This week we’re taking a look at a beautiful kitchen design that perfectly blends industrial and vintage elements for a truly unique and eclectic style. Exposed brick, antique-inspired cabinets, and mixed metals come together to create a space that is both sleek and timeless. Keep reading for an in-depth tour of this charming and inviting kitchen.

Highlighting the Exposed Brick

One of the most striking features of this kitchen is the large exposed brick wall, which lends an urban, industrial vibe. The homeowners preserved the original brick when renovating this 1890s Victorian home, allowing it to become a focal point. The varied shades and imperfect textures of the brick provide rustic contrast to the more refined cabinets and finishes.

Exposed brick is great for adding character to a space. It creates an architectural, structural look that feels solid and raw. Leaving brick uncovered like this highlights the bones of the home. The color and texture add visual interest and dimension.

Cabinetry Combines Classic and Modern Elements

The cabinetry in this charming kitchen marries traditional aspects with contemporary accents. Crisp white shaker-style cabinets offer a classic and timeless look. Their simple design allows the other features to shine.

Contrasting the white cabinets are matte black hardware and fixtures. The dark hardware brings in a more modern, edgy vibe. Matte black cup pulls, drawer pulls and hinges pop against the bright white cabinets. This mix of classic shaker cabinets with black hardware creates an overall style that is both fresh and flexible enough to stand the test of time.

Creating an Eclectic Mix With Metals

One creative way this kitchen achieves its eclectic style is through mixing metal finishes. The space artfully combines stainless steel, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and matte black metals for depth and visual interest.

The stainless steel range hood and appliances have a sleek, modern look. The dark bronze pendant lights and fixtures lend a more vintage, rustic vibe. And the matte black hardware offsets the lighter metals. The variety of metal finishes prevents the space from feeling too matchy-matchy.

Thoughtfully mixing metals like this can add layers and dimension to a kitchen. It allows you to incorporate lighting, hardware, and appliances you love without worrying about uniformity. The key is to stick to just 2-3 metal tones for a cohesive look.

Open Shelving Provides Display Space

This kitchen features gorgeous exposed shelving along one wall, which adds to the casual eclectic feel. The shelves provide space to display cookbooks, plants, serveware and other treasures. Since the shelving has no doors, it creates an open and airy look.

Exposed shelves are great for small kitchens where you want to maximize space. They also create a visual focal area to exhibit decorative or functional items. In this kitchen, the shelves contain white dishes that pop against the brick wall. Open shelving works best when styled neatly and sparsely.

Vintage Elements Enhance Charm

Several vintage-style elements are incorporated throughout this kitchen, enhancing the eclectic charm even more. These include:

  • Antique-inspired lighting – From the hanging pendant lights to the vintage bulbs under the shelves, the lighting fixtures add old-world appeal. Distressed metal and Edison bulbs have an industrial, retro look.
  • Subway tile backsplash – The classic white 3″x6″ subway tile backsplash is a vintage-inspired choice. Subway tile has been popular since the early 1900s and has a timeless, clean look.
  • Farmhouse sink – The deep, wide-basin farmhouse sink has a throwback feel. Farmhouse sinks are traditionally made of durable cast iron or porcelain. This one features clean lines and exposed nickel legs for a more modern adaptation.
  • Wood cutting boards – Natural wood cutting boards stacked on the countertop add warmth and texture. Wood boards have been used for centuries and give the space an artisanal vibe.

These vintage touches blended with modern updates are what make this kitchen so stylishly livable and unique.

Achieving an Eclectic Look

There are a few key ways this kitchen achieves its signature eclectic style:

  • Mix of design eras – Industrial, vintage and contemporary elements are seamlessly combined here. Exposed brick, shaker cabinets, and subway tile provide the vintage vibe, while matte black hardware, stainless steel appliances and open shelving add modern flair.
  • Variety of textures – Smooth brick, weathered wood boards, crisp white paint, gleaming metal finishes, and aged lighting fixtures provide visual diversity. Mixing natural and industrial textures makes the space more dynamic.
  • Thoughtful color scheme – Shades of white, black, gray, and brown give this kitchen a neutral yet multilayered color palette. Pops of greenery and accent colors in accessories provide just the right contrast.
  • Display of personally meaningful items – Photos, pottery, books and other beloved items in open shelving infuse personality. Curating these special objects makes the space feel collected over time.

The overall effect is a kitchen that feels curated, multivariate, and anything but cookie-cutter. This kind of purposefully eclectic style takes thoughtful design choices but results in a space brimming with character.

Q&A About Creating This Look

What type of tile is best for the backsplash in this style of kitchen?

For a vintage-inspired backsplash like this, subway tile is a perfect choice. The 3×6 size and classic white color have been popular for over a century, with good reason. Subway tile offers a clean, simple look that doesn’t detract from the other design details. Its smooth surface also makes for easy maintenance and cleaning.

How do you determine the best placement for open shelving?

When incorporating open shelving, consider placing it on the kitchen wall that gets used the most. Frequently accessed dishes, cookbooks and decor are best displayed in easy reach. Just be sure to avoid placing shelves too close to the cooking area. The heat and steam can damage items over time.

Also assess the sightlines. Shelving looks best when the wall behind it is cleaned up. Avoid electrical panels, exposed plumbing or cluttered spaces. And make sure the area gets adequate lighting. Proper illumination highlights the shelves’ displayed items.

What type of sink complements an eclectic kitchen style?

For an eclectic, vintage-inspired kitchen like this, a farmhouse apron-front sink is a perfect choice. The large single basin provides functionality. And the subtly flared apron with exposed legs has old-world, rustic charm.

Farmhouse sinks come in fireclay, cast iron, porcelain, and composite materials to suit different budgets. Look for one wide and deep enough to handle large pots and pans. An eclectic kitchen deserves a statement sink like this.

How can you incorporate multiple metal finishes cohesively?

Stick to just 2 or 3 complementary metal tones. A good rule of thumb is one dominant metal, a second accent metal, and a third for small hardware and fixtures. Make sure at least one metal tone connects major elements like pendant lights and appliances.

Also remember to finish metals consistently. For example, don’t mix polished chrome with brushed nickel. Keeping finishes uniform will make the assortment of metals feel more natural and pulled-together.


This urban farmhouse kitchen does an exceptional job blending industrial and vintage elements for an eclectic style full of character. From the exposed brick wall to the mix of metals to the unique combination of textures, each design choice contributes to the charming and inviting space. Clever use of open shelving, a statement-making farmhouse sink, and other vintage accents balance perfectly with modern updates.

The end result is a kitchen that feels curated, livable and entirely unique. For homeowners looking to add creative flair grounded in timeless good looks, this kitchen offers plenty of inspiration. We hope you enjoyed this inside look at the thoughtful details that make this space truly special. What aspects of this charming kitchen would you want to incorporate into your own?