A stunning turquoise and white kitchen renovation brings life and modern style to a compact eat-in space in this week’s featured kitchen. By taking a creative approach to layout, storage, and color, the homeowners were able to transform their small galley-style kitchen into an inviting and functional cooking and dining area. Vibrant turquoise cabinets make a bold statement and add a sense of spaciousness while high-end finishes and clever solutions maximize every inch. Read on to see how simple changes including new cabinetry, countertops, backsplash tile and fresh paint created a bright, efficient, and gorgeous kitchen perfect for everyday life.

Turquoise Cabinets Make a Bold Statement

One of the most striking changes in this kitchen remodel is the addition of glossy turquoise cabinets. The eye-catching color immediately modernizes the space and gives it a fun, beachy vibe. The crisp white quartz countertops and white subway tile backsplash balance out the look, keeping it from feeling overly bold. The turquoise color palette emphasizes the limited square footage, making the compact kitchen appear larger than it is. It was a daring color choice, but it pays off beautifully, giving this cooking space loads of character. The colorful cabinets maintain a streamlined, Shaker-style design that keeps them looking clean and sophisticated. The cabinetry provides plenty of storage for dishes, food and cooking equipment in the small footprint. A few glass-front upper cabinets prevent a closed-in feeling and allow light to filter through the space. Frosted glass cabinets doors on either side of the decorative range hood also add depth and interest to the design.

Smart Layout Improves Functionality

Though the kitchen is limited in size, every inch has been optimized for function and flow. The galley layout places the refrigerator, sink and range all in a row along one wall, with lower and upper cabinets running above and below. Across from the cabinetry, there is room for a 4-person eat-in dining space thanks to a small bump-out addition on one end of the kitchen. To delineate the cooking area from the dining zone, the designers changed the flooring, adding bamboo plank flooring in the dining portion and keeping the tile flooring in the work area. In the cooking zone, the tile flooring runs all the way from the cabinets to the opposing wall rather than stopping short several feet away. This makes moving through the space easier and gives it a more open feel. The galley kitchen layout is narrow, but the mirrored configuration of the cabinets and countertops creates the illusion of width and space. It allows for multiple cooks to work alongside each other effortlessly.

Clever Solutions Maximize Limited Space

Though small, this kitchen remodel does not skimp on function or features. The homeowners were able to include everything they needed for their day-to-day lifestyle through ingenious space-saving solutions. Here are some of the ways they maximized their compact kitchen layout:

Split Range Hood

Rather than placing a range hood centrally above the stove, two slimmer hoods were installed on either side. Not only does this improve ventilation, but it saves several inches of space. The split range hoods don’t impede cabinets or sightlines as much as a full-width version would.

Slide-Out Base Cabinet Storage

Several base cabinet drawers and roll-out trays provide easy access to items that would otherwise get buried in the back of deep cabinets. Custom pull-out spice racks also fully utilize a narrow area beside the range.

Streamlined Peninsula

Rather than a full-depth, bulky peninsula, this kitchen has a narrow countertop extension just 9 inches deep. This doesn’t take up much room but provides space for stools and additional prep area. The peninsula has an overhang for comfortable seating.

Mirrored Appliances

Choosing two same-size appliances and placing them symmetrically on either wall gives a balanced look and saves space. A full-height pantry cabinet, fridge and freezer column fill the narrow area on one side while the range and microwave take up the same footprint on the other.

Multi-Purpose Dining Area

To accommodate dining in the small kitchen, a versatile banquette was installed in the bump-out niche. The L-shaped seating has storage underneath and can be closed off as a bench when not in use. A small round pedestal table allows easy movement through the space when dining.

High-End Finishes elevate the Design

Several luxe materials were used in this kitchen remodel to give it a sophsticated, upscale aesthetic. The homeowners invested in these quality finishes knowing they would stand the test of time despite heavy use. Here are some of the notable materials used:

Quartz Countertops

Durable, low-maintenance quartz in crisp white provides an ideal food prep surface while complementing the bright blue cabinetry. Compared to natural stone, quartz resists stains, scratches and heat better.

Glass & Metallic Backsplash

A hand-pressed glass and metal backsplash in shades of blue and seafoam adds dimension and radiance. The round opaque tiles catch and reflect light beautifully.

Bamboo Flooring

Eco-friendly bamboo plank flooring gives the dining area a warm, natural look. Bamboo is durable and withstands spills, foot traffic, chair scrapes and more. It’s also easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Commercial grade stainless steel appliances were chosen for their durability, longevity and sleek appearance. The suite includes a 5-burner gas range, French door refrigerator, trash compactor, and built-in microwave.

Undercabinet Lighting

LED strips cast even, useful light for food prep tasks without harsh glare. Lights were also installed inside glass cabinets to showcase contents.


What are some pros and cons of a galley kitchen layout?

Pros: Galley kitchens make efficient use of space. They allow for easy installation of long runs of cabinets and countertops. The single-wall workspace facilitates multiple cooks.

Cons: Galley kitchens lack space for a table. Traffic can get congested if more than one person is cooking. Limited counter space for appliance storage.

What are some good colors to make a small kitchen appear larger?

Light, bright colors like white, off-white, light gray and pale blues will reflect light and make a small kitchen feel more open. Avoid dark colors, which can close in the space. Bold colors in small doses add visual interest.

How do you maximize storage in a small kitchen?

Use every vertical inch with tall cabinets. Install pull-out shelves and drawers. Use lazy susans in corner cabinets. Try slide-out storage under appliances. Use lid, tray and pot racks. Have a built-in pantry. Use space under stairs or steps.

What backsplash tiles work best in a small kitchen?

Small tile sizes less than 4 inches help a kitchen feel larger visually. Subway tiles, mosaics, mini hexagons are great options. Avoid large slab backsplashes, which can overwhelm. Extending tile to the ceiling makes the room feel taller.

Should I get upper cabinets in a small kitchen?

Yes, you need upper cabinets for storage in a small kitchen. Consider 3/4 depth cabinets to save space. You can also do open shelves or glass front cabinets in areas to prevent a closed-in feeling. Keep lighting under cabinets to reduce visual bulkiness.

How do you make a small eat-in kitchen functional?

Use a layout where work area and dining zone are defined but not cut off. A banquette or bench with small table works well. Add interest underfoot with a dual floor surface like tile and wood. Ensure proper lighting over the table. Make path from cooking to dining area wide and direct.


This bright, beachy kitchen remodel demonstrates how a compact eat-in kitchen can be transformed into a highly functional and inviting space. By taking a creative approach to layout, color, storage solutions and finishes, the homeowners were able to design a kitchen tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Though small in square footage, the kitchen feels open, uncluttered and modern thanks to smart changes. The vibrant turquoise cabinetry instantly modernized the look while expanding it visually. Small changes like extending the backsplash and floor tile also helped improve spaciousness. Custom storage solutions around every turn optimized the available footprint to accommodate essential kitchenware. And durable, luxurious materials like quartz counters and stainless appliances gave the tiny kitchen a polished, upscale atmosphere. This makeover shows that you don’t need a palace-sized room to have your dream kitchen. With clever remodeling ideas and strategic use of space, even the most modest kitchen can be comfortable, efficient and gorgeous.