Upgrading your kitchen with a remodel is an exciting way to add value and enjoyment to your home. While functionality is key, don’t forget about form – incorporate artistic details to give your new kitchen a stylish, custom look. Here are four artistic elements to consider adding during your kitchen remodel or refresh:

Mosaic Tile Backsplash

A backsplash serves the practical purpose of protecting the wall behind sinks, stoves, and countertops from water damage and stains. But it can also be an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen’s design. Consider using mosaic tiles – tiles that combine to form a pattern or image – to create artwork for your backsplash.

Glass, ceramic, stone, and metal tiles can be arranged in infinite combinations of colors, shapes, and textures to make a unique backsplash mosaic. Look for tiles with iridescent finishes or handmade, artisanal styles for extra personality. A mosaic backsplash is a simple way to incorporate art and visual interest over your work stations.

Custom Range Hood

Your stove’s range hood keeps the kitchen free of smoke and grease – but it doesn’t have to be boring. Custom range hoods let you integrate artistic style. Opt for an ornate shape, like a curved, sculpted stainless steel hood. Or choose a bright, unexpected color like a deep green or bold red.

Look for customized details like metallic or tile finishes, elegant brackets and hangers, or even hand-painted designs. A one-of-a-kind range hood immediately draws the eye and becomes a functional focal point.

Statement Lighting

From sleek and modern to vintage chic, statement light fixtures define a kitchen’s character. Rather than defaulting to recessed lights, pick eye-catching pendant or hanging lights. Opt for an exotic shape like a conical bamboo pendant. Or select a vibrant, multicolored blown glass fixture.

If your kitchen layout allows, install multiple smaller statement lights instead of one large central fixture for abundant style. Place them strategically over key work areas or use them to highlight decorative display areas and cabinets.

Ornate Hardware

Don’t overlook easy opportunities to incorporate art through your kitchen cabinets’ hardware. Swap out standard knobs and pulls for handles and pulls with ornamental designs. Look for hammered metal, crystal, or ceramic styles.

Consider mixing and matching – combine vine-shaped backplate pulls with faceted crystal knobs for an eclectic look. Or opt for oversized hardware with sculptural shapes as contemporary statement pieces. Even your kitchen faucet can get an artistic upgrade with lever handles shaped like seashells or birds.

Final Thoughts

Personalize your kitchen remodel with artistic details that reflect your tastes. Mosaic backsplashes, custom range hoods, statement lighting, and ornamental hardware are relatively affordable ways to add stylish touches. Consult kitchen designers for guidance on selecting materials and placement to enhance your kitchen’s form and function. With thoughtful planning, your remodeled kitchen can be both practical and a showcase for your creative spirit.

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