A stunning recent kitchen remodel in Oregon has been featured as the Kitchen of the Week for its beautiful use of space and emphasis on connectivity. This open concept kitchen is the heart of the home, with multiple access points and an adjoining connected family room space. From the thoughtful layout to the high-end finishes, it’s easy to see why this kitchen renovation is turning heads.

The homeowners in Oregon wanted to reimagine their dated and closed-off kitchen into a modern, open gathering place for their family. Working with their chosen design firm, priorities included improving flow, increasing natural light, integrating the outdoors, and creating a space where multiple people could work, dine, and relax together.

The final result is a chef-grade kitchen that truly feels like the hub of the home. Read on for an in-depth look at this week’s stunning featured remodel.

Layout and Connectivity

One of the homeowners’ key goals was to improve the connectivity of the kitchen to the rest of the home. The previous layout had walled-off the kitchen, making it feel dark and isolated. By opening up entryways and taking down separating walls, the new kitchen now seamlessly flows into multiple living areas.

The front of the kitchen opens into the formal dining room through a wide doorway. This allows easy serving access on entertaining nights, and also enables conversation to flow freely between someone cooking in the kitchen and guests seated for dinner.

On the other end, a large opening was cut into the wall dividing the existing kitchen and family room space. This connected opening was then defined with a thick beam above and dramatic pendant lighting, helping unify the two distinct spaces. The family room’s fireplace can now be appreciated from the kitchen, further blurring room divisions.

The opening to the outdoor deck was also widened significantly. Multiple sets of French doors allow abundant natural light to reach deep into the kitchen, while also framing views of the lush backyard. Seamlessly continuing the indoor rooms outside, and vice versa, was key to the renovated kitchen’s overall connectivity and flow.

Layout Within the Kitchen

Within the kitchen itself, the layout was also cunningly designed to allow for multiple cooks and maximize functionality. Clean lines, ample counterspace, and smart storage solutions allow for a clutter-free environment.

The perimeter of the kitchen houses most of the major appliances, prep, and storage areas. One continuous stretch of cabinetry provides a spacious work zone that faces the kitchen’s interior. This lengthy countertop has the sink in its center, dishwasher to one side, and the range on the other end. A full-height pantry cupboard is nearby for dry goods storage.

Opposite this counter is a sizeable kitchen island. With seating for four, this becomes an inviting spot for casual dining or hanging out while the main chef preps food. The island also cleverly houses the main fridge and freezer columns along with a second sink.

By including a second sink and fridge access point in the island, two cooks can comfortably work in tandem within the kitchen. The overall U-shaped workflow between counters and island is an efficient design.

Materials and Finishes

Now let’s dive into the details of the beautiful materials and finishes seen throughout this kitchen. The homeowners invested in high-end appliances, countertops, cabinets, and surfaces to achieve their vision of a luxury chef’s kitchen.

The cabinetry is all custom built using rift-cut white oak. Multiple stain colors add contrast and interest. The island base cabinets are finished in a deep charcoal, while the upper cabinets and the main kitchen cabinets are done in lighter driftwood gray. Matte black hardware completes the upscale look.

Glass-front upper cabinets help break up the cabinetry while displaying pretty dishware. Their interior lighting illuminates surfaces below for a kitchen that truly shines. For the island and perimeter counters, the homeowners selected striking Calacatta Laza quartzite. The veining has warmth and depth.

Top-of-the-line appliances include a 48-inch pro-style gas range, built-in double ovens, a glass-fronted wine fridge, and a stainless steel range hood. The appliances boast professional performance and sleek integration into the whole design.

The kitchen’s backsplash tiles are opaque glass in creamy whites and greys. Their soft color and clean lines complement the counters and cabinetry without competing. The glass material and glossy finish make for easy cleaning as well. For the flooring, the homeowners chose wide-plank European oak. The warm tone grounds the space and contrasts all the cabinetry.

Finally, multiple skylights and recessed lighting keep the kitchen brightly illuminated. Stylish fixtures like the linear island pendants add interest while optimal task lighting ensures this kitchen is truly functional.

Favorite Elements

With so many details that make this kitchen renovation stand out, here are a few of our favorite elements:

  • The Connectivity – Between knocking down walls, adding doorways, and lining up sightlines, the kitchen’s connection to living areas is seamless. The flow is a central success of the remodel.
  • Custom Cabinets – From the beautiful woodgrain to the mix of finishes, you can tell the cabinetry was crafted with care. The attention to detail shows this project’s high-end nature.
  • Spacious Island – A kitchen island is always welcomed, but one as generous as this is a true highlight. Between dining seating and appliances, this island hub maximizes functionality.
  • Pops of Color – Little accents of black, like the range hood and hardware, make the light cabinetry and counters really sing. Thoughtful detailing brings out the kitchen’s character.
  • Abundant Natural Light – The many skylights, glass cabinets, French doors, and open-concept plan fill the entire kitchen with natural light. It creates an uplifting, inviting environment.

Tips for Achieving This Look

While every home and budget will be different, there are some useful tips for recreating aspects of this aesthetic for your own kitchen remodel:

Create Connections – Evaluate how you currently use your home and how spaces relate to each other. Knocking down walls or adding wide doorways can dramatically improve flow.

MixMaterials – Combine classic elements like wood cabinets with modern touches like the glass backsplash. Contrasting textures add depth.

Let in Natural Light – Skylights, glass-fronted cabinets and splashbacks, and widows or French doors all maximize light. Position them to illuminate key surfaces.

Invest in Quality – Putting money into materials and appliances that will perform well over time is worth it. Do your research to make informed purchases.

Personalize with Color – Whether it’s a colorful backsplash or accent cabinetry, bold hues keep a space from feeling one-note. Add punches of color that suit your tastes.


Here are some common questions about achieving the look and function of this impressive open concept kitchen remodel:

How much space do you need for an open concept kitchen?

An open concept kitchen needs enough square footage to feel spacious when opened up. As a rule of thumb, aim for at least 200 square feet to allow multiple cooks, an eat-in dining area, and good workflow.

What’s the best layout for an open kitchen?

A U-shaped layout with counters lining the perimeter and an island in the center works very well. Make sure to include ample counterspace and multiple access points.

What kind of flooring works best for kitchens?

Durable natural stone like granite or harder woods like oak are great kitchen flooring choices. Materials that can withstand messes and moisture are key. Add cushioning rugs in seating areas.

Should I remodel my kitchen myself or hire pros?

For structural changes like moving walls, installing skylights, or upgrading electrical, you need specialized skills. Consider hiring a general contractor or kitchen designer and doing finish tasks like painting yourself.

How do I integrate my kitchen into the rest of my home?

Keep sightlines clear from one room to the next. Use cohesive elements like continuous flooring, complementary colors, and repeating finishes. The kitchen should visually relate to surrounding spaces.


This open concept kitchen remodel allows the homeowners to cook, dine, and relax together in a bright, modern, and elegantly designed space. Its seamless integration with the home’s living areas and the outdoors results in an environment just made for gathering.

With its high-end finishes, abundance of storage, and functional layout, this kitchen has everything one could need. It’s sure to inspire anyone currently dreaming of their own connectivity-focused renovation. While unique to the home, elements seen here like opening walls, maximizing light, and creating multifunctional islands can inform any kitchen redo.

When executed thoughtfully, an open floor plan kitchen can become the thriving nerve center of your home. Use this Kitchen of the Week as motivation to imagine the possibilities!