Pink kitchen cabinets are having a major moment right now. While this look may seem bold and retina-searing to some, done right it can lend a sense of playfulness and charm to your culinary space. Our latest kitchen of the week embodies this warm and cheerful aesthetic beautifully with its rosy cabinetry, vintage accents, and inviting ambiance.

An Overview of the Vibrant Pink Kitchen Design

This week’s featured kitchen was designed by the talented team at Smith Interiors, who expertly incorporated various shades of pink into the cabinetry, backsplash, and décor elements. The focal point is undoubtedly the light coral cabinets, which command attention and give the space its cheery personality. They opted for a distressed, hand-painted finish in a custom blend that feels simultaneously soft and striking.

Vintage tin tiles in alternating pale and bold pink hues make up the backsplash behind the range, lending eye-catching contrast and a hint of retro flair. The tiles coordinate perfectly with the cabinet color for a pulled-together look. For the lower cabinets, smoky blue-gray paint provides pleasing contrast and keeps the design from feeling overly saccharine.

Beyond the pink palette, other details give this kitchen its warm and inviting vibe. The use of natural wood elements on the open shelves and butcher block island counter adds organic texture and balance. Metallic accents in the pendant lights, fixtures, and vintage-style appliances give everything a subtle shimmer. Abundant daylight streams through the large windows, enhancing the cheerful spirit.

Achieving a Cohesive Look With Pink Kitchen Cabinets

Pink kitchen cabinets make a bold statement, but incorporating them seamlessly into a chic, livable kitchen requires careful planning and design. Here are some tips for achieving a cohesive look:

  • Select the right hue: Opt for soft, muted pinks like blush, coral, and rose. Subtle shades will feel more sophisticated than bright magenta.
  • Include neutral contrasts: Balance the pink with crisp white countertops and backsplashes, warm wood tones, and metals. Use gray or navy on perimeter cabinetry for anchoring contrast.
  • Mix up the textures: Layer in natural materials like wood, stone, rattan, etc. Use wallpaper or fabric for added visual depth and interest.
  • Add vintage personality: Incorporate some antique-inspired elements like distressing, tin backsplashes, apothecary knobs, etc. This keeps the look feeling youthful versus saccharine.
  • Punch up the lighting: Brass fixtures, pendant lamps, and accent lighting amp up the glam vibe. Illuminate pink surfaces well to let the hues shine.

The Pros of a Pink Kitchen

While pink kitchen cabinets may not be for everyone, this unexpectedly versatile color choice offers several solid benefits:

  • Makes a statement: There’s no ignoring a pink kitchen. The eye-catching color is sure to get your space noticed.
  • Radiates cheer: Few colors evoke as much inherent warmth, joy, and energy as the pink family. It’s practically guaranteed to brighten your day.
  • Complements any style: From modern to cottage to retro, pink works with an array of design aesthetics when done thoughtfully.
  • Unique to you: Pink kitchens are far from common. Choosing this adventurous hue ensures your space won’t resemble anyone else’s.
  • Options galore: With endless shades from blush to fuchsia, you can customize exactly the right pink tone for your tastes.
  • Easily updatable: As a paint color rather than a permanent finish like stain, pink cabinets can be tweaked or replaced as your taste evolves.

Design Ideas for Maximizing the Use of Pink

While pink cabinets steal the show in this featured kitchen, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate rosy hues for a coordinated look:

  • Paint the walls a soft contrasting pink for an allover color scheme.
  • Opt for pink kitchen appliances like a retro fridge or range.
  • Pick pink countertops like quartz options in lush watermelon hues.
  • Use pink grout with marble, subway tile, or other backsplashes.
  • Choose a vibrant pink sink, like a farmhouse apron-front style.
  • Layer in pink kitchen accessories, from utensils to appliances to decor.
  • Upholster barstools in pink leather or velvet for luxe, on-theme seating.
  • Install hot pink cabinet hardware like knobs, pulls, and hinges.
  • Incorporate floral wallpaper with dominant pink tones.
  • Hang a statement light fixture in shiny pink or feminine crystal.

FAQs About Pink Kitchen Design

What color should you pair with pink cabinets?

Popular pairing colors include crisp white, light gray, charcoal, black, beige, light blue, sage green, and yellow.

What kind of pink works best for kitchen cabinets?

Opt for muted, dusty, or blush pink shades rather than bold hot pink. Undertones like peach, rose, and cinnamon are flattering cabinet colors.

Can you use pink on just the island or lower cabinets?

Absolutely! Use pink on just the island for a unique accent, or try it below the countertops to ground the space.

Does everything else need to be pink for a cohesive look?

No, in fact too much pink can feel overwhelming. Use it selectively balanced with neutrals and natural textures.

Is pink tacky for kitchen design?

Not at all! Done right, pink kitchens feel youthful, vibrant and elegant. Avoid going overboard into saccharine territory.


Pink may not be the most conventional kitchen cabinet choice, but as this beautiful, light-filled space proves, it has undeniable charm. The light coral finish feels playful yet refined, while vintage accents and contrasting blue-gray cabinetry keep the aesthetic feeling current rather than dated. For those looking to give their kitchen an uplifting, spirited vibe with a hint of whimsy, pink cabinets are a fantastic option. With the right complementary colors and textures, they make kitchens that are anything but cookie-cutter.