Transforming your bathroom into a relaxing oasis is easier than ever with the latest design trends and innovations in bathroom products. This week, we’re excited to reveal three stunning dream bathrooms that are sure to provide inspiration for your next remodel or upgrade. From luxurious finishes to smart storage solutions, these spacious bathrooms have everything you need to create your perfect retreat.


Having a beautiful, spacious bathroom that you can relax and unwind in is a dream for many homeowners. With busy lifestyles, our bathrooms provide a quiet sanctuary where we can start and end our day feeling refreshed.

When designing your dream bathroom, it’s important to think about your needs and lifestyle. Consider how you use your bathroom and any problems you’d like to solve, like lack of storage or poor lighting. This will help guide your design plans.

Key elements that transform a basic bathroom into a dream oasis include:

  • Luxurious materials like stone, tile, and high-end fixtures
  • Ample natural light from windows and skylights
  • Spa-like features like a soaking tub, steam shower, and heated floors
  • Smart storage solutions hidden behind cabinet doors or drawers
  • Soothing colors and decor that promote relaxation

This week, we highlight three stunning, spacious bathrooms that seamlessly combine function and elegant style. With insights from top designers, we’ll explore trending features that make these bathrooms true sanctuaries. Read on for beautiful images and ideas you can incorporate into your own bathroom project.

Dream Bathroom #1: Spa-Inspired Retreat

This bathroom designed by Sarah Barnes Interiors transports owners into a relaxing, spa-like environment each day. Natural stone, warm wood tones, and soothing colors come together to create a zen vibe perfect for starting and ending the day.

A Sleek Freestanding Tub Takes Center Stage

The gorgeous freestanding tub is undoubtedly the star of this dream bathroom. The oval shape adds softness while the sleek white exterior matches the room’s clean, contemporary aesthetic. When selecting a freestanding tub, the designer recommends choosing durable materials like acrylic or porcelain that will withstand daily use. Look for models with ergonomic designs to create a more comfortable soaking experience.

Positioning the tub away from the walls makes it a striking focal point against the stone backsplash. There’s ample space for candles, plants, and other decor to enhance the ambiance. Opt for a floor-mount tub filler to complete the modern look, which adds instant drama.

White oval freestanding bathtub with brass tub filler mounted on stone tile backsplash

A sleek freestanding tub commands attention against a neutral stone backsplash.

Natural Hues & Textures Create a Spa Vibe

The color palette of creamy whites, warm wood tones, and soft greys evokes the feeling of a luxury spa. Natural materials like the stone backsplash, porcelain and ceramic tile, as well as the wood vanity add organic texture.

White quartz countertops keep the space feeling light and airy. For a similar look, consider marble, limestone or concrete finishes which also pair well with wood cabinetry. Matte black plumbing fixtures and hardware serve as classic, timeless accents.

Let There Be Light

Proper lighting transforms this bathroom from drab to dramatic. Pot lights in the ceiling provide general ambient lighting while sconces mounted on the mirror illuminate from above. The glass bowl pendant lights bring a spa-like glow over the freestanding tub area.

The large window allows abundant natural light to fill the space, making it feel open and airy. For bathrooms without access to exterior windows, consider skylights or solar tubes to pipe in sunshine.

Spa bathroom with an abundance of natural light

Generous natural light and pendant lighting create a bright, inviting ambiance.

Storage Solutions Hide The Clutter

This bathroom design features clever storage solutions to tuck away all bathroom necessities. The wood vanity provides abundant drawers and cabinets to organize toiletries. Designer tip: Install pull-out trays or drawers in cabinets to better see and access items.

The ceramic bowl on the countertop adds a decorative touch while keeping items like cotton swabs and perfumes on display. Baskets under the floating vanity hide extra toilet paper and cleaning products.

The piece of wood over the toilet is actually a hidden tank cabinet, offering more storage without taking up floor space. For additional places to tuck away folded towels and toiletries, add a shelving unit like the étagère featured in the corner.

Dream Bathroom #2: Vintage Glamour

For those drawn to old Hollywood drama and elegance, this bathroom designed by Nicole Fuller Interiors hits all the right notes. Vintage styling relays refinement and timeless sophistication.

Making a Statement With Wallpaper

Eye-catching metallic wallpaper steals the show in this vintage glam bathroom. The bold pattern and color add drama to the space. Wallpaper is an easy and affordable way to make a statement. Consider floral, geometric, abstract or nature-inspired prints to match your personal style.

The designer recommends sticking to washable vinyl or pre-pasted wallpaper for bathrooms. Install it only on walls that won’t get excessive moisture. Pro tip: Use removable wallpaper above the tub or on the ceiling for a lower-commitment option.

Vintage style bathroom with metallic patterned wallpaper accent wall

Metallic wallpaper adds a striking vintage vibe to this elegant bathroom.

Vintage Details Dial Up The Drama

Vintage design is all about infusing spaces with glamorous, nostalgic details. The decorative mirrors, sconces, and crystal chandelier chosen here add a touch of retro flair. Look for similar pieces to pepper throughout your own vintage bathroom.

  • Ornate framed mirrors provide elegant accents. Lean into the vintage aesthetic with unique shapes like sunbursts, ovals or rectangles.
  • Sconces with marble backplates and fabric lampshades emit a warm, inviting glow. Opt for materials like bronze, brass, crystal or nickel for added shine.
  • A sparkling chandelier takes this bathroom’s style up a notch. Search for chic vintage fixtures to make a statement over a soaking tub or vanity.

A Clawfoot Tub Evokes Nostalgia

At the heart of this dream bathroom is a classically styled clawfoot tub. The exposed pipes and porcelain finish provide that coveted vintage charm. Sitting atop stylish tile, the tub becomes a true focal point.

Clawfoot tubs range widely in size, shape, and material. Do some measuring to find the perfect fit for your space. Focus on durability if it will get daily use. For a modern twist, try a sleek acrylic clawfoot tub paired with matte black or brass fixtures.

White clawfoot tub with exposed piping atop a black and white checkered tile floor

A clawfoot tub brings a romantic, vintage accent to this elegant bathroom.

Dream Bathroom #3: Spa Sanctuary

Designed by Studio DB, this bathroom retreat is all about creating a personal oasis. High-end materials, soothing natural colors, and spa-like amenities transform the space into a luxurious home spa.

Natural Stone Elevates Quality

Gorgeous veined marble tile covers the walls and floor, delivering an ultra-luxe feel. The neutral tones help create a calm, welcoming atmosphere. Natural stone carries a sense of timelessness no matter the trend.

While splurging on real stone pays off visually, the designer recommends focusing the investment in areas that get seen or touched most. Use marble or granite on the shower walls, floor, and countertops. Opt for cheaper porcelain or ceramic tile in lower visibility spots to cut costs.

Spa bathroom clad in marble tile with inset shelving and green accent decor

Marble tile throughout delivers luxurious texture and timeless style.

Soothing Neutrals & Greens Promote Calm

This dream bathroom utilizes a neutral color palette of ivory,tan and grey tones. Pops of green from living plants and ceramic accents provide an organic contrast. Keeping colors soft and natural promotes a relaxing vibe perfect for a home spa sanctuary.

Try layering ivory, beige and cream textiles. Incorporate greens through towel colors, plants, and decor accents. Limit patterns to keep the look soothing.

Built-In Shelving Adds Function

This bathroom features custom inset shelving in the shower and alongside the soaking tub. Built-ins provide both storage and design appeal. Glass doors on shower shelving maintain the clean, sleek aesthetic.

In a bathroom remodel, look for opportunities to add shelving into unused nooks or crannies. Floor-to-ceiling shelves flanking the vanity or toilet maximize vertical storage. Recess shelves into the wall behind the door for a invisible storage solution.

Luxury You Can Indulge In Daily

This dream bathroom incorporates luxury amenities to create an indulgent everyday escape. Designer highlights include:

  • Heated floors provide comfort underfoot, especially for cool marble tile. Radiant floor heating can be added to existing subfloors or concrete.
  • Horizontal shower heads in the glass enclosure deliver a rejuvenating spa experience. Opt for body jets, a rainfall showerhead, or add steam.
  • The soaking tub promises the perfect end to a stressful day. Look for tubs with contoured designs or air jet features to maximize relaxation.
  • The television embedded in the mirror lets you catch up on shows while you get ready in the morning. Waterproof your electronics so you can stream content and listen to music in the shower or tub too.
Spa bathroom with dual shower heads, waterfall tub filler, and TV built into the mirrored wall

Indulgent features like a waterfall tub, steam shower, heated floors and a TV create a luxury home spa experience.

Designing Your Dream Bathroom: Key Takeaways

After exploring three amazing high-end bathroom designs, there are a few key takeaways to keep in mind when planning your own dream bathroom renovation:

  • Focus on your needs – How do you want to use the space? Do you envision lengthy soaks? A quick yet rejuvenating daily shower? Let your routine inform the layout and amenities.
  • Invest in quality materials – Natural stone, wood vanities, and porcelain tile pay off long-term. Use them in key visible and hands-on areas like walls, floors and counters.
  • Make it uniquely you – Incorporate colors, patterns, textures and decor that match your personal style. Vintage glam? Modern spa? Keep finishes cohesive with the overall aesthetic.
  • Hide clutter elegantly – Build in storage solutions like inset shelving, cabinets and drawers to keep necessities accessible but out of sight.
  • Light it up – Ensure the bathroom feels bright and airy with ample light sources like windows, skylights and quality fixtures. Add drama with pendants or sconces.
  • Treat yourself – Splurge on one or two luxury features that make you feel pampered, like a massage tub, steam shower, or heated floors.

No matter your design style or budget, the latest bathroom ideas and quality products make it easier than ever to craft your own dream bathroom sanctuary. Use the stunning spaces featured here combined with your own vision to create a relaxing oasis tailored to your daily needs and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Bathrooms

Many questions come up when designing a dream bathroom. Here we answer some of the key questions homeowners have:

How big should a dream bathroom be?

The size of your dream bathroom depends on your available space and needs. For a luxurious master bath, aim for at least 120 square feet to allow room for desired amenities. For powder rooms and shared family baths, 80 square feet can work beautifully.

Focus on creating openness and breathing room vs cramming in too much. Work with space limitations by downsizing fixtures or choosing compact corner sinks and toilets.

What luxury features make a bathroom high-end?

Designer elements that elevate a basic bathroom include:

  • Heated floors
  • Double vanities for shared use
  • Built-in technology like TVs and Bluetooth music
  • Jetted tubs for therapeutic soaking
  • Steam showers
  • Smart home conveniences like lighting and shade control
  • Premium materials like marble and exotic wood

Include at least one special feature that makes your daily routine feel indulgent.

How can I add spa-like relaxation to my bathroom?

To make your bathroom into a home spa sanctuary, look for ways to promote calm and pamper yourself. Consider adding:

  • Fluffy bath robes and slippers
  • Scented candles and essential oils
  • Aromatherapy diffusers
  • Towel warmers
  • Succulents, ferns, or your favorite greenery
  • Soft, spa-like colors and materials
  • Built-in audio for music
  • Comfortable lounge seating or yoga space
  • Gentle lighting like wall sconces or Edison bulbs

Focus on creating a soothing ambiance from the moment you enter the space.

What design styles work well for dream bathrooms?

Some of the most popular design aesthetics for luxurious bathrooms include:

Contemporary: Clean lines, modern materials like stone and glass, chrome or matte black hardware

Transitional: Blend of modern and traditional, neutral palette, natural textures and materials

Traditional: Elegant details like crown molding, clawfoot tubs, ornate mirrors

Coastal: Light, airy colors, driftwood accents, marble and seashell decor

Eclectic: Unique combination of vintage, modern and global accents that express your personality

Spa: Natural materials like stone, wood and greenery, soothing colors, and rejuvenating amenities

Choose a style that resonates with your tastes then carry the theme throughout with fixtures, finishes and decor.

Should I work with a professional designer for my dream bathroom?

An interior designer or architect brings invaluable expertise if creating your ultimate dream bathroom. They help:

  • Maximize the layout and flow of the space
  • Specify designer finishes and features
  • Place lighting, plumbing,windows strategically
  • Incorporate storage seamlessly
  • Pull together all the elements cohesively

For smaller budgets, consider an hourly consult to concept the design, then execute it yourself.

Professionals help blend form and function beautifully while avoiding costly mistakes. Elevate your dream bathroom by collaborating with one.


Upgrading your bathroom into a relaxing oasis filled with both style and luxury amenities is a worthwhile investment. As a space you visit daily, your dream bathroom pays dividends in comfort, beauty and added real estate value for years to come.

Use the designer bathrooms featured here along with your own wish list to conceive the perfect retreat suited to your needs. Focus on quality over quantity by featuring one or two standout splurges like a stone soak tub or curbless glass shower. Add personal touches through lighting, greenery, art and decor.

By thoughtfully blending form and function, your dream bathroom can provide a daily escape for you and your family to relax and rejuvenate in. Investing in this special space you will enjoy daily is well worth the effort required to realistically budget, plan, and renovate. Before long, you’ll have a peaceful bathroom oasis to escape to at the start and end of each day.