Calgary homeowners looking to remodel their kitchen have an exciting new option when it comes to cabinetry – ultra-white cabinets. This super bright and clean look is the latest trend in kitchen design, and allows you to create a sleek, modern aesthetic. Ultra-white cabinetry radiates light and gives the impression of a larger, airier space. Paired with other light finishes like marble countertops, it can make a kitchen feel airy and elegant. For those looking to remodel their Calgary kitchen with a contemporary style, ultra-white cabinetry should be at the top of their list.

Benefits of Ultra-White Cabinetry

Ultra-white kitchen cabinets offer several advantages for Calgary homeowners:

  • Brightness – The high gloss, brilliant white finish reflects light extremely well, making the space appear larger and more open. It bounces light around the room, ensuring your kitchen feels airy and inviting.
  • Clean Look – The stark white color has a very clean, minimalist aesthetic. Combined with modern hardware and accessories, it creates a sleek, contemporary style.
  • Versatility – While ultra-white cabinets make a bold statement, you can style them many different ways with your choice of counters, backsplash, flooring and decor.
  • Enhances Other Finishes – The bright white cabinets allow you to leverage light countertops like quartz and marble. This creates a seamless, upscale look.
  • Illusion of Space – The reflective properties of the white finish makes your kitchen look larger. It highlights vertical and horizontal surfaces to add depth.

Design Ideas and Things to Consider

Ultra-white kitchens are eye-catching and stylish, but require some thoughtful design to maximize their benefits:

  • Lighting – Proper lighting ensures the cabinets radiate brightness. Use a mix of task lighting, accent lighting and ambient fixtures.
  • Contrast – The white needs some contrasting elements so it doesn’t feel sterile. Add some color and texture with your backsplash, island and bar stools.
  • High-Quality Materials – Low-grade cabinets will telegraph their flaws. Select durable, premium-quality cabinets, ideally with a lacquered finish.
  • Quartz or Marble Counters – These light-colored natural stones pair beautifully with ultra-white cabinets. Darker counters create too much contrast.
  • Matte Metal Hardware – Brushed nickel or matte black hardware gives a streamlined look against the glossy cabinets. Avoid ornate gold hardware.
  • Splashes of Color – Consider a bold color like navy blue for the island. This creates a nice balance against all the white.

Enjoying the Benefits in Your Calgary Kitchen

The brilliant whiteness and light reflectivity of ultra-white cabinets can make a Calgary kitchen feel airy and expansive. Properly accented with finishes like marble counters and ambient lighting, it creates a gorgeous contemporary look. By selecting premium quality lacquered cabinets and combining them tastefully with your choice of counters, backsplash, hardware and decor, you can design a stunning and bright new kitchen space. Work with an experienced kitchen designer to leverage ultra-white cabinetry in your next Calgary remodel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ultra-white kitchen cabinets?

Ultra-white kitchen cabinets feature a brilliant, high gloss and reflective white lacquer finish that appears strikingly bright and clean. The stark whiteness creates a contemporary, minimalist look.

What kind of lighting works best with ultra-white cabinets?

A mix of lighting is ideal to fully leverage their brightness. Use ample ambient lighting along with task lighting. Accent lighting also highlights their clean lines.

What type of counters look best with ultra-white cabinets?

Light-colored natural stone counters like quartz and marble complement ultra-white cabinets beautifully. Darker granite can look too busy alongside all the white.

Should I avoid ornate hardware with ultra-white cabinets?

Yes, simple matte metal hardware in brushed nickel, chrome or matte black work best. Ornate gold hardware would compete too much with the white.

Can I add some color to a kitchen with ultra-white cabinets?

Absolutely. Adding a bold color like navy blue on the island or bar stools prevents an all-white kitchen from feeling too sterile.

Are ultra-white cabinets harder to keep clean?

Not especially – the premium lacquered finish is quite durable. Just avoid darker finishes that can show dust more readily. Proper lighting also helps keep them looking clean.


Ultra-white kitchen cabinets are a gorgeously clean and contemporary option for Calgary homeowners looking to remodel. Their brilliant white finish makes your kitchen feel brighter and more spacious. When combined thoughtfully with the right mix of finishes, décor and lighting, ultra-white cabinetry creates a stunning modern look that feels both airy and elegant. Work with an experienced kitchen designer to leverage ultra-white cabinets in your next kitchen project.