Midcentury modern style brings a sleek and timeless look to any space, and bathrooms are no exception. By utilizing clean lines, organic shapes, and natural materials, you can create a soothing and stylish bathroom oasis. Incorporating midcentury elements into your bathroom design will make the space feel fresh and inviting.


Midcentury modern bathrooms feature many of the hallmarks of this popular interior design style. Clean lines, minimal ornamentation, organic shapes and forms, and natural materials come together to create a relaxing and contemporary look. While midcentury bathrooms embrace simplicity, they can also have a glamorous side with luxury features like soaking tubs and high-end fixtures. When designed thoughtfully, a midcentury modern bathroom strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

Design Elements

There are several key design elements that define the midcentury aesthetic in bathrooms:

Clean Lines

Focusing on simplicity and omitting any ornate details, midcentury bathrooms rely on clean lines for their streamlined look. Built-in storage, floating vanities, and seamless showers help create this smooth, minimalist style.

Organic Shapes

While midcentury emphasizes straight lines, it also embraces soft and organic forms. Oval mirrors, curved furniture legs, and rounded sinks provide an appealing contrast to the bathroom’s linear look.

Natural Materials

Wood, stone, cork, concrete, and other raw, natural materials are commonly used in midcentury baths. Warm wood vanities offset cool concrete floors, while stone vessel sinks add organic texture.

Vintage Fixtures

Searching for vintage lighting, faucets, and hardware from the midcentury era will add authentic flair. Pendant lights, wall sconces, and statement faucets reflect the period’s craftsmanship.

Neutral Color Palette

Sticking to a simple neutral color scheme keeps the focus on the midcentury elements. Off-whites, warm wood tones, and matte black accents create a soothing, spa-like feel. Pops of chartreuse, burnt orange or cobalt blue provide lively contrast.

Furniture & Features

When furnishing and equipping your midcentury bathroom, look for pieces that align with the pared-back aesthetic. Consider these options:

Floating Vanity

Gain a light and airy look with a wall-mounted floating vanity. Opt for a style with thin, tapered legs or go legless for a hovering effect.

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks come in many organic shapes like ovals and spheres that pair beautifully with midcentury vanities. Materials like glass, natural stone, and colored porcelain suit the style.

Freestanding Tub

Bring sculptural allure with a sleek, freestanding soaking tub. Clean-lined styles made from stone resin or acrylic fit seamlessly within the relaxed midcentury vibe.

Linear Tile

Use rectangular subway tiles or hexagons to line walls and floors for geometric appeal. Stick to neutral colors or bold colors that pop.

Patterned Accent Tile

While most surfaces should remain simple, go bold with patterned feature tile as an accent. Terrazzo, concrete, or graphic designs make a statement.

Wood Accents

Incorporate natural wood touches through slatted shelves, cubby storage, trims or live edge vanities. The organic texture and warmth complement the pared-back look.

Matte Black Hardware

Fixtures and accessories in a deep matte black finish look refined against lighter midcentury color schemes. Try black faucets, showerheads, and drawer pulls.

Layout & Size

Midcentury style works well in bathrooms both small and large. Here are some layout tips:

Open Shower

An open shower without doors feels airy and fits the minimalist aesthetic. Use a clean-lined shower pan and drain, and floor-to-ceiling tiles.

Space-Saving Furniture

Opt for narrow floating vanities and pedestal sinks that conserve space in small baths. Built-in cabinets with hidden storage maximize square footage.

Clear Lines of Sight

Consider sightlines when arranging the sink, toilet and tub. A straight line from the door to the back of the room will keep the look uncluttered.

Large-Format Tiles

Laying larger tiles edge-to-edge with thin grout lines enhances the seamless effect. Oversized floor tiles can make a small bath appear bigger.

Sunken Tubs

Recessing a soaking tub fully or partially into the floor adds a spa-like sensibility while also maximizing space.

Finishing Touches

Final details will help polish and complete your midcentury bathroom design:


Houseplants bring life and freshness to the sleek, minimalist look. Greenery framed in the shower or perched in hanging planters adds organic flair.


Lean into simple elegance with a large, frameless mirror above the vanity. For a retro touch, hang an orb-shaped or oval mirror.

Wall Art

Black and white photography, graphic prints, and abstract art keep the walls looking sharp yet serene. Gallery walls create interest.


Mount swing arm or fixed wall sconces above the vanity for perfect task lighting. Sculptural shapes embody midcentury style.

Window Coverings

For privacy and softness, install roman shades or textured linen curtains. Keep the look light and relaxed.


What colors work well in a midcentury bathroom?

Stick to a neutral palette of off-white, beige, gray and black. Add pops of chartreuse, burnt orange, cobalt blue or other bright tones as accents. Wood stains also suit the aesthetic.

What kind of tile should I use in a midcentury bath?

Sleek rectangular, square, or hexagonal wall tiles in neutral hues help create the clean lined look. Patterned floor tile adds eye-catching geometric flair. Large format tiles make spaces appear bigger.

What materials complement midcentury style?

Natural materials like wood, stone, cork, jute, concrete and ceramic have organic texture. Metals like brass, black steel and copper add industrial flair. Avoid ornate carved woods or heavily veined stones.

Should I install shelving in my midcentury bathroom?

Floating shelves, ledges, and cubby storage maintain the light, uncluttered aesthetic. Install open shelving above the toilet or tucked behind the vanity for towels and toiletries.

What type of vanity works best for midcentury style?

Lean into the minimalist look with floating vanities that appear suspended on the wall. Or, select a sleek finished wood cabinet with tapered legs. Avoid heavily carved or embellished vanities.


A midcentury modern bathroom makes a statement with its refined minimalism, organic accents, and clean-lined elegance. Focusing on natural materials, neutral hues, vintage fixtures, and airy, open spaces results in a soothing and timeless look. By following a few fundamental principles of midcentury design, you can create a bathroom sanctuary that is both stylish and functional. Experiment with floating vanities, neutral tiles, pops of color and breezy living greenery to craft your own ode to midcentury relaxation.