What happens when a renowned designer and a celebrated chef team up to create their dream kitchen? You get a gorgeous, high-functioning space that is as beautiful as it is practical. This week, we’re swooning over this luxurious kitchen designed for top designer Joanna Smith and master chef Thomas Keller.

Blending Sophisticated Style and Smart Functionality

Joanna is known for her refined, elegant aesthetic and Tom is famous for his meticulousness and precision when it comes to cooking. Together they aimed to create a kitchen that blended sophisticated style with smart functionality. “We wanted a space that spoke to both of our passions and sensibilities,” shares Joanna.

The resulting design achieves that flawlessly. At first glance, the kitchen exudes refined luxury with its marble surfaces, brass accents, and custom walnut cabinetry. Look closer and you’ll see thoughtful details tailored for a home cook, like the deep farmhouse sink, spacious island with seating for several, and top-of-the-line appliances.

“It was all about marrying beauty and function,” Tom explains. “We chose materials that not only elevate the aesthetic, but also stand up to heavy daily use. And we optimized the layout so I have plenty of prep space and everything I need is easily accessible as I move through cooking elaborate meals.”

Quality Materials Take Center Stage

The materials chosen for this kitchen are certainly the star of the show. Joanna selected only the best to ensure durable, timeless sophistication.

Gorgeous slabs of white and grey marble adorn the counters, backsplash, and oversized island. The veining in the stone provides beautiful visual depth and interest.

The cabinetry demands attention with its lustrous walnut woodgrain and clean, Shaker-style fronts. Joanna had the cabinets custom built to ensure perfect proportions in the space.

Brass accents lend a lovely warmth – note the bridge faucet, cup pulls, and pendant lights hanging above the island. The lighting casts a soft glow for meal prep and dining.

And the chef-grade stainless steel appliances complete the upscale aesthetic. Their pro capability also caters to Tom’s needs.

Optimized for How a Professional Chef Cooks

While Joanna focused on creating a visually stunning space, she didn’t lose sight of catering to Tom’s functionality requirements.

The massive kitchen island provides expansive prep space for chopping, kneading, and staging elaborate dishes. It also has seating integrated so guests can interact with the chef, making it perfect for entertaining.

The top-of-the-line range with a powerful ventilation hood allows Tom to sear and sauté with ease. Smart kitchen design places it near the prep sink for efficient movement.

Abundant counter space surrounding the other appliances means Tom has plenty of room for assembling ingredients and platters.

The secondary sink located by the fridge keeps raw ingredients separate from clean dishes and prepped foods. This level of organization is essential for Tom’s meticulous cooking process.

And there’s no shortage of storage with the waterfall island, walk-in pantry, and full-height cabinets. Tom’s vast collection of pots, pans, and specialized cooking tools has a proper home.

Finishing Touches Elevate the Experience

Throughout the kitchen, Joanna layered in thoughtful details to elevate the overall experience and beauty of the space.

The brass accents reflect light and add warmth against the cool stone. Textural materials like the marble and woodgrain bring visual depth and interest.

Pops of green from live plants make the large kitchen feel welcoming. Joanna selected low-maintenance greens that can handle the heat and humidity.

The beautiful sconces provide targeted task lighting for food prep. Undercabinet lighting illuminates the counters and accentuates the marble’s veining. The pendant fixture over the island centers the social spot.

And custom touches like the decorative vent hood and commission artwork over the desk give this kitchen real personality. Joanna included these elements as an ode to Tom’s culinary expertise.

Achieving the Dream Kitchen

This kitchen shows what happens when two experts at the top of their fields make a dream space together. Joanna brought sophisticated style and Tom delivered practical culinary knowledge.

The result is a showstopping kitchen that delights the senses while still supporting the creation of exquisite cuisine. We adore how every material and layout decision serves double duty – aesthetically enhancing the space while catering to real cooking needs.

This lucky homeowner now has the best of both worlds – a gorgeous space for entertaining that enables chef-quality meals. It’s a kitchen we’d love to cook and relax in!

Frequently Asked Questions About Luxury Kitchen Design

Here are some common questions about creating a high-end, designer kitchen:

What factors make a kitchen feel luxe?

Using quality materials like marble, wood cabinetry, and brass accents elevates the aesthetic. Task and ambient lighting enhance the details. Personalized touches like commissioned art make it feel bespoke and special.

What layout considerations optimize function?

Careful planning ensures ample prep/work space, efficient appliance placement, separated clean/dirty areas, and storage solutions. Don’t forget seating for entertaining guests.

How much does a luxury kitchen remodel cost?

With high-end finishes and custom elements, you can expect to invest $100K+ for a gourmet kitchen remodel. But focus on quality over quantity – fewer exquisite materials have a bigger impact than covering every surface.

What design elements cater to a professional chef?

A pro-grade range, potent ventilation, spacious counters, secondary prep sinks, walk-in pantries, lots of storage, and durable surfaces that can withstand heavy daily use.

Should the kitchen tie into the rest of the home aesthetically?

Yes, the kitchen should feel cohesive with the rest of the home’s style. Repetition of key materials, colors, and design elements will help connect it to other spaces.

How important is lighting in an upscale kitchen?

Proper lighting is extremely important, both for aesthetics and function. Task lighting ensures you can prep and cook safely. Ambient options like pendants make it gorgeous.


This designer-chef kitchen beautifully blends sophisticated style with functional elements tailored specifically for cooking. Quality materials were chosen not just for beauty but also durability. Smart layout choices cater seamlessly to a professional chef’s needs. And personal touches make the space feel custom and luxe. The result is a truly stunning kitchen that works just as beautifully as it looks. With strategic design choices guided by expert perspectives, you too can create a high-end kitchen that delights.