Welcome to our kitchen of the week, a beautiful and tranquil space located in Tennessee. This week’s featured kitchen embraces a minimalist aesthetic with its crisp white cabinetry, cool gray tones, and peaceful vibe. Beyond the soothing color palette, what makes this kitchen truly stand out is how it seamlessly balances sleek, contemporary elements with warm, inviting touches.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the various design details that make this white and gray Tennessee kitchen so special. We’ll discuss the floor plan, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, appliances, lighting, and decor elements that all work together to create a functional yet relaxing cooking space. Whether you’re looking for white and gray kitchen inspiration for a remodel or simply want to admire the clean lines and harmonious ambiance, we hope you enjoy this peaceful Tennessee kitchen as much as we do!

Floor Plan and Layout

This kitchen’s floor plan optimizes the long, narrow space by keeping the design clean and clutter-free. The layout includes three distinct zones:

  • The cooking zone with the stove and prep areas
  • The cleaning zone with the sink and dishwasher
  • The refrigeration/storage zone with the full-height refrigerator and adjacent cabinetry

Separating these key kitchen workstations prevents bottlenecks and allows multiple people to cook together comfortably. The generous countertops surrounding the perimeter provide ample prep space, while the large island with seating creates a social hub in the center of the room.

The absence of upper cabinetry on the walls maintains an open, airy feel and prevents the space from feeling too closed in. Appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher tuck discretely into lower cabinetry to streamline the look. By keeping the floor plan unfussy yet highly functional, the kitchen achieves an organized and serene aesthetic from the start.

Crisp White Cabinetry

The brilliant white cabinetry provides a fresh, clean foundation for the space. The wall of floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets offers abundant storage that doesn’t clutter up the room. The streamlined shaker cabinets maintain the minimalist contemporary vibe.

Rather than upper cabinets, open shelving along one wall provides display space in an airy way. The lack of upper cabinetry keeps the visual lines long and clean. The simple hardware and lack of ornate detailing on the cabinetry also aligns with the pared-back style.

By using crisp white for the majority of the cabinetry, it serves as a neutral backdrop for the other materials and colors in the kitchen. The white reflects light beautifully, keeping the space feeling open and bright. The fresh white cabinetry pairs nicely with the light gray tones found throughout the rest of the kitchen.

Elegant Gray Island and Accents

While white cabinetry anchors the kitchen, elegant gray accents provide subtle contrast and keep the look from feeling stark. The large kitchen island features a cool gray finish which pairs nicely with the white perimeter cabinetry.

The island’s rounded corners soften what could have felt like a bulky mass, making it feel lighter and more graceful. The light gray finish prevents it from blending in and becoming visually lost. The island adds function and surfaces for dining and entertaining.

Beyond the island, gray accents are found in the window shade, barstools, and pendant lighting. Gray veining in the quartz countertops also incorporates the color in a subtle, organic way. By repeating the color thoughtfully throughout the kitchen, the gray accents tie the whole space together.

Calacatta Quartz Countertops

The kitchen features beautiful Calacatta quartz countertops in a polished finish. The lightly variegated surface contains swirls of gray veining that complements the gray cabinetry and hardware finishes found throughout the space.

Quartz was an ideal choice for this kitchen because it stands up well to heavy daily use. The non-porous material resists scratches, stains, and heat. It’s nearly maintenance free compared to other natural stone countertops.

The crisp white backdrop of the quartz mimics the clean look of marble, but without the hassle of sealing and etching that comes with natural marble. The organic patterning provides subtle visual interest while still maintaining a minimalist look.

Modern Textured Backsplash

In contrast to the sleek countertops, the backsplash introduces an element of texture. The vertically installed backsplash features lightly textured ceramic tiles in various gray tones.

The textural tiles bring depth and visual interest to the backsplash area without competing with the other surfaces. Their organic texture provides a handcrafted contrast to the machine-finished surfaces found throughout the rest of the kitchen.

The tiled backsplash protects the walls between countertops and cabinetry from splashes, drips, and smears. The gray color scheme ties in with the gray accents while allowing the white cabinetry to take center stage. The modern, elongated subway tile shape and alternating gray tones give the backsplash an architectural feel.

Integrated High-End Appliances

To complete the contemporary aesthetic, the kitchen features top-of-the-line integrated appliances in a streamlined European style. The minimalist look conceals the appliances discreetly into the surrounding cabinetry so they don’t detract from the clean lines.

The sleek refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, and dishwasher embed flush into cabinetry fronts and match the finishes around them. Only the stove remains fully exposed to accommodate ventilation requirements.

The concealed appliances maximize the visible counter and cabinet space in the kitchen. Their subdued exteriors allow the gorgeous materials like the quartz countertops to shine. Despite their discreet look, the appliances offer professional-grade performance.

Adjustable Pendant Lighting

The kitchen’s gorgeous pendant lighting adds a touch of industrial flair. Three black pendant lamps hang above the gray island lending task lighting. The domed cage pendant style has an architectural, mechanical look.

Long cords allow the height of the pendants to be adjusted to suit the needs below. For intimate meals, the lights can hang low above the eating area. For standalone task lighting, the cords can raise the pendants completely out of the way.

The trio of matching black metal pendants provides coordinated lighting that doesn’t steal attention from the elegant kitchen design. Their industrial vibe contrasts with the otherwise refined space. The directional lighting casts a warm glow on the surfaces below for ambiance.

Decor Touches for a Personalized Feel

Thoughtful decorative touches transform this elegant white and gray kitchen into a warm, welcoming hub for family life. Vibrant green houseplants on the island and open shelving provide organic contrast to the cool palette.

The oak cutting boards, ceramic mugs, and framed art lend a collected, lived-in feel. Cookbooks, trays, and a rolling cart add personalized elements without cluttering up the clean surfaces.

Touches like the patterned window shade, woven barstools, and cozy rug add soft textures. The textures along with the greenery help prevent the sleek space from feeling too stark or clinical. Each item was chosen with intention so that form follows function.

Overall, the kitchen strikes the perfect balance between an elegant, contemporary look and a welcoming space for enjoying family, friends, and great food. The timeless white and gray color scheme ensures longevity while well-chosen personal touches give this Tennessee kitchen heart and soul.

Designing Your Own White and Gray Kitchen

If you’re inspired to create your own beautiful white and gray kitchen, incorporate elements that align with your lifestyle and taste. Here are some tips for achieving a similar look in your own home:

Select a Neutral Palette

A white and gray color scheme serves as a versatile neutral backdrop that won’t fall out of style. Go for crisp whites paired with warm or cool grays depending on your preference. Incorporate gray via paint colors, cabinetry, appliances, counters, or accent tiles.

Choose Timeless Materials

Opt for durable, low-maintenance surface materials that will withstand daily use. Quartz countertops, ceramic/porcelain backsplashes, and high-quality cabinetry resist wear and tear. Focus on quality over trendy material options.

Mix Finishes for Contrast

Incorporate metal accents, hardware, and lighting fixtures to complement the white and gray palette. Brushed metals like nickel and stainless steel or powder-coated black finishes work well.

Add Warmth with Texture

Bring visual interest and coziness through backsplash tile, window treatments, rugs, and other textured accents. Wood elements like open shelving, cutting boards, and barstools also lend warmth.

Incorporate Greenery

Houseplants, fresh flowers, and thriving herb gardens provide organic vibrancy. Greenery helps soften the sleek aesthetic and connects the space with nature.

Provide Ambient and Task Lighting

Proper lighting keeps the space feeling bright and lively. Incorporate fixtures like recessed cans, pendants, and under-cabinet lighting tailored to kitchen tasks.

Display Meaningful Decor

Carefully curate any decorative items to reinforce the clean aesthetic. Opt for items with personal significance that spark joy when used daily. Avoid clutter unrelated to food and cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions About White and Gray Kitchen Designs

What color cabinets go well with white and gray kitchens?

Crisp bright white cabinets pair beautifully with gray kitchen elements. Shaker-style cabinets in white oak also coordinate nicely for a bit of warmth. If you want more color, try navy blue or sage green cabinets with white and gray accents.

What backsplash looks best with a white kitchen?

White and gray backsplashes complement white kitchen cabinetry seamlessly. Subway tile, marble, and stone mosaic styles work well. Modern textured tiles in grays add nice contrast. For a pop of color, consider blue, green, or patterned backsplash tiles.

Should you put an island in a small kitchen?

In general, yes. Even in smaller kitchens, islands are extremely functional for added prep space, casual dining, and storage. Opt for a narrow, streamlined island on locking wheels so it can be moved out of the way as needed. Multi-level islands with storage below maximize space.

What flooring works with a white and gray kitchen?

Light-colored wood, tile, stone, and vinyl floors suit a light palette. Medium to dark stained hardwoods and darker tile can look rich against white cabinetry. For a seamless look, extend your countertop material onto the floor.

Should kitchen island stools match cabinets?

Not necessarily. The island can be a perfect opportunity to incorporate color, texture, and materials not found in the rest of the kitchen. Woven or upholstered stools provide warmth against cool sleek cabinets. Just be sure the island finish coordinates so it doesn’t look too disjointed.

How do you decorate a gray and white kitchen?

Add personality through greenery, art, ceramics, and textiles. Bring in wood elements for warmth. Metallics like copper or gold make for chic accents. Crisp pops of vibrant color can enliven the neutral scheme – try red, yellow, teal, or navy. Limit decorative items to cookware, utensils, and food-related accessories.


This spectacular white and gray kitchen in Tennessee demonstrates how crisp, cool tones can converge into a space that still feels inviting and full of personality. The strategic mix of materials, thoughtful lighting plan, and personal decor touches transform this kitchen from a place for utilitarian meal prep into a warm, welcoming hub made for connection.

Whether you currently have an all-white kitchen, a dated gray one, or something entirely different, this inspiring design proves the enduring versatility and livability of a white and gray color scheme. We hope you feel motivated to incorporate some of these ideas to create your own kitchen sanctuary imbued with simplicity, elegance, and peaceful joy.