Transforming your bathroom into a spa-like oasis is easier than ever with the latest designs that incorporate both walk-in showers and stand-alone tubs. This week we’ll look at three bathrooms that achieve the perfect balance between these two luxurious features.

Embrace Openness with a Spacious Layout

One way to accommodate both a walk-in shower and freestanding tub is to opt for an open and airy layout. This bathroom uses a wall of glass-block windows to let in natural light, while separating the shower and tub areas. The glass blocks provide privacy without totally closing off the space.

The walk-in shower is lined in striking navy tile and has convenient built-in shelving. The highlight is the centrally located rain shower head for a luxurious soaking experience. Across from the shower, the oval stand-alone tub is positioned by the windows to create a soothing spot to unwind. Keeping decor minimal allows the materials and shapes of the shower and tub to stand out.

Include Seamless Transitions with Unified Finishes

Transitioning seamlessly between the shower and tub areas helps this bathroom feel cohesive. The same large-scale porcelain tile is used on the walls and floors of both spaces in a crisp white hue. This uniform background lets the walk-in shower and freestanding tub take center stage.

The frameless glass enclosure of the walk-in shower maintains an open and airy vibe. Inside, there’s a built-in bench for shaving legs or relaxing under the rain shower head. Just steps away, the oval soaking tub provides a place to wind down after a shower or bath. Keeping the finishes consistent creates a spa-like tranquility.

Define Spaces with Clever Layout Solutions

Strategic layout choices allow this bathroom to house both a walk-in shower and stand-alone tub without feeling cramped. The shower is enclosed in a glossy niche, fully separating it from the rest of the space. This privacy lets two people use the bathroom at once.

Outside the niche, the oval tub is displayed like a sculpture against the marble accent wall. Windows draw in natural light from above, creating a soothing ambiance. The bamboo-inspired porcelain tile floors flow throughout, uniting the shower and tub zones. Thoughtful planning ensures there’s room for all the spa-worthy features in this bathroom oasis.

Design an Optimal Bathroom Retreat

When incorporated strategically, today’s walk-in showers and stand-alone tubs can peacefully co-exist in your dream bathroom. Focus on creating an open and unified feel with consistent materials in neutral hues. Clever layout solutions like separating the areas in their own niches allows for privacy and functionality. Finally, let ample natural light in through windows and avoid clutter to keep the space feeling tranquil. With the right approach, you can have the best of both bathing worlds.

FAQs about Combining Walk-in Showers and Tubs

What are the benefits of having both features?

Having both a walk-in shower and a freestanding tub provides versatility for different bathing needs. Showers are great for quick rinses or getting cleaned up. Tubs provide a place to soak and unwind.

What design strategies help combine them cohesively?

Using the same finishes like flooring and wall tiles makes the space feel unified. Strategic layout choices to delineate shower and tub zones also helps the bathroom feel cohesive yet functional.

How much space do you need for the layout?

At minimum, you need 60 square feet for a walk-in shower and 20 square feet for a tub. Ideally, have 25+ square feet around each to allow easy movement.

Should they be open or enclosed rooms?

It’s a personal choice! Open layouts feel airy but enclosures add privacy. Glass doors maintain an open look while separating the areas.

Should the tub go near windows or in a quiet spot?

Natural light often sets a tranquil tone, so placing the tub near windows is inviting. But tubs also pair nicely with soft lighting if you prefer a more secluded setup.

What style of tub works best?

Freestanding tubs avoid taking up wall space, leaving room for shower fixtures. Rectangular or oval tubs often fit better than round.


The days of choosing between a shower or tub are over. Today’s spacious and innovative bathroom designs make including both features simple. Using unified finishes, ample lighting, and thoughtful layouts are key to maximizing both in your home. Shower and tub combinations create the ultimate soothing oasis to start and end your day. With strategic planning, you can have the best of both bathing worlds.