A main spa bathroom with a home gym is the ultimate dream for many homeowners. This luxurious combo allows you to pamper yourself and get fit without ever leaving your house. A spa bathroom provides a relaxing oasis for self-care while the home gym offers a convenient space to exercise and stay motivated. With thoughtful design, the two can seamlessly integrate into one wellness hub within your home.

Benefits of Combining a Spa Bathroom and Home Gym

There are many advantages to combining these two elements in your home:


Having both spaces in one location is extremely convenient. You can easily transition from relaxing in the spa to working out in the gym. No need to drive to a separate gym or spa facility – everything is in one place!


After a rejuvenating soak or steam, you may feel motivated to get in a workout. The home gym is steps away, making it easy to translate that motivation into action.


With the gym right next to the bathroom, you save time traveling between spaces. Any pre-workout prep can be done in the bathroom area.

Stress Relief

A home spa bathroom is inherently relaxing with features like a soaking tub, steam shower and tranquil design. Exercise is also proven to relieve stress. Having both in one space amplifies these stress-busting benefits.

Greater Use

When the spaces are combined, you are more likely to take advantage of both the spa features and the home gym. Proximity encourages utilization.

Resale Value

Spa bathrooms and home gyms are both highly desired home amenities. Combining them can increase the resale value of your property significantly.

Design Considerations

Integrating a spa bathroom and a home gym requires careful planning and design. Here are some key factors to consider:


Determine how much space you can dedicate to the spa bathroom and gym area. For the bathroom, include space for features like a large soaking tub, walk-in shower, double vanity and seating area. For the gym, allow room for equipment like treadmills, weights, exercise balls and mats.


Think about the layout and flow between the two spaces. The gym should be easily accessible from the bathroom. A spacious central area that connects the rooms works well.

Fixtures and Features

Select spa-like plumbing fixtures, like rainshower heads and body jets. Include steam generator and aromatherapy in the shower. Choose durable, water-resistant flooring that flows seamlessly between the wet bathroom area and gym.


Determine what home gym equipment you require and select versatile pieces that can be used for strength training, Pilates, aerobics and more. Cardio machines like treadmills and ellipticals are popular. Include floor mats for stretching, yoga and abdominal exercises.


Provide plenty of storage space for gym equipment, towels, bath products, robes and other supplies. Built-in cabinets, lockers and shelving will keep both spaces neat.


Create a relaxing vibe in the spa bathroom with calming colors, soft lighting and decorative accents like hanging plants or wall art. The gym can have a more energetic feel with bright colors and motivational wall hangings.


Proper ventilation is important in humid bathroom areas and during workouts. Include exhaust fans, air conditioning and dehumidifiers.


The gym may have views into the bathroom area. Strategically place partitions, frosted glass and blinds. Also consider soundproofing to keep equipment noise contained.

Best Spa Bathroom Features

The spa bathroom portion is meant to be a soothing sanctuary. Include these pampering features:

Soaking Tub

A spacious soaking tub with air jets allows you to unwind in style. Freestanding tubs make a dramatic statement. Built-in tubs save space. An alcove tub nestled into the wall is intimate.

Steam Shower

Steam showers provide therapeutic moist heat to relieve stress and relax muscles. They require specialized plumbing and waterproofing.

Multi-Head Shower

A large walk-in shower with body sprays, rain shower heads and adjustable heads provides a luxurious spa experience.

Heated Floors

Radiant heated floors keep bare feet comfortable, even on chilly mornings. This luxury is especially nice after the steam shower.

Massage Table

Include space for a professional massage table for periodic massages or self-massage with accessories like massage balls.

Relaxation Area

Designate a corner or small room off the main bathroom for zero gravity loungers, chairs and ottomans to truly unwind.


A generous vanity provides ample storage for products and luxury accents like decorative mirrors and pendant lighting.


High-end showers may include waterproof TVs and wireless sound systems to stream music or nature sounds for added relaxation. Voice technology like Alexa can control lighting, music and other features.

Best Home Gym Features

The home gym portion should offer an array of fitness options in a comfortable setting:

Cardio Equipment

Treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and stair climbers allow for cardio workouts. Include a TV for distraction during longer sessions.

Free Weights

A full set of dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells lets you strength train all muscle groups. Weight racks and stands keep them organized.

Strength Equipment

Machines for both upper and lower body like chest press, leg press and cable machines enable targeted strength training.

Functional Gear

Kettlebells, slam balls, battle ropes, medicine balls and other gear provide tools for high-intensity functional workouts.

Rubber Flooring

Interlocking rubber mats create a cushioned, non-slip surface that protects against noise and impact.


Floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets and shelving units allow organized storage for equipment, towels and workout accessories.


Large screen TVs allow you to access online workout classes. Mirrors with built-in screens also stream classes and display workout metrics to track progress.

Safety Accessories

Having a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and water cooler help make the gym safer and more user-friendly.

Design and Layout Ideas

Here are some layouts and design ideas that can help you get the most out of combining a spa bathroom with an adjoining home gym:

Central Area

Having a spacious central area between the bathroom and gym allows easy flow between the two spaces. The central zone can include:

  • Relaxation nook with massage table or loungers
  • Shared storage cabinets and lockers
  • Vanity sink and mirror station
  • Water cooler and towel station for both spaces

Direct Access

Doorways that connect the gym directly to the bathroom make transitioning between them seamless. The gym can serve as a pass-through to reach the vanity, shower or tub areas.

Half Bath Connector

A small half bath on the gym side provides a sink and toilet conveniently close for mid-workout use. The main spa bathroom offers the tub and shower amenities.

View Windows

Interior view windows between the gym and bathroom allow natural light to pass through and create an open, airy feeling. They can be frosted or tinted for privacy.

Consistent Finishes

Using the same flooring, cabinetry and design details like wainscoting in both spaces makes them feel cohesively connected.

Adjoining Wall Storage

Building floor-to-ceiling storage into the wall between the bathroom and gym maximizes shared storage. Cabinets can open from both sides.


Built-in lockers provide compartmentalized storage for personal products and workout gear. They also enable multiple household members to use the spaces.

Main Spa Bathroom and Gym Combinations

Here are some specific combinations of spa-like bathrooms and home gyms that work seamlessly together:

Steam Shower and Yoga Room

A steam shower relaxes muscles and clears sinuses, preparing the body for yoga. The adjoining yoga space has a soft rubber floor, mirrors and plenty of wall space for props.

Soaking Tub and Pilates Alcove

After unwinding in a deep soaking tub, walk a few steps to a small gym alcove outfitted with Pilates reformer machines, resistance bands and foam rollers.

Rain Shower and Treadmill Garage

A large rainshower and multiple body jets refresh you before getting in cardio on the treadmill in the next garage-style gym room.

Dry Sauna and Spin Room

Sweat out toxins in the sauna then replenish fluids while cycling with adrenaline-pumping music in the neighboring spin studio.

Hot Tub and Strength Gym

Warm up muscles and improve circulation in the hot tub, then head next door to lift weights and use strength training machines in a well-equipped gym.

Bathroom Vanity and Mirror Workout Space

The wide bathroom vanity provides ample space for setting up a laptop for streaming workouts. Follow along in the mirror and use wall space for gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should a main spa bathroom with home gym be?

For a spa bathroom, allow at least 100 square feet for a shower and tub combo. Add 50 square feet for each additional feature like a steam shower or sauna. For the home gym, allow 150-200 square feet for a treadmill, bike, weights and space to exercise.

What design style works best for this combo?

Clean, contemporary styles complement the high-tech gym features and sleek spa elements well. However, any style is possible with careful planning. Focus on creating visual flow and continuity.

What flooring is best?

Porcelain tile, natural stone, and solid hardwoods like teak can handle moisture while also being durable enough for gym use. Pay extra attention to slip-resistance in wet areas.

How much does a spa bathroom and home gym cost?

The average spa bathroom remodel costs $25,000-60,000. Home gyms average $5,000-15,000 depending on equipment. Combining both, expect to invest $40,000-100,000. Higher end options can reach $250,000+.

How can lighting be optimized in this combo?

Use waterproof, recessed lighting around the tub and shower. Install dimmable lighting on rheostats to set the mood. Add ample task lighting at the vanity. Use high-powered spotlights in the gym for working out.

How should the HVAC system be designed?

The steam shower requires special exhaust fans and humidity management. The gym also needs robust ventilation. Work with HVAC pros to design a system that can handle unique moisture, humidity and airflow demands.

Should the spaces be soundproofed?

It’s not required but is ideal for privacy. Soundproof insulation, double-drywall, acoustic caulking and solid core doors block noise between the high humidity bathroom and lively gym.

What about music in these spaces?

Wireless streaming allows you to access spa playlists or upbeat workout jams seamlessly from your phone or tablet in either space. Volume controls are key.

Bringing Luxury Home

A spa-style bathroom connected to an in-home gym truly brings luxury wellness home. After a hard day, it’s incredibly soothing to come home to your own private oasis. Get cleaned up in the spa bathroom then release any stress or tension in a focused workout session. Everything you need to care for your body and mind is in one convenient place designed around your unique needs and tastes. With strategic planning, this combo can be integrated into most homes for the ultimate onsite escape.

Inspirational Main Spa Bathroom and Home Gym Combos

Here are some stunning real-world examples of luxury spa bathrooms seamlessly combined with home gyms:

Tranquil Bath Sanctuary Meets Portable Gym

This spa bathroom features a free-standing oval soaker tub on a raised platform under glowing pendant lights. Across from it, glass doors lead to a compact gym with large windows and a padded floor. Free weights, resistance bands, mats and a stationary bike furnish the efficient home gym.

Spa Shower Adjoins Mirrored Gym

A huge walk-in shower has therapeutic body spray jets, benches, and custom porcelain tile. The shower connects directly to the gym which has cushioned flooring, full mirrors, and simple equipment like yoga mats, kettlebells, and TRX suspension straps.

Luxury Lockers Unify Spaces

This lavish bathroom has an oversized steam shower and intricately tiled tub. A bank of mahogany lockers lines the shared wall, offering storage convenient to both the bathroom and the Peloton bike gym with a wall-mounted TV.

Open Layout Links Bathroom to Multi-Purpose Gym

The spa bathroom features an air-jet soaker tub and textured stone walls. A wide entry without doors leads directly to the gym which has a treadmill, spin bike, resistance bands, and open space for yoga and bodyweight exercises.

Mirrored Wall Spans Bath and Body Gym

This compact layout uses one long mirrored wall to unify the spaces visually. The middle section houses a tub and vanity, while built-in cabinetry on the ends conceal gym equipment and bathroom storage.

Maximizing a Main Spa Bathroom and Home Gym

Combining these two at-home amenities requires strategic design and planning. Follow these tips to maximize the potential:

Think Multi-Purpose

Focus on selecting gym equipment like adjustable benches, resistance bands and foam rollers that serve multiple workout needs from circuits to stretching to recovery. This allows thorough fitness routines without overcrowding the space.

Seek Durable Materials

Choose gym flooring, storage cabinets, bathroom finishes and hardware that can stand up to intense use and humidity. Stainless steel, solid hardwoods, porcelain tile and commercial-grade fixtures are ideal.

Incorporate Technology

Tech can make these spaces even more enjoyable. Install waterproof TVs in bathrooms and gyms. Include Bluetooth ceiling speakers to stream audio. Use smart home systems to control lighting, temperature and music.

Maximize Natural Light

Strategically place windows and skylights to fill both rooms with natural light. If privacy is needed, add window treatments. The sunshine will energize gym sessions and make the spa bath feel more open and airy.

Foster Air Flow

Proper ventilation is crucial, especially in humid, steamy bathrooms. Use exhaust fans, central air flow vents, dehumidifiers and air purifiers so fresh air circulates to prevent mold and stale odors.

Design Flexible Storage

Built-ins like lockers and cubbies with adjustable shelving let you store a range of items from bath towels to free weights. Opt for storage you can access from both rooms.

Select Universal Finishes

Choosing flooring, countertops, paint colors and tile that work well in bathrooms and gyms creates a cohesive feel. These shared design details visually connect the two spaces.

Main Spa Bathroom and Home Gym Products

Here are some of the top products for creating a luxurious spa bathroom and well-equipped home gym:

Bathroom Features:

  • Kohler Underscore Oval Soaking Tub – for a spa-like soaking experience
  • Moen Rainshower Head – provides waterfall-like relaxation
  • Steamist Steam Shower System – adds therapeutic moist heat
  • Aquabrass Kitchen Faucet – bath fill faucet with handshower
  • Waterpik 5-Mode Handheld Shower – adjusts from gentle to massage

Gym Equipment:

  • NordicTrack Commercial Treadmill – for advanced runners or walkers
  • Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells – adjustable from 5 to 52.5 lbs
  • Life Fitness Integrity Series Squat Rack – versatile strength training
  • TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer – full body functional workouts
  • privile SoftPuzzle Exercise Mat – cushioned, interlocking mats

Shared Features:

  • Koehler Spa Music System – built-in waterproof speakers
  • Touchless Faucets and Soap Dispensers – handsfree options
  • Heated Terrazzo or Porcelain Tile Floors – warm underfoot
  • Toto Neorest nx2 Toilets – luxury feature for half baths
  • Soundproof Doors – contain sound between rooms

Main Spa Bathroom and Home Gym Planning Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure all bases are covered when designing your perfect spa bathroom and home gym space:

  • [ ] Determine overall budget and costs for project
  • [ ] Hire qualified contractors and designers
  • [ ] Map out total square footage needed for both spaces
  • [ ] Plan layout, including equipment placement and flow between rooms
  • [ ] Select spa bathroom features (tub, shower, steam, sauna etc.)
  • [ ] Choose gym equipment based on fitness needs
  • [ ] Pick durable flooring that works for both wet and workout areas
  • [ ] Design custom storage cabinets and benches
  • [ ] Include ventilation systems like exhaust fans and AC
  • [ ] Accommodate plumbing, gas and electrical requirements
  • [ ] Install soundproofing and safety/security features
  • [ ] Choose lighting suited for each space
  • [ ] Incorporate music and technology elements
  • [ ] Determine ambiance and decorative accents
  • [ ] Acquire any permits needed and ensure compliance

Combining a spa-style bathroom with an exercise room allows you to pamper and strengthen your body in the comfort of home. With attentive pre-planning using this checklist, you can execute this luxurious wellness zone tailored exactly to your needs. Soon you’ll enjoy all the benefits of an onsite spa sanctuary and gym!


A thoughtfully designed main spa bathroom with adjoining home gym offers the ultimate combination of relaxation and fitness in the privacy of your residence. After unwinding in rejuvenating baths or showers