Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home. They bring family and friends together, provide nourishment, and create lasting memories around the table. This week’s featured kitchen exudes splashes of color and charm while maintaining a comfortable, country vibe.

An Overview of the Kitchen’s Design Elements

This light-filled kitchen features several signature elements that make it aesthetically pleasing. Here’s an overview of some of the main design components:

Vintage Details

Vintage accents add character and a sense of history to the space. Details like the farmhouse sink, antique-inspired lighting fixtures, and repurposed wood elements on the island provide a timeworn style.

Pops of Color

While the cabinets, walls, and flooring establish a neutral backdrop, vibrant pops of aqua, cherry red, sunny yellow, and grassy green enliven the scene. Colorful accents on the backsplash, bar stools, pendant lights, and decor items add youthful energy.

Rustic Textures

Natural, organic textures complement the vintage vibe. Elements like the butcher block countertops, exposed ceiling beams, distressed wood island, and brick backsplash bring a raw, rustic feel.

Farmhouse Chic

Charming farmhouse details like open shelving, a farmhouse sink, exposed ceiling beams, and a chicken wire-front cabinet embody a casual country spirit.

The Layout and Key Areas

This kitchen features an efficient layout to support a family’s cooking and living needs. Here’s an overview of the floorplan:

Work Triangle

The refrigerator, range, and sink form an easily navigable work triangle so the cook can effortlessly flow between tasks.

Preparation Station

A spacious butcher block island provides a roomy prep zone and informal dining bar. The distressed wood finish adds rustic personality.

Gathering Area

A vintage farm table surrounded by mix-and-match chairs creates a family gathering spot. This promotes casual meals and quality time.

Built-In Pantry

The walk-in pantry provides organized storage for all dry goods and small appliances to keep the main kitchen clutter-free.

Cozy Nook

A window-flanked banquette in the corner makes a cozy breakfast nook filled with natural light.

Kitchen Elements and Materials

From cabinetry to flooring, the materials and elements incorporated into this kitchen add up to a stylish, inviting space.


The perimeter cabinetry provides a clean, shaker-style look with visible wood grain that suits the casual vibe. Neutral painted cabinets keep the background light and airy.


A handmade brick backsplash in earthy red tones and varied textures adds a handcrafted, vintage touch behind the range.


Butcher block counters offer a natural, organic look and feel that pairs well with the distressed wood island. They also provide a durable work surface.


Antique-inspired pendant lights over the island add form and function. Recessed lighting provides ambient illumination, while task lighting aids food prep.


White oak hardwood flooring establishes a light, airy foundation. The varied plank directions and widths add interest underfoot.


An oversized farmhouse sink serves as a roomy food prep station and complements the vintage charm.


Black iron knobs and pulls on the cabinets and drawers continue the timeworn aesthetic.

Splashes of Color

While the kitchen follows a predominantly neutral palette, vibrant splashes of color enliven the look. The hues add youthful energy and reflect the homeowner’s personal sense of style.


Cool aqua blue makes a cheery statement in multiple elements. The farmhouse sink, pendant lights, kitchen utensils, and accent rugs integrate pops of this refreshing color.

Cherry Red

From the classic kitchen scale to the retro-style bar stools, red accents add a perky punch. Red dishes on the open shelves also catch the eye.

Sunny Yellow

The window valances, area rug, and decorative bowls on the island contribute happy notes of sunny yellow. Yellow reflects light and warmth.

Grassy Green

Green makes several appearances, including on the vintage Hoosier cabinet, decorative bottles, and retro canister set. This nature-inspired hue energizes.

The Final Touch: Styling the Space

Several styling strategies help this kitchen achieve its charming, family-friendly character.

Collections on Display

Glass-front cabinets and open shelving showcase collections of vintage dishware, cookbooks, and utilitarian items. This adds personalized flair.

Meaningful Accessories

Nostalgic accessories like the Hoosier cabinet, galvanized buckets, and wire egg baskets speak to the owners’ tastes and memories.

Plants for Life

Fresh greens thrive throughout in herbs, plants, and garlands. Living elements enhance vitality and connections to nature.

Artful Organization

Everything has a handy home but is artfully arranged—from utensils in crocks to cookware on the vintage cooker. Organization promotes beauty.

Tasteful Touches

Thoughtful details like the window valances, accent pillows, and luxurious window treatments show attention was paid to each element.

Achieving This Appealing Kitchen Style

If you’d like to emulate the splashes of color, country charm, and vintage spirit of this delightful kitchen, incorporate the following ideas:

Collect With Purpose

Build displays of items that make your heart sing—like treasured dishware, classic kitchen tools, cookbooks, or handmade pottery. Create vignettes that tell your story.

Select a Color Palette

Choose two or three punchy colors to weave throughout your space—on walls, textiles, accessories, and artwork. Varied textures also add interest.

Source Vintage Finds

Shop tag sales, flea markets, estate sales, and antique shops to discover unique items with patina and history. Mix old and new for a collected look.

Add Farmhouse Touches

Incorporate farmhouse sinks, exposed beams or rafters, galvanized metal, chicken wire, reclaimed wood, and cottage-style accents.

Install Warm Lighting

Use lamp lighting, pendants, and accent lighting to create a welcoming glow. Include dimmers for ambience control.

Grow Natural Elements

Bring in living plants, fresh flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables to keep the space grounded in nature.

Maximize Storage

Incorporate cabinets, shelving, racks, pegboards and pantries for concealed storage. Keep counters and surfaces clutter-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Achieving This Look

If you’re considering a similar vintage-inspired, color-splashed kitchen design, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What are the best vintage items to source?

Great vintage finds include dishware, glassware, cast iron pans, enamelware, bralettos, cake stands, linens, pots and kettles, glass rolling pins, crocks, and jelly cupboards.

How do I create a cohesive look with pops of color?

Limit yourself to 2-3 punchy hues and repeat them in small doses throughout on walls, decor, textiles, art, accessories, and dishware. Tie things together with plenty of neutrals.

What paint and finish options work well?

For cabinets, walls, and trim, stick with neutral, lighter paint colors and natural wood stains. Add color through changeable accent pieces instead of permanent elements.

What should I know about installing a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks require a minimum 36-inch cabinet for single bowls and 48 inches for doubles. The deep basin requires custom plumbing. Apron-front sinks need cabinet modifications.

How do I add rustic farmhouse touches?

Ideal additions include beamed ceilings, classic subway tile, butcher block counters, galvanized metal accents, wire storage cubes, reclaimed wood, and vintage-style lighting and hardware.

What are inexpensive ways to add vintage flair?

Affordable options include buying reproduction accessories, shopping flea markets and antiques shops, displaying collections like cookbooks or crockery, and upcycling existing pieces with new knobs or chalk paint.

Final Thoughts

This kitchen of the week demonstrates how vintage finds, bright splashes of color, and farmhouse touches can blend to create a space brimming with rustic charm. Clever organization, collections on display, and abundant plants enhance the welcoming, family-friendly vibe. With some hunting for special pieces and strategic decor choices, you can emulate this appealing look in your own kitchen.

Kitchen of the Week: Splashes of Color and Country Charm