Eclectic kitchen designs are becoming increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to showcase their unique style and personality. This week we’re highlighting three fabulously eclectic kitchens that are sure to inspire. From vintage finds to modern elements, these kitchens have it all. Let’s take a tour and examine what makes them so special.

Blending Old and New

This kitchen designed by [Design Firm] artfully combines vintage charm with contemporary features. The backbone of the space is the collection of reclaimed wood cabinets and open shelves, lending a cozy, farmhouse vibe. Contrasting that is the sleek marble waterfall island and gold modern fixtures.

Some key elements that make this kitchen eclectic include:

  • Mix of cabinet styles – Upper cabinets are painted white for a classic look, while the lower ones showcase the wood’s natural patina.
  • Vintage accessories – Baskets, framed botanical prints, and ceramic canisters give nods to the past.
  • Modern lightning – The sculptural pendant lights and recessed lighting provide illumination with contemporary style.
  • Unexpected colors – Navy blue lower cabinets and brass accents pop against the white and wood.

This kitchen brings together a variety of eras and aesthetics for a look that’s eclectic yet harmonious. The white subway backsplash ties it all together.

Bold Global Influences

Designed by [Interior Designer], this kitchen packs a punch with its worldly artifacts and daring color scheme. The starting point was the client’s collection of spices, textiles, and souvenirs from her travels to India.

Key elements that make this kitchen vibrant and eclectic include:

  • Bright colors – Walls lacquered in orange add energy, while teal cabinets provide a striking contrast.
  • Ethnic patterns – Countertops mimick decorative mosaics, while the backsplash boasts a Moroccan tile motif.
  • Cultural elements – Baskets, pottery, and textiles infuse global flair. An antique door from India became the island.
  • Mix of materials – Concrete, wood, marble, and glass each lend unique texture.

By honoring the homeowner’s treasures from abroad, this kitchen achieves a layered, eclectic look that’s full of life. The varied textures and colors marry beautifully.

Industrial Edge

This urban loft kitchen designed by [Firm] juxtaposes sleek surfaces with industrial touches for an edgy, eclectic vibe. The modern Shaker cabinets provide a streamlined canvas to build upon.

Design elements that inject industrial eclecticism include:

  • Exposed brick wall – Retaining the original interior brick injects weathered character.
  • Stainless steel countertops – A cool, commercial material that pairs well with the brick.
  • Vintage-style pendant lights – Clustered bulbs suspended on black cords add industrial flair.
  • Salvaged wood open shelving – Rough-hewn woodoffers organic contrast to the smooth cabinetry.
  • Black and white color scheme – Crisp yet moody, allowing the materials to shine.

By interplaying modern elements with reclaimed materials and a neutral palette, this kitchen achieves an edgy, lived-in look. The brick wall and salvaged shelves give it an authentic eclectic vibe.

Achieving Balance in an Eclectic Kitchen

When designing an eclectic kitchen, it’s important to strike the right balance between varied elements. Follow these tips:

  • Select a unifying color scheme – Use accent colors sparingly and choose neutral backdrops like white, black or natural wood. This allows other pieces to pop.
  • Mix and match materials intentionally – Pair sleek surfaces like glass or metal with organic ones like wood or stone. The contrast adds interest.
  • Incorporate personalized vintage items – Display special antique finds, family heirlooms or flea market treasures to inject soul.
  • Keep the layout clean – Opt for an open, uncluttered layout so the design doesn’t feel too busy. Pare down accessories.
  • Edit eclectic layers carefully – Add global, industrial or other elements sparingly so they enhance the space instead of overwhelming it.

With careful curation and restraint, you can design a fabulous kitchen that feels pulled together yet wonderfully eclectic. Layer familiar comforts from the past with modern conveniences for a look that’s personalized, warm and unique.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eclectic Kitchens

What are some key features of an eclectic kitchen design?

Some hallmarks of an eclectic kitchen design include mixing modern and vintage elements, using an unexpected color scheme, blending cultural influences, combining sleek and natural materials, incorporating salvaged finds and heirlooms, and displaying artwork and accessories with personal meaning.

What colors work well in an eclectic kitchen?

Eclectic kitchens look best with a neutral palette as the backdrop and pops of bold accent colors sprinkled throughout. Popular base colors are white, black, gray and natural wood tones. Vibrant hues like emerald, navy or mustard yellow can be added through appliances, tile, cabinets or decor.

What architectural details lend themselves to an eclectic kitchen?

Details like exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood beams, concrete or tile floors, and salvaged architectural elements help create an eclectic kitchen. Displaying collections like vintage pottery or foreign souvenirs also enhances the look.

How do I mix patterns and textures successfully?

Limit patterns to small doses like a backsplash tile or area rug. Anchor the space with solid hues and natural textures like wood. Mix glossy surfaces like quartz countertops with matte finishes like brick walls. Layer rugs over wood floors for cozy contrast.

Should all the finishes and metals match in an eclectic kitchen?

It’s perfectly fine to mix metal finishes in an eclectic kitchen – go with brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, aged copper or unlacquered brass. Just be sure each piece has a similar worn or antique patina so the blend looks intentional.

What layout works best for an eclectic kitchen?

An open, uncluttered layout allows eclectic elements to shine without competing. Ample countertops, streamlined cabinets, clean lines and multipurpose islands help maintain order so the space feels designed, not haphazard.


Eclectic kitchen designs are a wonderful way to infuse personality and tell a unique story through your interior space. By blending eras, cultures, materials and adding thoughtful vintage details, you can achieve a layered, curated look that expresses your tastes. Focus on quality over quantity when selecting special pieces with history, and display your most beloved collections proudly. Aim for a cohesive balance overall, united through a neutral palette and clean layout. Your kitchen will gain character and heart with each antique find and global treasure. What memories will you showcase in your fabulous eclectic kitchen?