This week we’re taking you on a tour of an exquisite new kitchen renovation in the Hollywood Hills that brings back old Hollywood glamour. After purchasing the 1950s home, the owners worked with designers to completely transform the outdated and dysfunctional kitchen into a bright, expansive, and lavishly appointed space perfect for entertaining. From stunning marble surfaces to top-of-the-line appliances and custom cabinetry, no expense was spared. Read on to see how the designers adeptly blended contemporary conveniences with vintage styling to create a spectacular new heart of the home.

Demolishing the Original Kitchen

The original kitchen was very closed off and cramped, with dated oak cabinetry and linoleum floors. The layout didn’t work well for the homeowners’ needs.

To fully transform the space, the first order of business was to completely gut the existing kitchen down to the studs. This enabled the designers to reconfigure the layout and wiring to create a more open, functional floorplan.

Demolishing a kitchen is a big project, but it allowed them to rebuild the kitchen from scratch and customize every element. Some key steps in the demolition process included:

  • Disconnecting and capping plumbing and gas lines
  • Removing cabinets, countertops, and sinks
  • Ripping up old flooring and subfloors
  • Knocking down walls to open up the space
  • Removing outdated lighting fixtures
  • Removing appliances for donation or disposal
  • Prepping the studs and installing new plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and insulation

The demolition process took about 2 weeks. Though demolishing a kitchen is labor-intensive, it gave them the blank slate needed to install the kitchen of their dreams.

Designing an Open, Entertaining-Friendly Layout

With the dated kitchen gutted, the team could focus on designing a layout that suited the homeowners’ priorities. Their wish list included:

  • An open, airy floorplan
  • Plenty of space for multiple cooks
  • Easy flow for entertaining guests
  • Lots of storage options
  • High-end finishes and styling

To achieve this, the designers optimized the footprint by knocking down walls and borrowing space from an adjacent formal dining room. This enabled them to include an expansive marble-topped island with bar-height seating for 5, permitting guests to chat with the cooks.

Perimeter cabinetry with gleaming hardware provides ample storage, while high-end stainless steel Wolf and SubZero appliances offer professional-grade cooking performance. There’s a sizable walk-in pantry concealed behind a stunning antique mirrored door, offering out-of-sight storage.

A sizable window and glass door connect the kitchen visually to the backyard patio and pool area, bringing in natural light. The fresh white palette makes the space feel open and airy. Overall, the new layout focuses on creating an entertaining-friendly kitchen that also meets the needs of the homeowners who love to cook.

Incorporating Top-of-the-Line Appliances

This renovated luxury kitchen was designed for serious cooking, so no expense was spared when it came to appliances. The homeowners chose top-of-the-line pro-style appliances by Wolf and SubZero for maximum performance. Key appliances include:

  • Wolf 6-burner gas range with griddle: This powerful 48-inch stainless steel range has six sealed dual-stack burners offering up to 20,000 BTU each, plus an integrated griddle for ultimate cooking flexibility. Wolf ranges are renowned for their precision heat control.
  • SubZero integrated refrigerator/freezer: The custom-paneled fridge and freezer columns blend seamlessly into the cabinetry. SubZero is known for super quiet operation and reliability.
  • Asko dishwasher: With its 18-minute wash cycle, this European dishwasher combines quick performance with a smaller 24-inch width to fit in the butler’s pantry area.
  • Sharp microwave drawer: Installed below the island countertop, this high-end microwave has a concealed control panel for a sleek, integrated look. The drawer design maximizes space.
  • Marvel beverage center: This undercounter wine and beverage cooler, conveniently located in the island, can hold up to 18 bottles and 50 cans chilled at ideal temperatures. A glass door showcases the collection.

The high price tags on these appliances reflect their commercial-grade quality and performance. For serious home chefs, they are worth the investment to achieve restaurant-caliber results. They bring professional functionality to this glamorous home kitchen.

Creating Drama with Exquisite Marble Countertops

One of the most eye-catching elements in this renovated kitchen is the use of gorgeous marble on the substantial kitchen island, perimeter countertops, and backsplashes. The homeowners chose luxurious Calacatta Lincoln marble from Italy for its distinctive veining and hint of gray shading.

The marble forms a stunning expanse of surface atop the 10-foot-long island. This natural stone countertop creates drama and ties in beautifully with the home’s old Hollywood vibe. Its polished white surface complements the classic white perimeter cabinetry while providing an organic contrast.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, genuine marble offers excellent durability and heat resistance, making it an ideal choice for a kitchen countertop material. Proper sealing and annual reapplication of sealant will keep it looking pristine. This timeless, elegant material will maintain its beauty for decades to come.

The marble backsplashes provide another opportunity for the unique patterning of the stone to shine. Extending the backsplashes to the ceiling maximizes the visual impact. Combined with the veining of the countertops, the backsplashes create a showstopping focal point. The white palette keeps the look light and bright.

Though certainly a splurge, the marble finishes bring an elevated level of luxury and timeworn appeal that sets this Hollywood Hills kitchen apart. The inherent uniqueness of natural marble ensures countertops that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Mixing Styles with Transitional Cabinetry

The cabinetry plays a starring role in this luxurious kitchen renovation. The designers opted for a mix of styles to create a clean-lined transitional look blending modern and traditional elements.

  • The perimeter cabinetry has a classical look with recessed veneered center panels on the doors and drawers providing subtle detailing. Square wire pulls in an antique brass finish coordinate with the other metal finishes.
  • In contrast, the sizable island is more contemporary with slab-front doors free of ornamentation. The streamlined approach puts the focus fully on the marble countertop.
  • Open shelving in a brass finish provides handy display space while introducing a touch of glam. Glass-front upper cabinets also create transparency and reflect light beautifully.
  • Inside the cabinets, there’s plenty of specialized storage with pull-out shelves, spice racks, Lazy Susans, and other functional elements. Soft-closing drawers ensure smooth operation.

Throughout the kitchen, the cabinetry combines painted finishes like Snow White and Swiss Coffee to maintain the light and bright ambiance. Thanks to the transitional approach mixing modern and classic styles, the custom cabinetry suits the homeowners’ traditional architecture while offering up-to-date convenience.

Prioritizing Foodie Storage Solutions

For the busy home cooks who own this Hollywood Hills home, maximizing kitchen storage was a top priority in the renovation. The designers ensured the space offers plenty of specialized storage solutions to keep every item organized. Key elements include:

  • A walk-in pantry concealed behind a stunning antique mirrored door provides abundant space to organize canned goods, bulk items, appliances, and more out of sight. Adjustable shelving and a wine rack accommodate varying storage needs.
  • The spacious island has a pair of extra-deep drawers designed to hold cutting boards, baking sheets, and large serving utensils upright for easy access.
  • Bookshelves set into a section of the island offer display space for beloved cookbooks, vintage pottery, and decorative items.
  • Deep rollout trays in lower cabinets hold bulky pots and pans while keeping them accessible.
  • A special insert in a drawer organizes knives neatly in separated slots.
  • Multiple spice pull-outs keep jars neatly in order while concealing them behind cabinet doors.
  • Lazy Susans in corner cabinets optimize the space.

By incorporating specialty storage solutions throughout the kitchen, the designers ensured everything has a dedicated home. Form and function are thoroughly melded to create a kitchen that looks beautiful but also works perfectly for the homeowners who regularly cook, bake, and entertain.

Illuminating the Space With Layers of Lighting

Proper lighting is essential in any kitchen renovation, and the design team paid special attention to lighting this glamorous kitchen appropriately. A combination of lighting sources creates ample illumination for tasks while also providing dramatic and ambient lighting effects. Layers of lighting include:

  • Recessed can lighting in both the ceiling and soffits provides overall illumination and cross-lighting. Dimmers allow adjusting the brightness as needed.
  • Decorative pendants hang above the massive kitchen island adding style while directing light right to the prep surface. The brushed brass fixtures reinforce the old Hollywood vibe.
  • Slim LED undercabinet lighting hides under upper cabinets to illuminate the expansive countertops and backsplashes with a pleasing glow.
  • Display lighting in areas like the glass-front cabinets and open shelving highlights prized dishware and cookbooks.
  • Toe-kick lighting along the base of the cabinetry creates subtle ambient lighting and a custom look.
  • Wall sconces flanking the range offer targeted task lighting.

By incorporating lighting in multiple elevations throughout the kitchen, the designers ensured every surface has the illumination it needs while avoiding a sterile, overly bright look. The combination of natural light from the windows and varied lighting sources makes this kitchen shine.

Answering Your Kitchen Remodel Questions

Remodeling your outdated kitchen into a showstopping space that meets your needs requires careful planning and decision making. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about renovating a kitchen like the one featured here:

How much does a luxury kitchen remodel cost?

For a complete overhaul like this one, budget $125,000 to $250,000 depending on the finishes and custom elements selected. Higher-end appliances, luxury countertop materials, custom cabinetry, and special features boost costs.

What are essential things to consider when planning a kitchen remodel?

Analyze how you use your current kitchen and make a wish list of your ideal layout, features, appliances and finishes. Measure thoroughly and createfloor plans. Determine if you’ll need to move plumbing or electric. Pick materials that are durable yet stylish. Set a realistic timeline.

How do I choose the right appliances?

Consider what and how you cook. Look for appliances matching your cooking style and volume needs. Opt for durability and energy efficiency. Measure spaces carefully to ensure appliances fit. Browse showrooms to experience features in person.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?

Major renovations take 2-3 months from demolition to finish. New layouts require the most time. Cosmetic makeovers can be quicker. Ensure your kitchen is still safely functional during the renovation or make temporary arrangements.

Who should I hire for my kitchen remodel?

An experienced general contractor oversees the project and subcontractors. Architects or designers help with layout and selections. Look for kitchen specialists. Read reviews and verify licensing. Get references to evaluate work quality.

What design elements increase kitchen functionality?

Smart storage, adequate counter and prep space, large sinks, islands, durable surfaces, and comfortable floors all optimize kitchen functionality. Good lighting and ventilation are also key.

Achieving a Glamorous Look with Decor

The new kitchen itself brings plenty of wow factor. But the homeowners and designers also incorporated special decorative touches to enhance the glamour and tie in with the home’s architectural history.

  • Floating shelves laden with white pottery and greenery provide an organic accent against all the sleek lines.
  • Vintage-style pendant lights over the island have a retro vibe that suits the home’s aesthetic. Their warm brass finish coordinates with the other metal fixtures.
  • Books stacked on open shelves bring color pops while echoing the home’s literary history (it was once owned by a screenplay writer).
  • The antique mirrored door leading to the walk-in pantry adds a dramatic focal point while concealing practical storage space.
  • Mirrored backsplashes enlarge the room visually and reflect light beautifully.
  • Sculptural hardware on the cabinets and drawers brings in eye-catching detail.

By accessorizing the space with vintage-inspired lighting, artful shelving displays, stunning mirrored surfaces, and other special decor touches, the design achieves a glam yet livable look befitting the home’s Hollywood history.

Enjoying the Completed Kitchen

The homeowners are thrilled with how their new luxury kitchen turned out. It successfully marries contemporary convenience like top-tier appliances with the home’s old Hollywood charm. Dramatic marble surfaces, custom cabinetry mixing styles, and upscale decor details give this kitchen serious star quality.

Where once there was a cramped, dated kitchen, there is now an entertainment-friendly space perfect for enjoying cocktails with friends or preparing multicourse gourmet feasts. The new layout makes cooking a pleasure rather than a chore. With its spacious footprint and top-of-the-line amenities, this renovated kitchen is truly a room fit for a glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.

The homeowners look forward to enjoying lovely meals and memories in this special space for decades to come. Its timeless, luxurious design will never go out of style. Though renovating a kitchen is a major undertaking, the end results are well worth it, as evidenced by this week’s inspiring, glamorous transformation.

Kitchen of the Week: Bringing Back Glamour to a Hollywood Hills Home – Additional Highlights

Creating a Focal Point with a Statement Hood

Rightfully stealing the spotlight in this renovated Hollywood Hills kitchen is a custom stainless steel range hood acting as a sculptural focal point. The bespoke hood was fabricated specifically for the professional-grade Wolf range situated below it.

Oversized at 60 inches wide, the hood makes a bold statement. Its meticulously crafted stainless body and riveted design showcase artisan handiwork. The polished hood adds something unique while tying in with the other high-end stainless appliances. Surrounding the range, the substantial hood ensures powerful ventilation.

Beyond function, the range hood creates impact and draws the eye thanks to its tailored fit spanning the cooktop below. During a major remodel like this, designing custom range hoods to match specific appliances allows for a unified look. Thanks to the attention-getting hood, the cooking area truly shines as the heart of this amazing new kitchen.

Establishing Flow with Kitchen Zones

To make this renovated kitchen as functional as it is beautiful, the designers strategically planned the layout to include specialized zones and triangle workflows. Key zones include:

  • Cooking Zone: Anchored by the statement hood, the cooking zone contains the Wolf range, wall ovens, and other major appliances needed to prep meals.
  • Prep Zone: Located at the center island, the expansive marble-topped surface acts as an ideal prep space adjacent to the ovens, sink, and refrigerator.
  • Clean Up Zone: The double sink, dishwasher, recycling, and cleanup supplies live in the butler’s pantry area, conveniently out of sight.
  • Drinks Station: The Marvel beverage center and wine fridge in the island make refreshing cocktails a breeze.
  • Dining Zone: There’s room for multiple barstools at the island and space for a table nearby to dine in style.

By dividing the large kitchen into functional zones, the workflow mimics a restaurant kitchen. The zones allow multiple cooks to work simultaneously without crossing paths, with everything needed for food prep, cooking, and cleanup readily at hand.

Warming Up With Rich Wood Flooring

With its gleaming marble countertops and snowy perimeter cabinetry, this luxe kitchen dazzles with light and bright elegance. To bring warmth and texture to balance the reflective surfaces, the designers chose wide-plank European white oak flooring.

Compared to traditional oak, white oak has an exceptionally smooth grain that limits pores. This gives it a clean, contemporary look. The broad 8-inch planks make a dramatic style statement. Their light tone contrasts beautifully with the rich marble.

Underfoot, the hardwood’s subtle organic variation and solid feel provides just the right amount of grounding contrast to the kitchen’s shine. Durable enough for high-traffic areas, oak flooring is ideal for kitchens. Beyond looks, the light color elongates the space visually to make it feel even more expansive.

By opting for a natural flooring material and extra-wide planks, the designers brought wonderful warmth to offset the polished surfaces and complete the luxe aesthetic. The white oak flooring serves as an important foundational element tying everything together beautifully.

Optimizing Natural Lighting

One advantage of this Hollywood Hills home was its potential for filled with abundant natural light. The designers maximized this asset by incorporating large windows and skylights throughout the renovated kitchen and adjoining living spaces.

Key elements allowing natural light to flood the space include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the backyard bring in plentiful sunlight and views. Defaulting the windows with shades enables privacy and glare reduction when desired.
  • A rectangular skylight fitted into the ceiling above keeps the expansive kitchen brightly illuminated during the day.
  • Glass cabinet doors in select upper cabinets eliminate shadows and showcase dishware while allowing light to pass through.
  • Mirrored surfaces, like the backsplashes and antique mirrored pantry door, reflect and amplify incoming sunlight.
  • Light interior colors like whites and soft neutrals maximize brightness and airiness.

By taking full advantage of the home’s sunny locale, the kitchen enjoys a bright open ambiance perfect for daytime gatherings. When entertaining in the evenings, all the integrated lighting takes over to provide perfect visibility and a welcoming glow.

Achieving Universal Design for Convenience

Universal design principles focusing on accessibility for diverse abilities and ages were integrated into this kitchen remodel. Features include:

  • Counters at varying heights like the standard 36-inch perimeter counters and 40-inch island accommodate cooks of different statures.
  • K