A modern bathroom vanity can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to select the perfect vanity. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when shopping for a contemporary bathroom vanity. We’ll cover popular styles, smart storage solutions, material options, and top trends to help you create a beautiful, functional bathroom you’ll love.

Styles of Modern Bathroom Vanities

When selecting a modern vanity, one of the first decisions is the overall style. Here are some of the most popular options for contemporary bathroom vanities:

Floating Vanities

Floating vanities are a hallmark of modern design. The vanity seems to “float” above the floor, suspended by the wall with an open space underneath. This creates a light, airy look and makes the vanity appear less bulky. Floating vanities work especially well in small bathrooms where you want to maximize the feeling of openness. They come in a range of materials like wood, glass, and metal.

Vessel Sink Vanities

Vessel sinks sit on top of the vanity surface, rather than being sunk into or mounted to the countertop. Their high profile makes them a distinctly modern feature. Vessel sink vanities typically have open shelf or cabinet space below to showcase the unique sink. The sink and counter area remain sparse for a clean-lined contemporary aesthetic.

Modern Double Vanities

Double vanities are ideal for master bathrooms. They allow two people to get ready at once and provide ample storage. Modern double vanities feature sleek lines, minimal ornamentation, and contemporary details like metal legs or exposed plumbing. Separating the sink areas creates visual space. Or try wall-mounted faucets to maximize countertop usage.

Modern Pedestal Sinks

For a bold contemporary look, pedestal sinks stand out. Their thin pillar-like base contrasts with the basin shape above. Pedestal sinks have a small footprint, suiting modest bathrooms. And they make a stylish design statement despite their diminutive proportions. Consider pairing a pedestal sink with wall-mounted faucets and floating shelves to continue the modern motif.

Smart Storage Solutions

While a streamlined look is characteristic of contemporary style, you still need storage in a functional bathroom. Modern vanities offer clever solutions to stow essentials while maintaining that sleek aesthetic.


Deep drawers built right into the vanity provide hidden storage space. Full extension drawers allow you to access the entire depth. Soft-close mechanisms prevent slamming. Customize the layout to suit your needs – try split height drawers to accommodate taller items below with smaller compartments up top.

Open Shelves

Rather than fully enclosed cabinetry, open shelves give a lighter look. Display rolled towels, baskets of toiletries or decorative objects. Glass or metal shelves contribute to the modern vibe. Just be sure to keep those shelves styled neatly!

Medicine Cabinets

Recessed or flush mounted medicine cabinets fit seamlessly into modern bathroom walls. Choose a streamlined frameless model – or ditch the mirror door for open shelving. Inside you’ll find ample space for bathroom necessities and personal items. Consider interior lighting and charging ports for convenience.

Modern Vanity Materials

The materials you choose for the vanity, countertop and sink play a huge role in the overall modern aesthetic. Consider these material options:


Wood brings natural warmth and texture to a contemporary vanity. Go for lighter stains to keep it fresh and modern. Interesting wood grain provides visual appeal. Walnut, white oak and maple all make good choices. Or try painted wood in matte black or grey for modern sophistication.


Glass adds a sleek transparency and delicate elegance. The see-through quality helps maintain an open, light look. Glass vessel sinks come in various colors and shapes for dramatic focal points. Or select a vanity with glass cabinet doors to show off the interior contents.


From stainless steel to satin brass, metal finishes lend an industrial vibe. Metal legs on a vanity provide airy support and metallic sinks bring high shine. Iron, bronze and powder-coated aluminum are durable options. Or try a mixed material vanity with wood cabinetry and metal legs.


The rawness of concrete complements modern aesthetics. Concrete vanities feel weighty and substantial with an organic sensibility. Gray concrete adds sophisticated neutrality, or opt for vivid color customization. The material’s matte texture plays against the polish of fixtures and metal accents.

Quartz & Solid Surfaces

For the countertop, engineered composites like quartz and solid surfaces suit modern designs. Sleek and minimal, they emulate stone’s look without the maintenance. Pure white or muted grey colors keep the palette contemporary. Their nonporous composition resists stains and stands up to daily wear and tear.

Top Trends in Modern Bathroom Vanities

Now that we’ve covered the basics for modern vanity styles and materials, let’s look at some of the top trends inspired by the latest in interior design:

Black Hardware & Accents

From faucets to handles and knobs, bold black hardware makes a dramatic style statement. Dark hardware pops against lighter vanity materials and countertops. Try mixing finishes too – combine matte black with metallic accents for interest.

Creative Cabinets

Modern vanity cabinets go beyond basic white rectangles. Look for creative angles, asymmetric shapes and unique open shelving. Geometric patterns and textural details add flair. Shop European brands like Duravit for cutting-edge modern designs.

Warm Wood Tones

Though ultra-contemporary vanities favor cooler hues, warm woods are making a comeback. The natural imperfections and rich grains of walnut, acacia and teak provide cozy organic contrast to sleek surfaces. A wood vanity offers just the right amount of texture.

Minimalist Look

The less-is-more approach rules in minimalist bathrooms. Seek out unembellished vanities with clean lines and no decorative hardware. Let the natural patterns and tones of materials be the star. Floating styles, vessel sinks and wall mounts enhance airiness.

Bold Colors & Patterns

Don’t be afraid to make a vibrant color statement! Painted vanities in deep emerald or sapphire blue bring energy. Graphic tile patterns energize neutral backdrops. Or opt for a sink or faucet in eye-catching yellow, orange or red. Just be sure to keep other elements pared down.

Curved Shapes

Soft curves offset hard edges and angles in contemporary bathroom designs. Arched mirrors, oval undermount sinks and rounded vanity corners relax modern severity. Circular vessel sinks add sculptural flair. Undulating patterns lend visual interest too.

Sleek Faucets

The faucet serves as modern jewelry for your bathroom vanity. Clean lines, arched spouts and minimalist forms define today’s faucet styles. Look for matte black or brushed brass finishes. Levers offer easy control, or try touchless technology. Wall-mounted faucets maximize space.

Customized Storage

Optimize your storage with a customized modern vanity. Adjust interior configurations to your needs with handy inserts, dividers and trays. Charging docks keep devices powered. Use every inch, with tips like under-sink pull-out baskets for extra room. A few smart customizations can go a long way.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainable materials are a growing part of the modern design aesthetic. Bamboo, recycled glass, and renewable wood materials align with eco values. Purchase furniture made from environmentally responsible resources. Check certifications and manufacturing processes for added peace of mind.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Now that we’ve explored the essentials of modern vanities, let’s look at some inspiring ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Consider these bathroom designs to discover your perfect modern style.

Minimalist White

A bright white palette keeps things fresh and opens up smaller spaces. The clean simplicity of crisp white quartz countertops, a floating white wood vanity, and sleek vessel sinks is timeless. Add in modern black accents and subtle texture with wood-look porcelain tile for dimension.

Midcentury Modern

The midcentury look remains popular for good reason. Blonde woodgrain cabinetry, earthy stone or marble counters, and slight tapering legs have retro appeal. Incorporate charming vintage details like oval undermount sinks and patterned tile. Keep fixtures current for balance.

Industrial Edge

Urban lofts and exposed building elements inspire industrial style. The strong lines of metal legs on concrete-top vanities align with the aesthetic. Matte black plumbing and mixed metal finishes pump up the edge. Concrete or wood panel walls make a bold impact.

Scandinavian Sanctuary

Scandinavian style brings light and tranquility through white and wood elements. A natural wood vanity plays against bright white walls and bedding. Touchable fluffy towels and unadorned vessel sinks keep the serene vibe. Pops of sage or sky blue enliven neutrals.

Modern Farmhouse

The familiar warmth of traditional farmhouse style upgrades with contemporary vanities. A classic shiplap backdrop grounds the look while square floating vanities modernize it. Woven baskets for storage bring textural contrast. Mix white porcelain and wood for visual interest.

Bold Geometry

Geometric tile patterns bring movement to modern bathrooms. Try an accent wall or bold floor design. The linear look pairs perfectly with square floating vanities. Stick to neutral cabinetry and countertops to let the graphics shine. Elongated hexagon tile works nicely.

Sleek and Serene

Serenity comes from simplicity. Get the spa treatment with a wall-hung wooden vanity and coordinating ledge shelf. Hide clutter in covered cabinets and drawers. Built-in niches provide display space. Add tactile interest and comfort with woven baskets, fluffy towels, and a sprig of greenery.

Modern Double Vanity Ideas

For shared family bathrooms or luxurious master suites, double vanities earn their place. Here are creative ways to incorporate modern double vanities:

Floating His & Hers

A paired set of floating vanities caters to two people without cluttering the space. Matching cabinetry maintains harmony, while individual sinks and mirrors make functional sense. Built-in dividing shelves reinforce the layout.

Mirrored Built-Ins

Frame the vanities with floor-to-ceiling mirrored cabinets for amplified proportions. Integrated lights illuminate while opaque lower cabinets conceal. Go for floating shelves up top to continue the airy effect.

Modern Materials Mix

Choose complementary materials for visual unity yet visual contrast. A rich wood vanity works alongside a sleek concrete-topped counterpart. Or couple a stone-topped vanity with a metal and glass version. Repeat faucet finishes to tie the look together.

Double the Vessels

For double the drama, opt for vessel sinks atop a shared surface. This elongated countertop accommodates two users while minimizing the layout’s footprint. Minimalist fixtures keep the balance.

Shared Concrete Countertop

The substantial scale of a wide concrete countertop pairs nicely with two modern vessel sinks. Build in dividing shelves and cabinets underneath to delineate each user’s space. The wall-hung countertop enhances lightness.

Modern Farmhouse Charm

Give classic farmhouse charm a face lift with two floating vanities flanking a central mirror. Crisp white shaker cabinetry keeps the look light and bright. Include etched glass doors and matte black hardware for contemporary nuance.

Urban Loft Inspiration

Exposed piping, metal accents and cool concrete evoke modern loft living. Two rectangular concrete vanities feature integrated basins for a sculptural sensibility. Glossy penny tile backsplashes inject shine.

Modern Bathroom Vanity FAQs

Looking to update your bathroom vanity but still have some questions? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about modern bathroom vanities:

What size vanity do I need for my bathroom?

Choose a vanity around 24-30 inches deep and about 4 inches wider than your sink on each side. Scale the vanity width and height to fit the proportions of your space – standard is 30-36 inches high and 24-72 inches wide. Measure carefully to ensure it fits!

What modern vanity styles work best in small bathrooms?

Floating vanities open up floor space to make a small bathroom appear larger. Pedestal sinks also occupy less area. Avoid bulky cabinets and consider wall-mounted faucets. Add mirrors to amplify light and a sense of size.

Should I get a single or double vanity for my master bath?

If you have the room, a double vanity is nice for shared routines in a master bath. Opt for two modern vessel sinks on a shared surface for his and hers stations. Or try two separate vanities divided by shelving built into the wall.

How much space do I need between two vanities?

Ideally allow 48-60 inches between the edges of two vanities. This gives ample elbow room when using sinks or opening cabinets at the same time. Place vanities against opposite walls or incorporate dividing shelves to delineate spaces.

What modern materials are best for bathroom vanities?

Stick with nonporous, water-resistant materials. Woods like teak and maple resist moisture. Engineered composites like quartz make durable countertops. For sinks, popular modern choices include glass, concrete, stone resin, porcelain, copper, and fireclay.

Should I get a vanity with open shelves or cabinets?

Open shelves showcase decor but don’t conceal clutter. Closed cabinets hide necessities neatly. For a mix, try a vanity with drawers and a glass-front cabinet above to display elegant towels. Customize interior organization.

How much does a high-quality modern bathroom vanity cost?

Expect to spend $500-2,000+ for a quality contemporary vanity. Built-in custom cabinetry costs more. Prices vary based on size, materials, features and brand. Invest for durability – a well-made modern vanity will last for years.

What modern bathroom vanity colors work well?

For a light, airy look try an all-white or light grey palette. Wood stains like walnut and oak feel organic. Matte black and brushed brass finishes have modern edge. Go bold with navy or emerald greens. But stick to one dominant color for cohesion.

So in summary, choosing that perfect modern bathroom vanity comes down to your style sensibilities, bathroom proportions, and functional needs. Take time to consider the vanity placement, size, storage options, and finishes. Choose quality materials that durability and easy maintenance. Add those special details, from black accents to nature-inspired wood grains. With the guidelines above, you can create a contemporary bathroom vanity that both awes and inspires.


A modern bathroom vanity has the power to completely transform the look and feel of your space. With so many shapes, sizes, colors and material options now available, you’re sure to find the perfect contemporary vanity to match your unique style. Whether you favor the sleek minimalism of a floating vanity, the organic edge of mixed woods, or the sculptural flair of modern vessel sinks, there are endless ways to embrace modern design in your bathroom.

Be sure to measure carefully and keep proportions in mind as you turn your bathroom dreams into reality. Focus on quality, durability and custom details to make your new vanity truly extraordinary. Use this guide to gain confidence as you explore the exciting possibilities. Soon you’ll be ready to install a contemporary showstopper vanity and enjoy a bathroom refreshed for the modern era. The first step is being equipped with the right knowledge – now boldly embrace the modern bathroom vanity that speaks to you!