A well-designed kitchen is the heart of any home. This week, we’re excited to showcase a gorgeous kitchen renovation that perfectly blends beauty and function. Located in a 1920s bungalow, this kitchen was given new life with leafy views and smart storage solutions. Read on as we dive into the details of this stunning transformation.

Overview of the Home and Goals for the Kitchen

The owners of this lovely 1920s bungalow were seeking to renovate their dated, cramped kitchen into a light-filled oasis for cooking and entertaining. The existing kitchen was disconnected from the rest of the home, so expanding it to create an open concept layout was a top priority.

They also wanted to maximize views of the trees in their backyard, bring in more natural light, and add storage options while retaining the home’s vintage charm. The goal was to create a functional, modern kitchen with a timeless look.

Demo and Layout Changes

The first step was demolishing the existing kitchen to open it up to the dining room. This transformed the space from a cramped galley kitchen to a spacious, airy room with better flow.

Previously closed off from the rest of the home, the new open concept kitchen also improved the connection between cooking, dining, and living areas. Widening the entryway from the front hall and removing walls really opened up sightlines.

The team strategically added windows along the back wall and incorporated glass cabinet doors to take advantage of views of the verdant backyard. These choices also allow natural light to flood in from multiple angles, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance.

Design Details

Color Scheme and Materials

The color palette balances warm white cabinetry and muted green tiles with black accents and natural wood tones. Crisp white perimeter cabinets contrast beautifully with emerald green metro tiles lining the backsplash.

Rich black accents on the range hood, faucet, and hardware add classic contrast while harmonizing with the black window frames. Natural wood open shelves provide texture while referencing the home’s original details.

The materials are a study in mixing timeless and contemporary elements. The white oak floors offer an aged look that pairs nicely with the traditional shaker cabinets. At the same time, the marble-look quartzite countertops and sleek metal hood inject modern flair.


Shaker-style cabinets were chosen to complement the bungalow’s craftsman vibe. The mix of white upper and lower cabinets keeps the space light and airy. Drawers with adjustable dividers maximize every inch of storage space.

For contrast, one lower cabinet was finished in a rich charcoal stain and fitted with glass doors, allowing for display space without sacrificing storage. Iron handles match the black accents throughout the kitchen.


A bold backsplash was installed as the focal point of the kitchen. Vibrant green metro tiles laid in a zig-zag pattern make a lively statement. Continuing the tiles onto the hood ties the vignette together beautifully.

The checkerboard tile floor echoes the geometric shapes found throughout the space. This cohesion pulls the whole room together into one holistic design.


Thoughtful lighting transforms the kitchen for nighttime use. Pendant lights hang over the center island to illuminate meal prep. Under cabinet lighting provides task lighting for the most important work areas.

Sconces flanking the range hood provide soft ambiance. Their black finish coordinates with the other dark metal finishes.

Smart Storage Solutions

One major goal for the renovation was increasing storage space without compromising the light, open feel. Several smart solutions were implemented to optimize every inch of real estate.

Hidden Spice Drawers

Shallow pull-out drawers built right into the lower cabinets keep spices organized and out of sight, but easily accessible while cooking. The narrow drawers maximize vertical storage space typically left unused.

Deep Drawers

Full extension drawers with adjustable dividers make use of every inch of cabinet depth. Different zones corral utensils, cutting boards, bakeware, and other items. The deep drawers accommodate bulky appliances.

Mix of Open and Closed Storage

The balance of open shelves and enclosed cabinetry allows display space for pretty dishes while concealing less aesthetically appealing items. The glass-front upper cabinets also help break up the solid cabinetry.

Pantry Cabinet

A floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet provides ample storage. Adjustable shelves, pull-out baskets, and a built-in lazy susan efficiently organize ingredients and bulk items out of the main workspace.

Island Storage

Storage is even built right into the kitchen’s showstopping island. Deep drawers maximize vertical space, while a cabinet fitted with a sliding shelf keeps small appliances handy, but out of sight.

Island as Centerpiece

The expansive kitchen island commands attention as the heart of the space. Wrapped in rich green marble-look quartzite, the island makes a bold statement while serving many functions.

Food Prep Station

With plentiful counter space, the island provides a dedicated area for food prep and cooking tasks. This keeps the main prep zones separate from clean-up areas. The deep basin sink makes washing produce a breeze.

Dining Space

Built-in seating on one side of the island allows it to double as a casual dining spot. The attached eat-in counter creates a perfect perch for quick breakfasts or keeping the cook company.

Entertaining Hub

For entertaining, the island becomes the perfect spot for casually gathering with guests. The minimalist design keeps it clutter-free so that it can pull triple duty.


The quartzite countertop and white oak base offer an organic contrast to the sleek metal base. The overhang provides ample room for seating and reinforces the substantial heft.

A rectangular waterfall edge on the seating side softens the island and gives it refined style suited to the home’s age and architecture.

Finishing Touches

Several carefully chosen accents put the final polish on this exquisite kitchen renovation. The little details elevate the whole space as one cohesive work of design excellence.


A matte black faucet serves as a striking focal point against the white quartzite. The bridge silhouette and diagonal levers complement the modern elements throughout the kitchen.

Vent Hood

The sculptural range hood clad in black stainless steel makes a bold style statement. It contrasts beautifully with the emerald green tile backsplash.


Iron pull handles on the cabinets offer understated elegance and tie in with the black accents. Recessed finger grooves allow for an ergonomic grip.

Open Shelving

The light wood floating shelf breaks up the wall of cabinetry while displaying pretty accent pieces. The organic shape and finish provide natural texture.

Window Treatments

Floor length linen curtains in a warm ivory hue soften the black window frames. The lightweight fabric allows sunlight to filter into the space.

The Final Reveal

The completed renovation resulted in a kitchen that exceeded the homeowners’ wishes. Trading cramped quarters for spacious luxury, the new kitchen honors the bungalow’s roots while elevating it for contemporary living.

Abundant natural light and verdant views transform meal prep into a tranquil experience. Plentiful storage keeps clutter at bay, even in the expanded footprint. The smart layout improves flow and functionality.

By opening the kitchen to the rest of the home, the owners gained a chic space for gathering and entertaining. The new open concept invites connection and community. Every finish and fixture works together seamlessly, creating a cohesive updated bungalow kitchen.

6 Key Takeaways from this Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation

  1. Demolish walls to improve open concept flow. Removing walls between rooms can make a space feel exponentially larger. Improved sightlines open up opportunities for functionality and design.
  2. Strategically add windows and glass cabinetry. More natural light instantly makes any space more inviting and refreshing. Well-placed windows and glass inserts expand views and brighten rooms.
  3. Select a blend of timeless and contemporary elements. Mixing classic materials like subway tile with modern finishes keeps a space current yet enduring. This kitchen strikes the right balance.
  4. Build in smart storage solutions. Maximize every inch of space with pull-outs, roll-outs, and other functional innovations. Conceal clutter while keeping items accessible.
  5. Make the island the centerpiece. A statement island anchors the layout and provides storage and seating. This multifunctional anchor point defines the whole space.
  6. Finish with luxe details. Don’t forget about lovely little touches like statement lighting and hardware. These accents elevate the final design.

This kitchen remodel provides endless inspiration for upgrading your own space. Achieving the tricky balance of form and function, it proves that a kitchen can be equally stunning and practical. With clever use of materials, colors, and layout, you can create a personalized retreat tailored exactly to your needs and style.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels can be daunting. Here are answers to some of the most common questions homeowners have when renovating their kitchens.

What are the first steps for a kitchen remodel?

The first step is determining your budget and priorities. Do you want cosmetic changes or structural renovations? Prioritize must-haves like new appliances vs. nice-to-have features. Measure your space and create a floorplan. Determine if you need permits. Interview contractors and get quotes.

How do I choose an aesthetic for my new kitchen?

Consider the look you’re drawn to – modern, traditional, contemporary etc. Choose a color palette and materials that reflect your taste. Look through photos of kitchens you love to identify preferences. Think about how to incorporate personal style into classic elements.

What are the hottest kitchen trends right now?

Some top trends are two-tone cabinetry, open shelving, statement sinks, brass accents, conversational zones, and synthetic countertops like quartzite. Sleek appliances and expansive islands also remain popular. Focus on timeless over trendy though.

How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

The average minor remodel is $20-30k, while major overhauls are $50-100k+. Factors affecting cost are layout changes, finishes, appliances, countertops and backsplash. Get contractor quotes to estimate pricing for your specific wishlist.

How do I stay within my kitchen remodel budget?

Have the layout professionally designed for efficiency. Comparison shop appliances and finishes. Use cost-effective countertops like quartz. Look for deals on flooring. Use stock cabinets with custom fronts or paint existing cabinets. Complete minor remodels in phases.

What is the resale value of a kitchen remodel?

According to Remodeling Magazine, minor kitchen remodels recoup about 70% of costs at resale. Major remodels recoup about 60%. Upgrading your kitchen can significantly boost home value, as it’s often the #1 selling point.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

The timeline varies based on project scope. Cosmetic updates can be a few weeks. Full gut renovations are several months. Ordering custom pieces adds time too. Most full remodels are 6-12 weeks. Don’t rush the demolition, planning and permitting.

Should I DIY my kitchen remodel?

Minor cosmetic updates are often reasonable DIY projects. But full remodels require extensive expertise, tools and labor. Unless you’re very experienced, you’ll probably spend more hiring contractors to fix mistakes later. Leave major structural work to the pros.

How do I live without a kitchen during remodels?

Plan ahead! Set up a temporary kitchen in another room if possible. Meal prep freezer meals in advance. Use paper plates and prep food in a crockpot or on the grill. Take advantage of microwave, slow cooker and toaster oven. Eat out or order delivery more often.


This bright, spacious kitchen remodel transformed dated and dysfunctional into modern and welcoming. Strategic layout changes capitalized on the footprint while enhancing open concept flow for a more livable experience.

Thoughtful storage solutions optimized organization without sacrificing style. A blend of materials, finishes and colors paired vintage charm with contemporary function. The stunning island became a multifunctional focal point.

Each decision reinforced the homeowners’ vision of a kitchen that facilitated connection through beautiful design. Their careful attention to detail resulted in a timeless yet current space primed for all of life’s occasions.

This kitchen serves as a guiding light for remixing cramped, outdated cooking spaces into revitalized showpieces. Whether building a kitchen from the studs up or giving your existing space new life, the examples set forth provide an inspiring roadmap for success.