The art of kitchen design is constantly evolving to embrace new trends and innovations. This week we’re taking a look at three stunning kitchen remodels that incorporate bright, modern style elements for a fresh and contemporary look. From sleek appliances to creative use of color and lighting, these kitchens are at the forefront of what’s new and now in home design.

Blending Old and New for a Timeless Look

This kitchen remodel in a 1925 Tudor style home is a beautiful blend of old and new. The original architectural details have been preserved, like the wood beam ceilings and leaded glass windows, lending vintage charm. Neutral cabinetry in a mix of painted and stained wood tones helps bridge traditional and modern aesthetics. Pops of brightness come from the backsplash’s handmade moroccan tiles in shades of blue, green, and yellow. Their vibrant pattern provides visual interest while complementing the classic elements.

Undercabinet lighting illuminates the glossy white quartz countertops, while pendant lights above the center island add ambient lighting. Stainless steel appliances and modern metal stools at the island lend a contemporary edge. This kitchen has a transitional look that honors the home’s history while incorporating current trends. The thoughtful integration of eras results in a timeless and inviting space.

Key Elements of This Timeless Look

  • Preserved architectural details like wood beams and leaded glass windows
  • Mix of painted and stained cabinetry in neutral wood tones
  • Moroccan tile backsplash with bold pops of color
  • Quartz countertops and stainless appliances for modern accents
  • Pendant lighting over the island and undercabinet lighting
  • Metal stools lend industrial edge to the transitional space

Scandinavian Style Natural Brightness

This sunlit kitchen utilizes a bright, minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic for a fresh and airy look. Abundant natural light streams through large windows overlooking lush greenery, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor feel. The crisp white cabinetry keeps the space looking open, and is offset by warm wood accents on the open shelving, ceiling, and floor.

Pops of greenery from houseplants on the shelves and a living wall behind the sink bring nature inside. The exposed brick wall adds textural contrast and a modern, industrial vibe. The powder blue kitchen island provides a playful focal point, coordinating with the pendant lights and accent rug. This minimalist kitchen balances white spaces, natural materials, and subtle color for a breezy Scandinavian vibe.

Achieving This Bright Scandinavian Look

  • Large windows to maximize natural light
  • White cabinetry for an airy, open look
  • Wood accents for warmth (shelving, ceiling, flooring)
  • Abundant indoor plants and a living wall
  • Exposed brick wall for modern texture
  • Powder blue island for a pop of color
  • Coordinating pendant lights and accent rug
  • Minimal accessories to keep the space decluttered

Throwing Color Caution to the Wind

This bold, contemporary kitchen remodel embraces vibrant colors from floor to ceiling for an energetic and dynamic space. The cabinets make a dramatic style statement with glossy emerald green paired with deep magenta uppers. This daring color combination commands attention while the high-sheen finish amplifies the look even more.

The central prep and dining area continues the color story with a striped area rug in the same vibrant jewel tones. Glossy white subway tile backsplash, countertops, and trim help balance the kaleidoscope of color. Contemporary track lighting, stainless appliances, and acrylic bar stools provide sleek modern finishes.

This kitchen celebrates color and texture with an eclectic mix of materials and accents. The space has great flow for entertaining, from the spacious central island to built-in banquette seating. Overall, this kitchen remake fully embraces “more is more” with an electrifying maximalist style.

Key Elements of This Vibrant Look

  • Daring green and magenta glossy cabinetry makes a bold color statement
  • High-sheen finish adds drama and makes colors pop
  • Colorful striped area rug complements cabinet colors
  • White backsplash, countertops, and trim for balance
  • Sleek track lighting, stainless appliances and acrylic stools
  • Eclectic mix of materials and textures
  • Spacious central island and banquette seating for entertaining

FAQ About New Trends in Kitchen Design

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about embracing bright, modern styles in kitchen design:

What are some popular cabinet colors right now?

White and gray cabinets remain popular for their clean, neutral look. But bold saturated colors like navy, green, and teal have been trending, along with warm wood tones. Two-tone kitchens mixing painted and stained cabinets are also on the rise.

What types of countertops work well with modern kitchens?

Quartz countertops are trending, especially white quartz with crisp gray veining. The durability and low maintenance of quartz complements contemporary kitchen aesthetics. Marble and soapstone are also having a moment for their unique natural patterning.

How do I incorporate color in a modern kitchen?

Colorful backsplashes and accent walls have been popular ways to liven up minimalist kitchens. Colored kitchen islands, either painted or with a vibrant stain, are also a fun focal point. Mixing glossy cabinets in different bright colors makes a dramatic style statement.

What lighting works well for a contemporary look?

LED undercabinet lighting and recessed downlighting help create the streamlined look of modern kitchens. Sleek track lighting and unique statement pendants are also popular choices to enhance a minimalist aesthetic.

Should I choose matte or glossy finishes?

glossy surfaces in cabinetry, backsplashes, and kitchen islands create shine, depth, and visual interest. Matte and concrete-look finishes have also been on trend for an understated industrial vibe. Mixing glossy and matte elements can yield great design contrast.

What flooring options complement modern kitchen styles?

Wood-look plank flooring, especially in lighter whitewashed and gray washed shades, complements contemporary designs. For bolder looks, polished concrete floors or vinyl flooring mimicking concrete’s appearance are trending choices.

What kind of sinks work with modern aesthetics?

Undermount sinks create a seamless transition from countertop to sink. Stainless steel is popular for its sleek, neutral look. composite sinks offer lighter non-metal options. Apron-front sinks make a statement with their minimalist design.

Should I install a kitchen island?

Islands are almost essential in contemporary kitchens. They expand workspaces and provide room for extra seating. Opt for an on-trend colorful island or complement your color scheme with a natural wood, marble, or concrete look island. Include pendant lighting for design impact.


This week shone the spotlight on three stunning kitchen remodels embracing colorful, minimalist, and modern design elements. From bold color statements to natural brightness, these spaces reflect the latest trends in crafting contemporary kitchens. While new products and aesthetics come and go, focusing on timeless principles like space planning, purposeful lighting, and harmonious materials remains the foundation of creating a beautiful and functional heart of the home. The key is determining which emerging styles best suit your personality and lifestyle needs. With an endless range of possibilities, there’s never been a better time to re-imagine your kitchen design.