Creating a luxurious holiday table setting doesn’t have to break the bank. With a bit of creativity and smart shopping, you can design an elegant tablescape with high-end style on a budget. Follow these tips and tricks to achieve a magazine-worthy look for your next holiday feast without spending a fortune.

Shop Sales and Discount Stores

One of the easiest ways to save money on your holiday table decor is to shop sales and discount home stores. Retailers like HomeGoods, Tuesday Morning, and TJ Maxx are treasure troves of high-end home accessories at a fraction of the normal cost. Visit these stores often in the weeks leading up to the holidays, as their inventory is constantly changing. You can find everything from ornate charger plates to crystal glassware for up to 70% off retail prices.

Target’s dollar spot and seasonal clearance sections are other go-to places to score tabletop steals. For example, you may find beautiful mercury glass candleholders for just a few dollars each. Check thrift stores and flea markets as well. With a good eye, you can discover chic vintage pieces to mix in with your other finds.

Layer Disposable Items with Luxe Touches

The key to creating lavish tablescapes on a budget is blending disposable items from the dollar store with a few splurges from higher-end retailers. Pair those glittery plastic chargers from the party store with some elegant cloth napkins and high-quality glassware. Top your inexpensive candlesticks with elegant taper candles. Sprinkle in some faux pearls or crystals as accents. The luxe layers will elevate the look without straining your wallet.

You can also utilize items you already own. Display your fine china and silver if you have them. Crystal wine glasses from your everyday dining set can be just as dazzling in a holiday tablescape.

DIY Metallic Runners and Chargers

One way to achieve the glitz and glam look for less is by making your own metallic table runners and charger plates. Purchase rolls of metallic Kraft paper, tulle netting, or fabric in gold, silver, or the color scheme of your choice. Then simply cut runners to fit your table and cover plastic chargers from the dollar store. These elegant metallic layers instantly impart sophistication to your holiday table.

For chargers, you can also spray paint smooth glass or plastic discs in the color of your choice. Adhere decorative elements like beads, lace, or pearls around the edges to embellish. The options are endless for customizing these foundation pieces affordably.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bringing nature indoors is an easy way to create lavish holiday tables on a budget. Look for pinecones, acorns, and sprigs of holly to artfully scatter down your table runner. Evergreen boughs, bare branches, and organic accents like wood beads or dried orange slices make for gorgeous arrangements.

Visit your local craft store or floral market to pick up inexpensive bunches of greenery and seasonal flowers to incorporate. Look for blooms and berries in your color scheme. Feed store styrofoam is a budget alternative for building out flower arrangements.

Mix and Match Thrifted Dishware

Instead of investing in costly plate and glassware sets, create eclectic place settings with thrifted and discount finds. Scour second-hand shops all year long for interesting plates, bowls, teacups, and glasses that catch your eye. Then compile a mix of patterns, colors, and styles to display together.

The key is tying everything together cohesively through your color story and stylistic details like napkins, place cards, and centerpieces. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use unique vessels like vintage teapots or dessert plates as glasses.

Light it Up Beautifully

Nothing sets the ambiance for holiday dining like flickering candlelight. But you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy candlesticks and taper candles. Dollar store glass vases and pillars make inexpensive candle vessels to dot down the table. Float tea lights in mercury glass platters or bowls full of ornament balls for dazzling light reflections.

For taper candles, adhere two inexpensive shorter tapers together with hot glue to make elegant tall tapers on the cheap. Wrap the bottom half with embellishments like greenery, ribbon, or fabric scraps to hide the seam. Candlelight adds luxury and warmth to holiday tables no matter what holders you display them in.

Raid the Craft Cabinet

Don’t overlook all the decorative items sitting in your craft supplies as you plan your holiday table. Ribbons, lace, beads, and fabric scraps can become beautiful embellishments. Spray paint old Christmas ornaments in metallics or your color scheme to use as accents. Repurpose clip-on earrings, brooches, and other jewelry pieces as napkin rings or place card holders.

Let your creativity run wild combining existing supplies you already have on hand. Craft stores are also great resources for picking up bags of accents affordably to complement your look. A bit of glitter, sparkle, and handmade flair goes a long way in dressing up holiday tables on a budget.

Finishing Touches

Pull your luxury holiday table look together with some special finishing touches that have maximum visual impact for minimal cost. Elegant cloth napkins instantly amp up tables over disposable paper ones. Fold them using decorative techniques like origami shapes or intricate pleats.

DIY unique place cards for each guest by printing names on cardstock and embellishing with ribbon, beads, sprigs of greenery or a spritz of metallic spray paint. Homemade name plates double as favors people can take home.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of mood lighting. Dim lamps and overhead fixtures to let your beautiful candles shine. Scatter battery operated tealights along your table runner and mantel for extra glow. Your thoughtfully planned holiday table is sure to stun when bathed in the perfect flattering lighting.

With a little ingenuity, effort, and smart shopping, you can deck your holiday dining table in splendor on a budget. Follow these tips to achieve high-end style savings for a memorable and meaningful celebration this season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Creating Luxurious Holiday Tables on a Budget

The holidays are a time for celebrating with family and friends. Setting a beautiful, welcoming table is a great way to set the stage. But hosting can get expensive. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about how to create luxurious holiday tablescapes without breaking the budget:

How can I achieve an elegant table setting on a tight budget?

The key is mixing high and low. Balance expensive looking elements like polished glassware or floral centerpieces with more inexpensive components like chargers from the dollar store, thrifted dishes, and natural elements. Candlelight, pretty folded napkins, and mood lighting also elevate the ambiance affordably.

What are the best discount or second-hand stores for holiday table accessories?

Homegoods, World Market, and discount retailers like TJ Maxx and Ross are great places to score luxury-looking holiday dishes, glassware, candles, linens and decor at reasonable prices. Shop thrift stores and flea markets for vintage finds. Craft stores like Michael’s often run sales on seasonal decor perfect for tablescaping.

How can I make cheap plastic chargers and dishware look high-end?

Spray painting, embellishing edges with ribbon, beads or lace, or applying metallic sprays or paints can transform even the cheapest serving pieces into something that looks far more expensive. Refinishing or spray painting second-hand dishes also upgrades them beautifully.

What are inexpensive ways to make candles and centerpieces look luxurious?

Cluster inexpensive votives or floating candles into mercury glass platters or vases for dramatic light reflection. Mix faux floral stems picked up cheaply with a few fresh blooms. For DIY taper candles, glue two small ones together and wrap base with embellished fabric.

How can I save money on table linens and runners?

Fabric shops offer inexpensive fabric by the yard in many colors to create custom runners. Paper rules here – use inexpensive rolls of wrapping paper, brown kraft paper, or scrapbook paper then enhance with embellishments like ribbons, greenery, flowers, or candlesticks. Another idea is plastic tablecloths spray painted in metallics or holiday colors to recreate rich linens.

What are some quick, easy finishing touches to make my table style pop?

Iron and fold cloth napkins into intricate shapes and tie with ribbon. Design printable place cards or name tents that also double as take-home gifts. Curate a holiday playlist to set the mood. Dim the lights and let your beautiful candles shine. Those thoughtful special details complete the look beautifully.

With some savvy shopping and innovative touches, you can absolutely create a magazine-worthy holiday table that looks extravagant but didn’t break the bank. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy the process of designing something beautiful and unique to your style.


Holiday celebrations are less about what you spend and more about the love, connection, and care you put into them. A thoughtfully designed table brings people together in such a meaningful way. By shopping smart, utilizing what you have, and employing crafty solutions, you can produce a stunning holiday tablescape without overspending.

Keep your eyes open year-round for pieces to slowly collect or repurpose. Raid your craft closet for embellishments. Scope out discount and second-hand stores for hidden gems. With some creativity and effort, you can achieve breathtaking luxury for less. The memories made around your holiday table filled with beautiful touches will far outlive any fleeting trends. Focus on creating a welcoming space where the people you cherish most feel loved.