Giving your family bathroom a fresh, bohemian-inspired update can transform the space into an oasis of relaxed style and charm. Incorporating touches of warmth, texture, and character creates an inviting environment for all to enjoy. Here are some tips for bringing a modern bohemian vibe to your family bathroom remodel or refresh.

Select Natural Materials and Textures

The boho aesthetic emphasizes natural elements and tactile surfaces. Consider wood, stone, woven textures, and plants to enhance the cozy feel.

  • Wood accents like floating shelves, a tree stump stool, or a driftwood mirror frame bring organic beauty. Opt for lightly stained, weathered, or whitewashed wood for a modern bohemian look.
  • Marble, travertine, and limestone tiles or accents provide natural stone texture. Mix different shapes and patterns for visual interest.
  • Rattan, bamboo, jute, and cotton offer lightweight, casual textures for baskets, mats, shower curtains and other accessories.
  • Leafy potted plants give a dose of living green. Display trailing vines, succulents, or herbs for a fresh bohemian touch.

Pick Relaxed, Earthy Color Schemes

Aim for an easy, breezy color palette inspired by nature. Soft neutral bases blended with organic hues create a soothing, informal environment.

  • Off-whites, beiges, and light taupes keep things airy and ethereal. Whitewash panelling for boho charm.
  • Layer in warm terra cotta, umber, sage, mossy green and sky blue for laidback color.
  • Add pops of teal, mustard, or dusty rose to complement the neutrals without overpowering.
  • Distressed wood surfaces, natural stone with variations, and textured tiles add depth through color and pattern.

Incorporate Vintage or Repurposed Finds

Secondhand and surplus items reflect the bohemian spirit of creativity and freedom. Scout flea markets, antique shops, or online for budget-friendly vintage finds.

  • Display collected glass bottles, restored wood crates, or galvanized buckets filled with cotton swabs and balls.
  • Salvaged factory carts and weathered storage trunks provide charming towel stands or vanities.
  • Mismatched glass bottles, cups, or vases make unique holders for cotton swabs, soaps, and toothbrushes.
  • An old ladder, rake, quilt, or painting gives new life to bathroom walls. Just seal items properly for moisture resistance.

Add Flowing Fabrics and Macramé

Fabrics infuse color, softness, and texture. Flowing curtains, towel valances, or wall tapestries enhance the relaxed vibe. Macramé plant hangers and wall hangings represent a bohemian signature.

  • Earthy patterned fabric shower curtains and rugs add a touch of boho spirit. Fringe details amp up the textural dimension.
  • Cotton tapestry throws, quilts, or pillows provide a vibrant accent atop cabinets or stools.
  • Macramé plant hangers crafted from yarn or cotton rope display leafy greenery in the perfect bohemian form.
  • DIY macramé wall hangings using varying knots and beads add free-spirited flair wherever needed.

Display Artisan Pottery and Sculptures

Handcrafted ceramics, pottery, and sculptures align with the artisanal quality of bohemian decor. Choose pieces that showcase natural forms, abstract shapes, or freeform designs.

  • Platters, vases, pots, and cups crafted from clay or ceramic provide an earthy, handmade look on shelves or the vanity. Opt for neutral glazes or distressed finishes.
  • Stone, wood, or bronze figurines add sculptural elegance. Abstract shapes and fluid forms work well.
  • Wall mounts like hand-formed ceramic soap dishes or integrated pottery shelves supply artistic function.
  • Painted clay beads, wound wire balls, or stone geodes present distinctive bath accessories.

Create a Spa-Like Ambiance

Incorporating elements of comfort, tranquility, and renewal establishes a relaxing spa mood. Candles, greenery, soothing scents, and soft lighting cultivate the vibe.

  • Place candles of varying heights throughout for a cozy glow. Citrus, woodsy, and herbal aromas promote relaxation.
  • Essential oil diffusers with scents like lavender, eucalyptus, or ylang ylang enhance the zen environment.
  • Hang leafy potted plants and dried botanicals to connect with nature.
  • Install dimmable lighting and natural light sources to set the desired ambiance.

Add Bohemian Personal Touches

Infuse character and personal style throughout the space for a distinctly bohemian feel. Have fun customizing with meaningful embellishments and flair.

  • Display favorite travel photos, spiritual symbols, or positive mottos on the walls or mirrors.
  • Choose plush bathmats, robes, and towels in vibrant globally inspired prints.
  • Stencil in whimsical patterns on cabinetry. Paint a bold accent wall or mural.
  • Incorporate handmade ceramic knobs and hardware for unique, artisanal details.

The bohemian design ethos emphasizes individuality, creativity, and harmony with nature. By blending vintage charm, global inspiration, and artistic spirit, your family bathroom can become a personalized oasis with an inviting, free-spirited style. Focus on natural elements, relaxed fabrics, an eclectic mix of accessories, and infusing your own vision to craft a modern bohemian bathroom retreat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some key features of a bohemian style bathroom?

Some key features of a bohemian style bathroom include:

  • Natural materials like wood, stone, woven textures
  • Earthy, neutral color scheme with organic pops of color
  • Vintage, repurposed, or handcrafted accents
  • Flowing fabrics like curtains, shower curtains, tapestries
  • Macramé hangings and accents
  • Handmade pottery, ceramics, and artwork
  • Candles, essential oils, and greenery to create a spa-like ambiance
  • Global patterns and textures
  • A relaxed, eclectic vibe

What type of flooring works best for a boho bathroom?

Great flooring options for a bohemian bathroom include stone or ceramic tile, distressed wood, bamboo, cement tiles, brick, or repurposed vintage rugs.

How can I make a bohemian light fixture?

Some ideas for DIY bohemian light fixtures include:

  • Turn vintage birdcages or mesh laundry hampers into pendant lights
  • Wrap string lights around bamboo or driftwood
  • Hang mason jars or recycled glass bottles with Edison bulbs
  • Macramé organic lampshades using cotton rope or yarn
  • Use natural materials like rattan, wood beads, shells to make creative fixtures

What plants help create a boho bathroom ambiance?

Great plants for a bohemian bathroom include trailing vines, succulents, ferns, palms, herbs like mint and basil, and flowering options like orchids, bromeliads, or gardenia.

Where can I find bohemian style bathroom accessories?

Check flea markets, antique stores, secondhand shops, Etsy, Anthropologie, West Elm, and World Market for bohemian bathroom accessories like rugs, wall hangings, towels, shower curtains, ceramics, furniture and more.

How do I add bohemian style on a budget?

Some budget-friendly ways to add bohemian style include using affordable natural fibers like jute and cotton for rugs, shower curtains and tapestries, buying secondhand furniture and lighting, making your own macramé, stenciling patterns on walls, and displaying inexpensive finds from thrift shops and yard sales. Focus on creativity over cost.


Refreshing a family bathroom with modern bohemian style allows you to create a space that feels serene, artistic, and filled with character. By incorporating natural elements, global textures, vintage finds, and unique personalized details, you can craft a relaxing yet spirited bath retreat. Pay attention to lighting, greenery, and ambiance to establish a spa-like environment. Keep costs down with budget-friendly fabrics, secondhand scores, and DIY projects. With a bit of creativity and vision, your family bathroom can become a chic boho-inspired oasis for all to enjoy.