A Shaker-style kitchen is a timeless and practical choice for any home. This week, we’re excited to showcase a stunning traditional Shaker kitchen located in a London townhouse that perfectly balances form and function.

Shaker kitchens are inspired by the utilitarian aesthetic of the United Church of Christ Shaker movement of the 18th and 19th centuries. Characterized by simple lines, excellent craftsmanship, and functional spaces, the Shaker style endures as a popular kitchen design even today. For homeowners who value practicality, clean lines, and an unfussy approach to cooking spaces, a Shaker kitchen is an excellent option.

This light-filled London Shaker kitchen is a wonderful example of how this pragmatic style can be adapted to suit a contemporary open-concept floor plan. With its use of natural materials, efficient layout, and restrained detailing, it honors Shaker ideals while still feeling fresh and current.

Join us as we tour this exquisite space and see what makes it this week’s must-see kitchen!

Overview of the Layout and Design

This London kitchen seamlessly combines the signature Shaker elements of practicality and simplicity with a chic urban style. Its thoughtful layout and quality finishes are ideal for a central London home.


  • Open concept linking kitchen to living area
  • Clean sightlines through entire space
  • Separate dining zone beside kitchen
  • Large island for extra prep space


  • White cabinetry keeps space feeling bright and airy
  • Classic subway tiles on backsplash
  • Quartz countertops add subtle pattern
  • Rift white oak flooring for softness underfoot
  • Lacquered brass fixtures lend subtle shine

The entire space is filled with natural light thanks to banks of tall windows along two exposures. Thanks to the open layout, the cook can remain connected to happenings in the living room while prepping meals. The separate dining area helps distinguish the kitchen as its own functional zone.

Details of the Cabinetry and Island

The cabinetry is the focal point of any great Shaker kitchen, and this light-filled space features impeccably crafted custom cabinetry. The perimeter cabinetry provides ample storage for cooking equipment, dishes, and pantry items.

Cabinet Highlights:

  • Recessed panel doors with clean lines
  • Square exposed hinges
  • Built-in range hood clad in wood
  • Glass front cabinets to display dishware
  • Pull-out shelving in base cabinets
  • Wood wine rack built into cabinet

The expansive island is truly the heart of the workspace. With its classic farmhouse style legs and spacious quartz countertop, it offers room for meal prep as well as casual dining for three. The integrated butcher block at the end provides extra chopping room. Drawers and cabinets beneath keep essentials within reach.

Backsplash and Countertops

While Shaker kitchens take a pared back approach to ornamentation, they still include well-chosen accents. The backsplash and countertops in this London kitchen enhance the space with subtle texture and pattern.


  • White subway tile
  • Classic brick pattern
  • Mirrored running bond pattern above cooktop
  • Dark metal trim edges for modern accent


  • Quartz with faint gray marbling
  • Waterfall edge on island for seamless flow
  • Crisp white quartz backsplash

The backsplash brick pattern adds just a touch of visual interest without detracting from the room’s tranquil aura. The muted gray quartz countertops complement the array of whites adding depth.

Appliances and Fixtures

This kitchen marries Shaker practicality with the modern convenience of top-notch stainless steel appliances. The minimalist style of the major appliances keeps the look tidy and focused. Pops of shine from the brass fixtures add a hint of luxury.


  • Commercial grade stainless range
  • Integrated refrigerator nearly disappears
  • Stainless dishwasher tucked discreetly away
  • Stainless range hood with wood cover


  • Lacquered brass cabinet pulls
  • Sleek gooseneck faucet
  • Undermount sink allows continuous counter
  • Lacquered brass pendant lights over island

The appliances include some professional touches, like the powerful Vent-A-Hood rangetop and Bosch dishwasher. Their power ensures this kitchen can keep up with the busy life of an urban family.

Flooring and Window Elements

This light-filled kitchen gets its fresh ambiance from more than just its posh white cabinetry. The reclaimed oak flooring and expansive windows usher in natural beauty to complete the refined Shaker design.


  • Wide plank white oak floors
  • Rift cut white oak adds subtle variation
  • Soft hue avoids feeling too stark


  • Banks of tall windows on two exposures
  • South-facing windows flood space with light
  • Cafe curtains filter light softly
  • Glass shelving displays items in natural light

The rift white oak flooring adds an organic touch with its appealing grain patterns. The soft hue keeps the floor from competing with the crisp cabinetry. Triple-hung windows allow the space to be freely opened to the outside on nice days.

Final Thoughts

This exquisite London kitchen is a testament to the timelessness and adaptability of the Shaker style. The clean lines, thoughtful layout, and restrained material palette come together to create a tranquil workspace. Clever choices like integrated appliances, multifunctional island, and oak flooring give the space warmth.

For homeowners seeking respite from hectic city life, this refined Shaker kitchen offers a mindfully designed sanctuary that honors the Shaker traditions of community, utility and craftsmanship. Its efficient layout and unfussy elegance are equally suited to preparing a simple meal for one or hosting a lively dinner party. We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek inside a skillfully executed Shaker kitchen更新 for a new era of urban living.

FAQs About Shaker Kitchens

What are the key elements that define a Shaker kitchen?

Some core identifying features of Shaker kitchens include:

  • Streamlined cabinetry with recessed panel doors and minimal ornamentation
  • Neutral color schemes, often focused on whites
  • Natural materials like wood and stone
  • Quality craftsmanship showcasing fine carpentry
  • Functional layouts that facilitate cooking workflows
  • Integrated storage solutions like pull-out shelves
  • Exposed hardware like hinges and pulls in black, brass or nickel

Why choose a Shaker kitchen?

There are many benefits that make the Shaker style perennially popular for kitchens:

  • Timeless aesthetics that work in both traditional and contemporary homes
  • Practicality and functionality, with a focus on workflow
  • Clean lines and subtle details create a sense of tranquility
  • Adaptability to suit personal style with colors, materials and hardware
  • Quality of craftsmanship when customized by skilled artisans
  • Investment value, as Shaker kitchens have enduring appeal

How do you create a modern take on a Shaker kitchen?

Some tips for adapting a Shaker kitchen to feel current include:

  • Opt for an open concept floor plan
  • Incorporate sleek modern appliances
  • Use contemporary materials like quartz counters
  • Add modern black or brass hardware
  • Include glass cabinet doors or open shelving
  • Paint lower cabinets a dark color and uppers white
  • Choose modern style pendant lighting
  • Install a clean-lined kitchen island

What are key layout considerations for a Shaker kitchen?

Layout guidelines include:

  • Create clearly defined workflow zones for prep, cook, clean, and dine
  • Ensure adequate countertop space for task areas
  • Maximize storage with cabinets, pull-outs, and built-in shelving
  • Allow for triangles between sink, fridge, and range
  • Include an island for extra prep space and casual dining
  • Position range hood near cooking surface to optimize ventilation
  • Allow open sight lines from cooktop to living areas

What are typical price ranges for a Shaker kitchen remodel?

Budgets can vary greatly, but typical price ranges include:

  • Economy: $15,000 – $30,000
  • Mid-Range: $30,000 – $60,000
  • High-End: $60,000 – $100,000+

Many factors affect cost such as size, materials, appliance choices and custom work. Careful planning is key for staying on budget.


The enduring popularity of the Shaker style is evident in this exquisite London kitchen. With its expansive white cabinetry, natural materials, and blinding functionality, this kitchen is equally well-suited for relaxed family dinners or upscale entertaining. For homeowners seeking a peaceful, fuss-free cooking space that doesn’t sacrifice style, a new Shaker kitchen could be the perfect choice. We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-depth look at how a traditional aesthetic can be thoughtfully adapted to meet contemporary needs.