray add pops of color.
  • Minimalist decor like framed graphic art keeps the look modern without clutter.

The industrial style creates a trendy, urban breakfast nook perfect for singles, couples, and modern families. It’s sleek and stylish.

The Cozy Cottage Nook

For traditional charm, a cottage-inspired nook with vintage details is a welcoming place to dine and relax. Pastel colors, painted furniture and floral accents give it a sweet, feminine aesthetic.


  • Slipcovered furniture in soft pink and blue hues feel romantic and delicate.
  • A floral area rug in sunny yellows and greens brightens up the hardwood floor.
  • Lace sheers allow natural light in while still providing privacy and a soft look.
  • A painted distressed wood dining hutch provides open and closed storage for dishes and decor.
  • A round pedestal table is perfect for intimate two-person meals or tea time.
  • Big, overstuffed dining chairs have removable cushions for easy cleaning.
  • Plenty of decorative details like framed botanical prints, fresh flowers, and ceramic tableware make it feel homey.

The cottage nook is beautifully feminine, vintage-inspired, and perfect for tea parties, bridal showers, and day-to-day dining. It brings traditional charm to any home.

The Boho Chic Nook

For a relaxed and eclectic look, create a bohemian-style breakfast nook. Rich colors, natural materials, and exotic patterns blend to create a space that feels collected over time.


  • A moroccan trellis tile backsplash and coordinating tiles on the bench seating add visual interest.
  • The dining table is reclaimed wood with a distressed painted finish in shades of blue, green and gray. Mismatched chairs continue the eclectic look.
  • Floor pillows and benched seating covered in colorful tribal and ikat print fabrics are comfortable and casual.
  • Macrame wall hangings and an embroidered tapestry add texture and bring in natural elements.
  • Rattan pendant lighting keeps things looking natural and uncomplicated.
  • Potted succulents and trailing plants enhance the boho vibe.

The bohemian-chic nook is globally inspired, laid-back, and feels collected over time. It’s perfect for relaxed dining and lounging.

Design Tips for Creating Your Own Breakfast Nook

Once you’ve chosen a style for your breakfast nook, keep these tips in mind as you plan and design the space:

Choose the Right Spot

Look for a space adjacent to the kitchen that gets plenty of natural sunlight in the mornings. Near a window or glass door is ideal. Make sure the layout allows room for a table and seating without impeding important traffic areas.

Include Cozy Seating

Bench seating or banquettes are great choices to maximize seating in a smaller footprint. Make sure seats are generously padded for comfort and top with plush cushions and pillows.

Select Durable, Easy-Clean Surfaces

With its proximity to the kitchen, your breakfast nook will need to stand up to spills, crumbs and daily use. Choose family-friendly fabrics and easy-to-clean surfaces like wood or tile flooring.

Layer in Lighting

Include ample lighting like pendant lights over the table, sconces flanking built-ins, and natural light from windows or skylights. Dimmer switches allow you to control the ambience.

Add Warm Touches

An area rug, throw blankets, plush pillows and soft window treatments make the space feel warm, cozy and inviting.

Incorporate Smart Storage

Look for breakfast nooks with built-in storage for dishes, tableware and pantry items. A hutch or cabinet keeps items handy but out of sight.

Personalize with Art

Hang artwork, photos, shelves or framed prints to reflect your personal style. This is a space to showcase your favorite things.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breakfast Nooks

What size should a breakfast nook be?

The ideal size for a breakfast nook is at least 25-30 square feet to accommodate a table and seating for 2-4 people. Banquette seating can maximize capacity in a smaller footprint. Custom built-in nooks can be as small as 20 square feet.

What’s the difference between a breakfast nook and a breakfast bar?

A breakfast bar is a casual dining area attached to the kitchen countertop on an outer edge or island. A breakfast nook is a separate, defined space located adjacent to the kitchen designed specifically for dining.

How much space do you need for a banquette?

The minimum space needed for a banquette is 48 inches, but 60-72 inches is ideal. A banquette that seats 2 people should be 48-60 inches wide while a 3-4 person banquette works best at 66-84 inches wide.

What size should a breakfast nook table be?

For a 2 person nook, choose a 24-30 inch round pedestal table. A square or rectangular table should be 30-36 inches wide. For a larger nook seating 4+ people, choose a 36-48 inch round or rectangular table.

What color should I paint my breakfast nook?

Light, bright neutral colors like white, cream, light gray and pale blues or greens work well in breakfast nooks to enhance the light. Deeper colors can feel too dark and intense for morning meals.

How do you decorate a small breakfast nook?

Maximize storage with built-in cabinets, hutches or shelving for dishes. Choose space-saving furnishings like a pedestal table and banquette. Increase light with large windows, mirrors or pendant lighting. Declutter and use minimal decor.

A beautiful breakfast nook should reflect your unique style while remaining a cozy, welcoming place to start each day. Whether you prefer a sleek modern look, traditional cottage charm or breezy boho vibe, your breakfast nook can become your favorite space in the home. These new designs show how you can easily create a morning retreat tailored to your tastes. Enjoy the possibilities and gather inspiration from these stunning breakfast nooks sure to wake up your home.

In summary, breakfast nooks are wonderful spaces that allow you to enjoy morning coffee and meals in a beautiful, intimate setting. When designing your custom breakfast nook, focus on maximizing natural light, choosing an appealing layout and decor that reflects your unique style. Stylish new designs like the rustic farmhouse, urban industrial, cozy cottage and boho chic nooks shared here demonstrate how easy it is to create an eye-catching, functional breakfast nook suited to any home aesthetic.