A beautiful, colorful kitchen can brighten up any home. This week’s featured kitchen has a stunning turquoise tile backsplash that immediately catches the eye. Beyond just admiring the vibrant tile, this kitchen also has some clever design elements that make it highly functional for the homeowners. With seating for 16 people, it’s perfect for entertaining large groups. Read on to see what makes this turquoise tiled kitchen so special.

Turquoise Tile Backsplash Adds Vibrant Style

The turquoise glass tile steals the show in this kitchen. Covering a full wall behind the stove and prep areas, it injects a bold pop of color. The varying shades of aqua blue give it extra visual interest. The tile has a handmade, artisanal look while still being durable enough for a busy kitchen space.

Beyond just being eye-catching, the turquoise tile brings other benefits:

  • Reflects light around the room, making the kitchen feel more open and airy.
  • Provides a color accent to balance out the white cabinetry and natural wood tones.
  • Easier to keep clean than a regular paint wall, as splashes and smears can be easily wiped off the glass tile surface.
  • Adds a fun, playful vibe that’s still sophisticated enough for an adult home.

The aqua tile backsplash transforms what could have been a plain white kitchen into a vibrant, cheerful space.

Smart Layout and Multiple Work Zones

This kitchen is designed to accommodate different work areas and traffic flows. The U-shaped layout ensures the cooks can easily access the stove, ovens, fridge, and sinks without bumping into one another. There’s ample counter space for food prep between the appliances.

The island provides even more workspace, and it cleverly separates the kitchen into different zones. On one side, there’s a casual dining nook with stools. On the other side, there’s open floor space to serve food family-style right from the island.

Multiple work zones prevent bottlenecks and allow this kitchen to operate efficiently. The homeowners and their guests can wash, chop, cook, eat, and socialize all at the same time without crowding each other.

Seating Nook for 16 Guests

One of the most useful features of this kitchen is the large L-shaped banquette tucked into a corner. The upholstered bench provides seating for up to 16 guests at mealtime!

Having a dining nook built right into the kitchen allows the homeowners to entertain large groups without needing a separate formal dining room. It also enables easy serving from the kitchen island directly to the table area.

Small details make the seating arrangement even more practical, like the floating glass shelves that provide space for plates and glasses near the nook. There’s also a long runner rug underneath that defines the dining space.

By including ample seating in the kitchen itself, the homeowners can casually host large family meals, holiday gatherings, dinner parties, and more. It’s an entertainer’s dream!

Natural Wood Elements Warm Up the Space

Although turquoise tile and white cabinets give this kitchen a cool, sleek look, the space includes some natural wood elements to add warmth.

The exposed ceiling beams made from solid wood planks introduce an organic texture overhead. The beams intercept the crisp white ceiling and tie the room together aesthetically.

The homeowners also opted for a natural butcher block countertop on the kitchen island. The light wooden surface suits the casual dining nook, as opposed to a darker granite or marble. Finally, the backless wood stool blends perfectly with the butcher block island as seating.

The combination of turquoise tile, white cabinetry, and natural wood gives this kitchen a balanced, inviting aesthetic.

Modern Appliances and Lots of Storage

While aesthetics were clearly a priority in this kitchen, it also contains top-of-the-line appliances and abundant storage. That makes it highly functional as well as gorgeous.

The appliances all have a sleek stainless steel finish that matches the clean lines of the cabinetry. Double wall ovens, a 5-burner gas cooktop, and a large built-in refrigerator provide plenty of cooking convenience.

There’s no lack of space to put away cooking tools and pantry items. The perimeter of the room has floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, including many drawers for ease of access. A sizable walk-in pantry provides supplemental storage as well.

Though it’s stylishly designed, this kitchen doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of functionality.

FAQ About Turquoise Tile Kitchens

How is glass tile different than ceramic or porcelain?

Glass tile is made from small pieces of recycled glass fused together. It has a shiny, smooth surface that’s water-resistant and durable. Unlike porous ceramic or porcelain, glass tile doesn’t need to be sealed. Its reflective sheen also brightens up kitchens.

What are some good grout colors with turquoise tile?

White or very light gray grout helps accentuate the color of turquoise tile. Dark grout lines can make the tile look more muted. A narrow grout width of 1/16 or 1/8 inch also keeps the focus on the tile.

What kind of tile maintenance is required?

Glass tile is very low maintenance compared to other surfaces. Just use a mild soap and water to clean. No waxes or sealants required. A squeegee can be helpful to wipe off excess water and prevent hard water spots.

How can I make a turquoise backsplash work in a small kitchen?

Use turquoise only behind the main prep/cooking zone rather than on every wall. Add pops of turquoise via accessories like bar stools, spoon rests, and kitchen utensils. Paint or upgrade existing cabinets to crisp white.

What paint colors pair well with a turquoise backsplash?

Shades like Benjamin Moore Crystalline or Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt coordinate beautifully with turquoise. Crisp white is also a great pairing. For something bolder, try a deep navy blue on the lower cabinets.


This spirited turquoise-tiled kitchen offers endless inspiration. The handmade glass tile backsplash introduces vibrant style, while smart layout and seating for 16 make this kitchen equally functional. Clever wood elements add warmth, and top-notch appliances satisfy the chef’s needs. For anyone looking to energize their kitchen with colorful tile, this light-filled space is sure to impress!