Kitchen cabinets play a crucial role in any kitchen design. They don’t just provide storage space for all your cooking essentials; they also set the overall style and aesthetic of the space. This week, we’re spotlighting a stunning kitchen where the cabinets take center stage with their bold, eye-catching style. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how statement-making cabinets can transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary showstopper.


When embarking on a kitchen remodel or redesign, one of the most important decisions is selecting the cabinets. They take up a significant portion of the kitchen’s real estate, so it’s key to choose a style that aligns with your overall vision. For those wanting to make a dramatic statement, few options fit the bill better than bold, attention-grabbing cabinets.

From vibrant colors to unusual shapes and materials, statement cabinets announce themselves loud and clear. They immediately draw the eye, setting the tone for the rest of the space. This makes them a smart choice for anyone looking to infuse their kitchen with personality, charm, and one-of-a-kind style.

Today’s stunning “Kitchen of the Week” shows just how transformative these striking cabinets can be. With their unconventional touches, they bring drama, flair, and sophistication to a kitchen that could have easily felt nondescript. If you’re considering a kitchen refresh that calls for cabinets with bravado and panache, this space provides abundant inspiration. Keep reading to soak up ideas and see how audaciously beautiful cabinets catapulted this kitchen to starring status.

Overview of the Kitchen

This week’s featured kitchen reveals how artistic cabinets make a bold proclamation. Located in a recently built home, the space exudes contemporary appeal with its polished stone surfaces and clean-lined silhouette. Sizeable windows usher in generous natural light, while the open layout establishes an airy, uncluttered feel.

To introduce color, texture, and creativity, the homeowner opted for uniquely striking cabinets. Their metallic blue-green hue immediately captures attention. Complementing this is their intricately layered, faceted design. Beautiful hardware choices add further interest, as do the distinctive shapes of the island and other statement furniture pieces.

By letting the cabinets claim the spotlight, they gave this kitchen a look that is dramatic, modern, and full of verve. The end result is a space brimming with style and sophistication. This makeover proves that vibrant, artistic cabinets can be the key to kitchen nirvana. Keep reading for the full rundown of this job well done.

Striking Color Sets the Tone

Perhaps the most prominent feature of this kitchen is the bold, vibrant color of the cabinets. Rather than classic white, medium wood, or expected black, these sport an electrifying metallic blue-green. The unusual hue announces itself emphatically, establishing an ambiance that is dramatic, contemporary, and anything but boring.

Vibrant cabinet colors like these make a strong style statement. They immediately catch the eye, becoming a rich focal point. Against the kitchen’s neutral stone and painted walls, the color truly pops. This demonstrates how strategic use of color can energize a space. It introduces personality while remaining sophisticated.

Beyond visual presence, the color also provides useful wayfinding. It clearly defines the perimeter of the kitchen, delineating it from surrounding rooms. This makes the expansive open concept plan feel polished rather than haphazard. The color reinforces the kitchen as its own destination, avoiding a blurred, undefined aesthetic.

This project confirms that vivid cabinet color delivers major impact. It telegraphs the homeowner’s confidence and originality through a look that refuses to fade into the background. For anyone aiming to make their kitchen more colorful and courageous, this is a fantastic example to emulate.

The Intriguing Faceted Look

Matching the potency of the color is the cabinets’ intricately faceted design. This refers to their geometric, layered surface pattern. Rather than flat slab fronts, these doors and drawers feature an almost crystal-like appearance. The angled planes catch and reflect light for added visual interest.

In the same way that cut gemstones have many facets, these cabinets replicate that appearance. The look aligns perfectly with the kitchen’s contemporary style. It introduces an artistic twist not found on ordinary flat-panel cabinets. The result is kitchen storage that doubles as functional sculpture.

Faceted cabinets like these make a profoundly original statement. Much like the color, the unusual surfaces attract attention and prompt curiosity. Of course, such eye-catching allure comes at a price. Faceted cabinet construction is complex, requiring expert carpentry and design. This explains their frequent use in high-end, custom kitchen projects like this one.

For those seeking a balance of affordability and allure, some faceted looks can be mimicked using 3D laminates. However, authentic solid-wood versions deliver unmatched depth and dimension. No matter how it’s achieved, this kitchen shows how the faceted look elicits double takes and design admiration. The aesthetic is equal parts dignified and dramatic.

Striking Hardware amps up the Impact

No kitchen cabinet makeover is complete without the right hardware. Fortunately, this space didn’t cut any corners in selecting eye-catching knobs and pulls. The choices perfectly complement the cabinets’ bold style.

Along the cool blue-green fronts, brushed gold hardware makes a sophisticated statement. The metallic finish provides pleasant contrast, adding warmth and shine. The hardware’s sculptural, artful look aligns with the kitchen’s contemporary personality.

For the drawers, ring-shaped pulls provide additional flair. Their hollow form creates a more delicate, elegant impression than traditional bar pulls. The attention to such details makes the kitchen feel curated and polished.

Thoughtfully chosen hardware accents any cabinets beautifully. But on facaded statement pieces like these, they become superfluous works of art. The knobs and pulls enhance the cabinets’ mosaic-like facades, adding light-catching glints of gold. Altogether, they help the kitchen cabinets feel like prized furnishings versus basic storage.

The Island Structure Stands Out

In many kitchens, the island is a simple slab-sided rectangle. But to complement this kitchen’s standout style, even the islandgot a makeover. Its shape features rounded corners and an oval-like silhouette. Corniced edges lend subtle dimension, while tapered legs provide visual lift.

The cabinetry echoes the colors and finishes of the perimeter units. This creates cohesion and flows the aesthetic throughout the space. But the unique island shape prevents it from feeling too matchy-matchy. The custom look aligns perfectly with the kitchen’s elevated, bespoke ambiance.

Like the faceted cabinets, this island adds an artistic sensibility. Its curving, atypical lines bring sculpture into the space. The result is an island that truly feels like a furniture focal point. It provides ample seating and prep space, but looks far more like an art piece than a work table.

This is a great takeaway for any kitchen with statement cabinets. Opting for an island with uncommon lines and form can really bolster the dramatic, couture look. In this kitchen, it adds visual punctuation that vivifies the facaded cabinetry to stunning effect.

Statement Lights Enhance the Look

To complement the stylistic cabinets, the kitchen employs statement light fixtures. Over the main work area, a row of futuristic pendants creates illumination that borders on installation art. The curved, slim shapes feel on-trend and drivingly modern.

The island lighting echoes this aesthetic, with organic, sculptural forms making a sophisticated style point. The fixtures feel like they truly belong with the contemporary cabinetry versus standard recessed cans. They provide the right amount of task lighting but also contribute to the kitchen’s allure as an artistic space.

Statement-making light fixtures can provide similar impact in any kitchen. When they align aesthetically with the cabinets, they help reinforce the desired look. If both cabinetry and lighting feel curated and outside the box, their combined effect packs a real visual punch. Don’t be afraid to look beyond basic lighting and explore fixtures aligned with the kitchen’s personality.

Final Thoughts

One look at this kitchen makes it abundantly clear that cabinets can claim superstar status. By opting for unconventional colors, shapes, and details, the designer gave these essential elements an irresistible boost of imagination and bravado. Any kitchen with the potential for monotony can similarly come alive with audacious, design-forward cabinet choices.

Rather than fading into the background, cabinets like these command attention. They set the tone for the rest of the space through their unapologetic sense of style. For anyone undertaking a kitchen refresh, this provides inspirational proof that daring to be different delivers spectacular results. Lean into your inner maverick and choose a look you absolutely love. With the right amount of pizzazz and moxie, your cabinets can be the life of the kitchen party.

Frequently Asked Questions About Statement Kitchen Cabinets

Statement kitchen cabinets can transform the look and feel of your cooking space. But if you’re not familiar with unusual cabinetry options, you likely have questions. Here are answers to some commonly asked FAQs.

What colors work best for statement cabinets?

Vibrant hues or very dark, saturated colors make the biggest impact. Bright blues, greens, reds, and yellows are great choices. Black and charcoal gray also pack visual punch. Go bold, but ensure the color aligns with your overall kitchen aesthetic.

Do faceted cabinets cost more than regular cabinets?

Yes, faceted cabinetry is usually much more expensive. The intricate construction requires far more labor and expertise than flat-front cabinets. Expect to pay a premium, but know the eye-catching results can be worth it.

How do I choose hardware that complements bold cabinets?

Pick hardware finishes and shapes that align with your kitchen’s overall style. Contemporary designs often pair well with bold cabinets. Ensure the size/scale fits the cabinet style. Finally, don’t overlook the power of black or metallic hardware to add interest.

Should I match my island cabinetry to the main kitchen cabinets?

It’s common for the island to use the same cabinet door style for cohesion. But some designers opt for slightly different island finishes or colors to make it stand out. There’s no right answer—just consider your goals for the space.

Can I still get a bold look on a budget?

Absolutely. Painted cabinets can deliver major visual impact for less money. Just opt for an intense, saturated shade and pair with black hardware for affordably striking style. Creative DIY faux finishes can also infuse cabinets with drama and verve.

How do I choose the right lighting fixtures for bold cabinets?

Seek lighting that aligns aesthetically with the cabinets’ style. Avoid basic flush-mount or recessed can lights. Instead, choose pendants, sconces, or track lighting with interesting shapes, materials, or designs that complement the cabinetry.

Should I consider open shelving if I have bold cabinets?

Open shelving can look amazing with vibrantly colored or highly stylized cabinets. The mix of closed and open storage provides visual interest. Ensure contents are styled attractively so the open areas look polished versus messy or cluttered.


One look at this contemporary kitchen proves that bold, artistic cabinets steal the show. Through an unexpected color, intricately faceted fronts, and custom island, this space wields cabinetry that captivates. For anyone undertaking a kitchen remodel, it provides inspirational ideas for using cabinets to make a fearless style statement.

Rather than defaulting to safe, expected options, this kitchen embraces imagination and originality. It celebrates the creativity that cabinetry can contribute to kitchen design. The end result is a comfortably livable yet magazine-worthy room brimming with upscale character.

While many associate kitchen cabinets with utilitarian storage and organization, this makeover shows their potential as focal features. They set the tone for an elegantly styled, design-forward space. For other homeowners seeking similar wow-factor, choosing cabinets with audacious style is sure to deliver. With the right execution, even the most basic kitchen can become a dramatically appealing showpiece.