Industrial style kitchens are a popular choice for those looking to create a modern, urban vibe in their home. This week we’re taking a look at three stunning industrial loft kitchen designs that are sure to inspire. From exposed brick to pendant lighting, these kitchens have all the hallmarks of industrial chic.


Industrial style takes its cues from old factories and warehouses, with an emphasis on materials like metal, concrete, and exposed brick. This raw, utilitarian aesthetic has become increasingly popular in home decor over the past decade. Loft kitchens blend industrial style with the open floor plan of a loft for a dramatic look.

Exposed ductwork, metal surfaces, and minimalist lines come together to create a sleek, modern kitchen. While some associate the industrial look with coldness, these kitchens infuse warmth through creative use of wood accents and careful attention to lighting. Read on for three loft kitchen examples that artfully walk the line between industrial and inviting.

1. Brick & Wood Loft Kitchen

This kitchen seamlessly blends hard and soft elements. The exposed red brick wall adds gritty texture and grounds the space. But the beautiful wood ceiling warms up the industrial bones.

Black penny tile flooring and stainless steel appliances provide an urban edge. While pops of greenery and vintage-style furnishings soften the look. The black and wood heavy island houses the sink and dishwasher. It provides ample prep space without dominating the open floor plan.

But the pièce de résistance is the stunning brick arch over the Wolf range. The rounded shape and brickwork create an architectural focal point in the kitchen. Skylights flood the cooking area with natural light, keeping the room from feeling too dark and cave-like.

2. Minimalist Industrial Loft Kitchen

This kitchen pares down the industrial look for a simpler, Scandinavian-inspired feel. The exposed ductwork, metal Tolix stools, and concrete surfaces provide urban appeal. While light wood cabinetry and walls prevent the space from feeling too cold.

The streamlined kitchen featuresglossy white subway tile backsplashes that brighten the space. And built-in shelving bathed in natural light provides open storage. Stainless steel shelves and drawers reflect light and maintain the sleek aesthetic.

The minimalist kitchen allows the textures and materials to take center stage. Crisp white Shaker cabinetry pops against the grey exposed brick. While the black door and window frames tie the space together. The sparse, airy feel creates a relaxed vibe.

3. Industrial Rustic Kitchen

This kitchen brings together contemporary industrial with cozy rustic elements for a unique look. The exposed brick wall and concrete surfaces offer an urban warehouse vibe. While the use of warm wood prevents the industrial features from overwhelming the space.

The unique metal and wood hood brings a handmade touch. And the elevated chicken wire shelving adds an unexpected twist. Galvanized metal, distressed wood, and Edison bulbs around the island provide rustic flair. But the sleek lines, black fixtures, and stainless appliances keep the aesthetic modern.

The mix of cool grays and warm woods makes this kitchen inviting. Open shelving along the brick wall provides handy display space. While the varied textures and materials give this kitchen depth and personality.

Key Takeaways

  • Industrial loft kitchens allow you to take advantage of high ceilings and open floor plans for a dramatic look. Exposed ductwork, piping, and brick add urban appeal.
  • Warm woods, vintage furnishings, and abundant lighting balance out the hard surfaces. Adding warmth and preventing the space from feeling too sterile.
  • Minimalist styles pared down to key industrial elements create a sleek, uncluttered look. While rustic, handcrafted touches can soften an urban warehouse vibe.
  • Kitchen islands tend to play a big role, providing additional seating and prep space in these open concept kitchens.
  • Creative use of materials like brick, metal, and concrete are hallmarks of the industrial kitchen aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key features of an industrial kitchen?

Some popular industrial kitchen features include exposed brick, concrete surfaces, galvanized metal, black fixtures, pendant lighting, subway tile, and stainless steel appliances. Open shelving and minimal upper cabinets are also common.

What colors work well in an industrial kitchen?

Black, white, gray, and wood tones are prevalent industrial color schemes. Pops of color can be added through appliances, stools or accent walls. But limiting the color palette keeps the industrial vibe.

How do you add warmth to an industrial space?

Warmth can be added through wood elements like floors, ceilings and shelving. Incorporate vintage or antique furnishings and lighting. Add potted greenery and consider painting one wall a warm color like terra cotta.

What type of flooring suits an industrial kitchen?

Concrete, stained concrete, and black penny tile are popular industrial kitchen flooring options. You can also opt for weathered wood floors or even polished concrete for an urban warehouse vibe.

What are industrial-rustic kitchens?

Industrial rustic kitchens blend contemporary, urban elements like metal surfaces and brick walls with reclaimed wood beams, beat up leather furnishings, Edison bulbs and other handcrafted touches.

What is an industrial chic kitchen?

Industrial chic kitchens have an edgy, urban warehouse aesthetic. But they incorporate sleeker, more polished elements vs the more distressed look of industrial rustic.


Industrial style kitchens provide a modern, urban look and feel through creative use of textures, metals and exposed materials. Loft kitchens allow you to take full advantage of high ceilings and open concepts common in live/work spaces. While vintage and rustic touches add warmth and prevent the look from feeling too sterile.

If you’re considering an industrial-inspired kitchen, think about how to strike the right balance between hard and soft elements based on your personal style. Visit some local loft spaces for inspiration. And don’t be afraid to mix materials and genres to create an industrial style that’s uniquely your own. With the right blend of materials and furnishings, you can produce an urban kitchen with character, depth and plenty of charm.