A beautifully designed kitchen is the heart of any home. This week, we’re excited to feature a classically styled kitchen with plenty of clever storage solutions. From custom cabinetry to innovative organizational features, this kitchen has everything needed to be highly functional and inviting.

Overview of the Kitchen’s Style

This kitchen features a timeless look with white Shaker-style cabinetry, marble countertops, and black metal hardware. The classic elements are balanced with a soft blue-green backsplash in a Moroccan tile pattern. This creates a transitional style kitchen that feels fresh yet traditional.

The space features plenty of natural light from large windows over the sink and on the eat-in banquette area. White millwork trim and details on the windows and ceiling provide an elegant touch.

Clever Storage Solutions

One of the standout aspects of this kitchen is the thoughtful storage. The homeowners worked with their contractor to include specialized organizational features throughout the space.

Custom Cabinetry

The cabinetry maximizes every inch of available storage. Drawers of various sizes replace some lower cabinets for easy access to pots, pans, and cooking tools. There are pull-out shelves in corner cabinets and pantry cabinets. The upper cabinets extend to the ceiling, which is an optimal use of vertical space.

A unique feature is a section of extra-deep drawers rather than standard base cabinets. These deep drawers can neatly store large and bulky items like baking sheets, cutting boards, and serving platters.

Under Stair Storage

Rather than leaving the space under the stairs empty, enclosed storage was added. The streamlined design with a sliding door blends right in with the other cabinetry. This tucked-away spot is perfect for storing less-used items like holiday dinnerware.

Banquette Storage

The banquette breakfast nook is designed with a trio of large drawers underneath the bench seating. These can conveniently store table linens, kitchen towels, and other dining items.

Appliance Garage

Some homeowners opt for an appliance garage to conceal small countertop appliances like the toaster and mixer. Cabinet doors can be closed to hide appliance clutter for a streamlined look.

Additional Details

Beyond the storage and style, a few other details make this kitchen highly functional.

  • The large island provides ample prep space and stools for casual dining. There are also outlets built into the island.
  • The high-end gas range and stainless steel hood provide plenty of power for avid home cooks.
  • The apron front sink and modern faucet are both stylish and practical.
  • Quartz was chosen for the handy peninsula countertop, as it stands up well to heavy use.
  • LED undercabinet lighting illuminates the workspaces beautifully.

Integrating Clever Storage in Your Kitchen

While every kitchen is different, there are ways to add clever storage to many spaces. Here are some tips:

  • Take full advantage of corners with specialized pull-out cabinets or “lazy susan” turntables.
  • Evaluate underutilized spaces like under stairs or at the end of an island for cabinetry or drawer storage.
  • Replace standard cabinets with drawer bases or try extra-deep drawers for large items.
  • Consider appliances garages and pull-out pantries to neatly hide small appliances and food items.
  • Opt for full extension drawers, drawer dividers, tiered racks, and other organizational products.
  • Work with an experienced kitchen designer who can help you plan creative storage customized to your needs and layout.

FAQs About Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

What are some ways to maximize kitchen storage vertically?

Some vertical storage options include tall pantry cabinets, wall cabinets that extend to the ceiling, hanging racks or rails for pots and pans, and open shelving units mounted high on the wall. Ladders on rolling tracks can provide access.

How can you include storage when you have a small kitchen?

For compact kitchens, try narrow pull-out spice racks, wall-mounted rail systems for utensils and towels, and rolling carts for extra storage. Also make use of under cabinet organizers, over the door racks, and any unused spaces like over the fridge.

What are the benefits of drawer bases compared to cabinets?

Drawers provide full access to contents compared to standard cabinets, keeping items visible and preventing “lost” items in the back. Custom divided drawers also allow you to neatly organize cooking tools and other items.

How much storage should be included in a kitchen island design?

Many designers recommend incorporating at least one large, deep drawer in the island for items like cutting boards and trays. Some islands also have an entire drawer base cabinet section or a pull-out pantry. But too much storage can make the island cluttered, so balance is key.

What kind of storage works well near the oven?

Having a vertical cabinet unit nearby with pull-out shelves is perfect for storing baking sheets, roasting pans, and bulky oven safe dishes. Some ovens have matching microwave or warming drawer units above or below to utilize the space fully.

What should you store in the prime kitchen cabinet space near the sink?

The cabinets closest to the sink are in high demand, so reserve them for your most-used items. Everyday dishes and glasses, mugs, cleaning supplies, sponges, dish soap, and cooking oils and vinegars are often stored in this prime real estate.


This contemporary kitchen seamlessly blends traditional styling with custom storage solutions. By making smart choices like drawer bases, specialized pull-outs, and clutter-hiding appliance garages, the homeowners were able to maximize every inch of space. While this kitchen featured a full remodel, there are clever storage options to fit any budget or project size. With some creativity and careful planning, you can design the highly functional kitchen of your dreams.