Moen has long been a leader in innovative bathroom fixtures, and their newest bidet offerings are no exception. With advanced features like integrated cleansing, drying, and aroma options, as well as high-tech conveniences like nightlights and heated seats, Moen’s bidets will be the smartest tools in your bathroom.

In this article, we’ll explore all the smart capabilities of Moen’s new bidets and how they can upgrade your bathroom experience. From personalized cleansing to intelligent heat and dry settings, we’ll cover how these bidets adapt to you. We’ll also highlight the convenience factors that make them easier to use each day. Read on to learn why Moen’s bidets are about to become the most advanced fixtures in your bathroom.

High-Tech Adjustable Cleansing

One of the biggest advantages of Moen’s new bidets is the adjustable cleansing they offer. While basic bidets only have one stream of water, Moen’s models allow you to personalize the position of the stream, the water pressure, and the temperature.

For precise cleansing, you can move the bidet wand both front to back and side to side with up to 5 spray positions. Whether you need a more focused stream or a wider spray pattern, you can customize it with just a toggle or slide control. The water pressure is also adjustable, so you can turn it up for a more intense wash or dial it down for comfort.

Temperature control gives you the ability to warm the water from a refreshing cool stream to a soothing warm flow. By using an inline heater, Moen bidets can provide continuous warm water without the limiting heat capacity of tank style heaters. So you’ll never run out of warm water mid-wash again.

With these advanced controls, Moen bidets provide a truly personalized cleansing experience for maximum hygiene and comfort.

Intuitive Heated Seat and Air Dryer

In addition to a smarter wash, Moen bidets also feature high-tech heated seats and air dryers for maximum comfort and convenience.

The heated seat includes on-demand warming as well as pre-set temperature options to keep your seat pleasantly warm. This helps promote better relaxation and alignment when sitting on the toilet. It also keeps the seat from feeling cold, making your bathroom experience more comfortable first thing in the morning or late at night.

Rather than reaching for toilet paper, Moen’s integrated air dryer provides a hands-free drying experience. Multiple temperature settings allow you to adjust the airflow from a cool breeze to a warmer setting. The dryer targets the precise wash area for efficient drying in just seconds.

Combining adjustable wash settings with heated seating and drying, Moen bidets provide complete advanced cleansing and comfort controls all in one intelligent fixture.

Automatic Open and Close Lids

Tired of touching dirty toilet lids and seats? Moen’s bidets take the germaphobe’s bathroom to the next level with automatic opening and closing lids.

Using proximity sensors, the lids open automatically as you approach the toilet. This touchless experience helps prevent the spread of germs from hand contact with the lids. It also offers a more convenient, seamless experience when using the toilet in a rush.

In addition to auto open, the lids also feature soft-close hinges. This prevents the loud slamming noise when lids are dropped shut. Soft-close guides the lids down gently and quietly.

Combining hands-free opening with gentle closing, the auto lids create both a more hygienic and pleasant bathroom environment. No more opting to go lidless to avoid touching germy surfaces.

Built-In Ambient Nightlight

Moen takes bidet convenience even further by integrating a nightlight right into the fixture. Located underneath the seat, this nightlight offers a soft glow perfect for nighttime bathroom trips.

Having a built-in light means no more blindly fumbling around the bathroom when it’s dark. The nightlight illuminates your path and allows you to use the bidet easily and comfortably even in pitch black.

Its ambient glow is bright enough to guide your way but soft enough that it won’t disrupt your sleep or bedroom. And integrated motion sensors turn the light on and off based on bathroom occupancy. So you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity by accidentally leaving it on.

With this innovative feature, Moen bidets provide extra safety and convenience around the clock. No more tripping hazards or disruptive overheads lights needed for those late-night bathroom runs.

Self-Cleaning Modes and Antimicrobial Materials

Maintaining excellent hygiene is the top priority for a bidet fixture. That’s why Moen designed their new bidets with both self-cleaning modes and antimicrobial product protection.

The bidets include both pre-mist and self-cleaning modes. Pre-mist moistens the bowl before use to prevent waste from adhering. Self-cleaning washes away any residual debris with antimicrobial cleaning solution.

On top of cleaning modes, Moen constructs the seats and lids with proprietary antimicrobial BioCote technology. BioCote inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing microbes like bacteria and mold. This antimicrobial product protection helps maintain cleanliness between uses.

With both active cleaning modes and antimicrobial materials, Moen bidets stay fresher longer for optimal long-term hygiene. No more scrubbing and sanitizing a dirty bidet seat.

Bluetooth App and Voice Control Compatibility

Today’s smart homes demand smart fixtures, and Moen delivers with bidets that integrate both app and voice controls.

Using the Moen app, you can fully program and control your bidet from your smartphone or tablet. Customize settings like water temperature and seat warmth so they are ready when you are. You can also activate cleaning modes to freshen between uses.

Moen’s bidets work with leading voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for hands-free voice control. Give voice commands to lift the lid, activate cleansing modes, or turn on the nightlight. Voice control makes using the bidet more convenient and accessible.

Thanks to app and voice compatibility, Moen bidets provide the pinnacle of smart home integration. Control your bidet with just a tap or voice command for next-level convenience.

Contemporary Styling and Design

While feature-packed, Moen still delivers their signature sophisticated style with these new bidet designs. Contemporary curved lines and high-gloss finishes give the bidets a sleek, premium look.

Subtle curves and low profiles provide a touch of softness while maintaining a modern minimalist aesthetic. The bidets integrate seamlessly into both transitional and contemporary bathrooms. Their neutral tones work well with any color palette and decor style.

Thoughtful details like illuminated cleansing controls, metallic accents, and matching wood-grain lids further elevate the refined style. Moen bidets look as good as they function.

Blending smart tech with contemporary elegance, Moen creates bidets that complement and enhance any stylish bathroom design.

A Smarter Way to Get Clean

Moen’s new bidet offerings prove that advanced tech and daily hygiene go hand in hand. With high-tech features like adjustable cleansing modes, automatic lids, heated seats, and app controls, these bidets set a new standard for intelligent bathroom fixtures.

If you’re looking to upgrade your clean in the most convenient, comfortable way possible, Moen’s bidets are a clear smart choice. Experience high-tech hygiene with heated drying, antimicrobial protection, and touchless operation.

Moen bidets aren’t just bathroom upgrades – they are transformative smart home additions. Introduce the latest innovation in cleansing tech to your bath space today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moen’s New High-Tech Bidets

Considering one of Moen’s new smart bidets? Here are answers to some of the most common questions about these advanced bathroom fixtures.

How do Moen’s bidets connect to water?

Moen bidets use an electronic tankless instant water heating system rather than traditional tank style heaters. This allows for an unlimited supply of warm cleansing water on demand. The bidets tie into the existing hot and cold water supply lines under your sink or toilet.

Do they require an outlet for power?

Yes, Moen’s bidets require an electrical outlet connection to power the various electronic features like the heated seat, instant heater, and nightlight. The outlet can be installed near the toilet if needed.

What type of outlets are compatible?

Moen bidets work with standard 120V three-prong outlets commonly found in residential bathrooms. Outlets should be properly grounded and GFCI protected for safety.

How difficult is installation?

Moen bidets come with simplified DIY installation instructions for easy fitting onto standard residential toilets. The process is very similar to changing out a standard toilet seat. Most consumers can install their Moen bidet in well under an hour with common household tools.

Are the bidets ADA compliant?

Yes, Moen’s bidets meet the latest ADA regulations and requirements. The fixtures provide accessible controls and the proper seat height and dimensions for those with disabilities or limited mobility.

Do Moen bidets come with a warranty?

Yes, Moen provides a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects across all components like valves, electronics, and connections. Warranty protects against leaks, drips, and performance issues.

What smart device integrations are included?

Moen bidets are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. This allows for app and voice activated controls like custom cleansing modes, heated seat activation, self-cleaning, and nightlight.

How do the self-cleaning modes work?

Self-clean modes use an integrated nozzle guard to extend a sanitizing spray wand. The wand releases an antimicrobial cleaning solution designed to wash away any residual waste and bacteria.

Do they come with plumbing hookups?

Yes, Moen bidets include all necessary drain connections and water supply hoses for installation. They use standard 3/8″ supply lines and fit standard 1.28 GPF toilets. An inline T-adapter connects the bidet to the toilet water supply.

What’s the difference between a round and elongated bidet?

This refers to the shape of the toilet seat the bidet fits onto – round or oval. Make sure to get the bidet design that matches your existing toilet seat shape for proper fitting.


Moen has set a new standard for intelligent toilet technology with bidets that think and adapt to you. With Smart features like app controls, automatic lids, heated seats, and sensor-activated LED lighting, Moen bidets create a truly high-tech bathroom experience. If you’re looking to upgrade both your comfort and hygiene, Moen’s latest bidets are the smart solution. Experience brilliant technology in the bathroom with Moen.

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