Kitchen design is an art that requires balancing function, aesthetics, and practicality. This week’s featured kitchen does just that, with smart space planning and bold style choices that create a gorgeous and highly-functional heart of the home. From the clean lines to the mix of materials, every detail was carefully considered in this kitchen remodel.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the elements that make this kitchen of the week a stellar example of great design. We will look at the layout and space planning tactics used, review the standout style choices, and highlight some of the key features that make this kitchen both beautiful and totally usable. Whether you are planning a full renovation or just looking for some inspiration, the thoughtful design decisions in this kitchen make it one worth learning from.

So let’s explore what makes this our kitchen of the week!

Space Planning for Smarter Workflow

One of the most impressive aspects of this kitchen is the thought put into the space planning. It may look simple, but careful planning allows this kitchen to function exceptionally well. The designer utilized a few key strategies to maximize workflow efficiency.

Triangular Work Zones

The work zones in this kitchen–sink, cooktop, and refrigerator–are arranged in a handy triangular configuration. This creates an efficient sequence for moving between tasks, minimizing unneeded steps. The refrigerator, sink, and stove each act as anchor points that delineate unified work stations.

Multifunctional Island

The large kitchen island is really the heart of this space. It provides ample prep space, storage, and seating while also creating work triangle boundaries. Islands can make or break a kitchen design, but this one was expertly planned. It defines the kitchen zones without disrupting flow.

Perimeter Cabinetry

The perimeter of the kitchen is lined with both base and wall cabinets for plentiful storage. This leaves the middle open and roomy while keeping necessities easily accessible in the surrounding cupboards and drawers. Clean-lined shaker cabinet fronts give a streamlined look.

Open Shelving

While the perimeter hosts closed storage, open shelving in the island and over the sink provides display space for pretty dishware. This balances the look and feel of the space. The varied storage options allow for everything to have a designated spot.

Standout Style Choices

In addition to smart space planning, this kitchen of the week has style in spades. From the color scheme to the mix of materials, the design choices give this space loads of character.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

The two-tone cabinetry scheme of navy blue lower cabinets and bright white uppers is an instantly eye-catching choice. This smart design decision breaks up the perimeter and adds visual interest through contrast.

Brass Hardware & Fixtures

Warm metallic brass finish on the fixtures and hardware pairs beautifully with the blue and white color scheme. The classic metal gives a nice pop against the painted cabinetry. It’s understated and timeless versus trendy.

White Subway Tile

Clean and classic white subway tile makes a crisp backsplash that suits the overall aesthetic. The tile provides texture against the cabinetry while keeping the look light and airy.

Butcher Block Countertops

Wood butcher block island countertops inject natural material warmth. The light finish keeps them fitting in seamlessly with the rest of the room’s brightness. Durable and scratch-resistant, they are also extremely functional.

Black Stainless Steel Appliances

The sleek professional-grade appliances in a modern black stainless steel coordinate with the color scheme without starkly contrasting. They fade into the design rather than calling attention.

Key Features and Functions

Beyond the standout style elements, this kitchen includes several high-function features that improve usability. The designer incorporated key components that go a long way in everyday use.

Full-Extension Drawers

The kitchen features full-extension soft-close drawers, which maximize the use of interior space. This makes items easy to access and see. Drawers are great for containing kitchen tools and keeping things organized.

Deep Sink

A deep single-bowl undermount sink provides ample space for washing large pots and pans by hand. The rich navy color ties in with the lower cabinets.

Pull-Out Trash Can

A built-in pull-out trash and recycling bin in the island hides garbage out of sight while keeping it accessible. This is helpful for keeping the kitchen tidy and streamlined.

Charging Station

An integrated charging station and outlet strip right on the kitchen island keeps phones and tablets powered up. This is perfect for using digital recipes and listening to music while cooking.

Pot Filler Faucet

A wall-mounted pot filler faucet over the cooktop provides easy access to water right where it’s needed. This makes tasks like filling large pots much simpler.


What are some hallmarks of great kitchen space planning?

Some things that indicate great kitchen space planning include an efficient work triangle between the main appliances, perimeter storage cabinets with open shelving for balance, a spacious multitasking island, and distinct work zones that minimize cross-traffic.

What are some current kitchen design trends?

Some popular kitchen design trends right now include two-tone cabinetry, brass hardware, black stainless steel appliances, statement lighting fixtures, integrated technology like charging stations, and mixed material surfaces.

What are pros and cons of shaker style cabinets?

Shaker style cabinet pros include their simple clean lines and timeless look. They give a kitchen a streamlined appearance. Cons can be that they show dirt and wear more easily than some other styles. Their simplicity also does not appeal to all.

How is a kitchen triangle arranged?

A proper kitchen work triangle arranges the refrigerator, sink, and stove in a triangular formation with work zones that allow easy movement between them. Each point of the triangle is 60 to 90 inches apart from the others.

What makes for good kitchen lighting?

Great kitchen lighting combines overall ambient light, task lighting over key work stations, and decorative accent lighting. Layering light sources ensures the space is fully functional and beautiful.

What are some tips for a small kitchen remodel?

Tips for small kitchen remodels include using glass cabinet doors for a sense of openness, sticking to two or three colors maximum, utilizing lighting to make it feel airy, keeping the floor plan open with no walls dividing it, and storage solutions like pull-out shelves to maximize space.


With its carefully devised layout and gorgeous style, the kitchen featured this week is truly a standout. Every aspect was thoughtfully designed to create a cooking space that is beautiful, highly functional, and brimming with inspiration. From the smart triangular workflow plan to the mix of two-tone cabinetry and brass fixtures, it is easy to see why this kitchen deserves the spotlight as our kitchen of the week. We hope examining the elements that make this space so special provides useful ideas and techniques for your own kitchen projects, big or small. With strategic space planning and striking style choices, you too can create a kitchen that is organized, efficient, and totally eye catching.